April 26, 2010

"Why do I want more haters? If someone had told me when I signed up I'd get half a million haters... It's all about the approval."

When do celebrities quit Twitting? When they don't get the love they sought. Aw. Poor celebrities!


Fred4Pres said...

I don't hate him, I just don't care at all.

tim maguire said...

Who runs AceShowbiz? From the looks of it, the writer is not a native English speaker.

I opened a twitter account about a year ago and have made, I think, three posts. Which is about how many of other people's posts I've read--the format is so limiting I can't imagine why anybody'd bother.

Twitter reminds me of a quote I once heard about USA Today--it's for people who find TV news too complicated. Twitter is for people who finds blogging too literary

Will said...

Twitter is for people who finds blogging too literary


People that make that sort of argument fundamentally misunderstand the utility of twitter. It's not about making profound statements or analyses. It's for pointers to interesting things on the web and a place to make observations on daily life.

In any case, verbosity is no guarantee of wisdom or literacy. As Stephen Fry pointed out, one of the advantages of twitter is its brevity. It forces the writer to edit his post to its bare essentials.

Phil 314 said...

A line you may never see again:
John Mayer could follow the footsteps of Miley Cyrus.

(Unless he's planning on a sappy teen romance movie....Is he?)

Unknown said...

There's an old line in show biz, "Everybody's a critic". Some of these children might want to remember it.

ken in tx said...

Twitter is for those who use a Blackberry or Iphone. Twitter is pointless for desktops or netbooks.

veni vidi vici said...

John Mayer has all the mellifluousness of a snapping elastic waistband on a pair of panties. The esteemed ultra-macho hauteur author of classics like the mumblepeg derby of "Your body is a wonderland", who overcompensates for his lack of scrotal oomph by calling his latest tour, "Battle Studies", making it more like a junior high math club sleepover than anything remotely masculine, is now painting his ass white and running with the antelopes from Twitter because he's scared of "the haters"?

What a twat.

jamboree said...

I wonder if they're figuring out that that IS what celebrity is - just a really large amount of people who "follow" you on that continuum from junior high school to superstardom. Without their managers, bodyguards, and personal assistants, they'd hit just as much hate as love out there. That's what they get paid the big bucks for.