April 1, 2010

iPad reviews.

Assembled in a handy chart.


David said...

Handy, though completely unreadable due to small print.

Sofa King said...

The iPad Maxi Meta Review

Almost Ali said...

Renders the $ingle-minded Kindle obsolete.

But Flash videos bring up a blank screen. At least for now. For me, the deal breaker.

Hey, no contract! Pay as you go (AT&T wireless), or, subscribe. No penalties.

Add Flash, great for technophobes. Meanwhile, guaranteed to get you the best seat at Starbucks.

Penny said...

Kudos to Wilson Rothman for Gizmodo!

Not all "news" lends itself to this kind of value added work that Rothman did here, but it sure could be a model for others.

He saved a lot of people a lot of time.

David, click on the graph and it get's larger.

Beth said...

I keep thinking "no video chat"; I'll wait for the next iteration.

But I don't use the self-facing camera in my laptop or my desktop now, so what am I waiting for?

Sofa King said...

But I don't use the self-facing camera in my laptop or my desktop now, so what am I waiting for?

I don't understand. Why would you pay $500 to continue not doing what you're not doing already?

Beth said...

sofa king - good question.

But my point is, the lack of video chat isn't a good criteria for me. I'll decide when or if to buy one based on other criteria.

Iapetus said...

I pay $4 a month for cell phone service and adamantly refuse to pay more than $10 a month no matter what, so I guess an iPad is not in my future. Plus, my Mac Pro computer has 8 TB of storage, all of which I seriously need for work, and I love Unix, so that makes me a natural iPad hater. Or maybe I just don't get the point of this product, at least in its present form, despite Steve Jobs' pitch for it as being revolutionary.

bagoh20 said...

"ipad reviews"

Well, you're not the only one who does.

traditionalguy said...

Apple wants you to carry the I-Pad and the I-phone too. The two technologies need to synthesize then and drop 60% in price...and then it makes sense.