May 16, 2010

The best and worst of Heroes and Villains.

A nice collection of moments... as we lead up to the big finale on "Survivor" tonight. The funniest thing to me was J.T.'s letter to Russell.


LarryTheOlder said...

I loved the business about James eating too many bananas. Really funny!

We're looking forward to the finale tonight. It's been a great season. I don't know how Russell has held up to back to back seasons.

Julie C said...

Parvati reading J.T.'s letter was so damn funny - I still chuckle at the thought. So evil ... but in a good way! Love this season - I'm sorry it's ending tonight. I have a feeling Russell is not going to win this one either. Sandra might sneak in there for the win. She's a devious player.

New "Hussein" Ham said...

Best part of this post escapes Althouse:

"Television Without Pity • © 2010 Bravo Media LLC • A Division of NBC Universal"

That's right. This blog post about CBS' hit television program "Survivor" is on a blog hosted by NBC.

I guess if you can't produce decent television, you can always post recaps of other network's hit television shows and then sell advertising off that.

NBC: The Leach Network

Ann Althouse said...

"I loved the business about James eating too many bananas."

It's ridiculous to ration the food equally when it's obvious that some need much more food than others because they are twice as large. Poor James!

Ann Althouse said...

"I have a feeling Russell is not going to win this one either. Sandra might sneak in there for the win. She's a devious player."

It's just possible that the repeat players will have more respect for the villainous style. Also, Parvati and Sandra have already won a million dollars. But maybe previous winning will be respected too! Colby and Jerri completely do not deserve it. I'd hate to see one of them get through to the final vote and then win because they haven't done anything bad (except be lazy).

Ann Althouse said...

@Ham You don't know much about Television Without Pity.

Julie C said...

Colby is just a puzzle. I did watch the season he came in second, and he was such a good player (although not bright when it came to picking who to bring with him to the jury). It's not like he's hurt - and yelling at his brother the way he did on last week's show was very off-putting since he was MIA for every other challenge.

Can't wait for the reunion show! It should be a good one!

alwaysfiredup said...

I absolutely loved this season even though I can't stand Russell. I have a lot more respect for both Parvati and Sandra than I had before, because they are the only ones who've played the game as strategically as he did.

IMO the producers gave Russell a huge advantage in that no other player had ever seen Russell play before. This was the third time playing the game for many of the contestants. But this season was taped while the last aired, so none of the players could have seen him play. The mis-match irritated me the entire game.

Julie C said...

"IMO the producers gave Russell a huge advantage in that no other player had ever seen Russell play before."

I've wondered about that too. But if you read Jeff Probst's blog, he specifically addressed that - IIRC he said that people have been coming up to him complaining that the other players didn't know much about Russell - but he said that the producers made a point of telling the other players that while they hadn't seen Russell play, the fact that he had been chosen for this season and as a villain should be a clue as to what kind of player he was. And I think Boston Rob also mentioned something like that. He was onto Russell from the get go but it wasn't enough to prevent his ouster.

I was surprised by how cute Russell's wife was. He's not exactly a prize.

Ann Althouse said...

"He's not exactly a prize."

When he's your husband, he's on your side. Permanently. That's the prize. All his devious schemes benefit you.

Diamondhead said...

I don't know if Russell will make the top 3 this season, but he didn't seem to learn from the experience of last season. He is good at lasting in the game and great at getting rid of people he doesn't like or trust, but he discounts the fact that in order to win you have to get the jury to vote for you in the end. He'll complain that the jury doesn't vote for the "best player," but he should know by now how the game works. If he thinks that the rules of human relationships don't apply to him, then he's simply not the best player.

Christy said...

I was late coming to the season because I just don't want Russell on my TV screen, so I missed a couple of the earlier moments. I did love the banana etiquette lesson. J.T.'s letter was just so, so.... Words fail. Parvati, who annoyed in earlier seasons, has earned my respect. I'm rooting for her or Sandra.

Remember, Russell did not know that he had not won his season. He believed he had a winning strategy.

Fen said...

Final Three.

And I'm actually feeling sympathy for Russel getting beat up by the jury.

He lied better than you. Wah. He schemed better than you. Wah. He played dirtier than you Wah.

I'm so sick of these hypocrites whining about how ugly Russel's play was. They're not out of the game because they played a "noble" strategy. They're out because Russel outplayed them.

Ann Althouse said...

Sandra, the Queen. Ha. Her attitude is so cool.

alwaysfiredup said...

Sandra was my favorite of the final three. Several times she planted distracting thoughts in Russell's head to save her own skin. She was a smart player.

I really wish Tyson hadn't messed up Boston Rob's takedown of Russell. At that point my gameplan for early elimination of Russell fell apart. I dislike that man.

I initially had hopes for the Heroes but they were so very stupid. Cirie's gameplan was to keep weak people so she wouldn't seem weak by comparison. James wanted to help Amanda so he targeted Stephenie right out of the gate. JT was too squirrelly this time promising everything to everyone and Rupert did nothing at all around camp. The Heroes' strategies were objectively bad for their team. They deserved to lose.

Fen said...

Agreed. Voting off strong players early (Steph and Tom) was a dumbass move. The heroes deserved to lose.

Original Mike said...

Damn. Sandra. :(

She simply lucked out, IMO. The one thing she tried to do all season (get rid of Russell), she failed at. Of the final 3, I have a lot of respect for how both Parvati and Russell played the game. Sandra? Meh.