April 8, 2010

"If You Voted For Obama..."

"... This Man Will Not Touch Your Penis."

(Hmmm. I voted for Obama. In the heyday of feminism, Jon Stewart would have been dinged for sexism.)


MadisonMan said...

It doesn't seem like a business model that will work.

Hoosier Daddy said...

It doesn't seem like a business model that will work.

Neither does the one Obama signed into law.

Scott said...

He ain't that cute.

chuck b. said...

A reason to be glad: the heydey of feminism is over.

Fred4Pres said...

Thank goodness everything in that department is working...

because I am losing my faith in health care.

danielle said...

seriously ? that would constituted a charge of feminism ? please explain.

New "Hussein" Ham said...

Don't be friends with them.

Don't take their business.

If you find them in your employ pay them less.

Find conservatives in your company to promote.

Undercut them at work.

Don't let your kids play with their kids.

Democrats need to know there is a price to be paid for helping to destroy your family.

Democrats are on the verge of massively increasing your taxes by instituting a new VAT tax. Your liberal friends - and you know who they are because they've been so smug and such assholes - need to know that is an assault on you that you take personally.

They want to take money from your children - via a VAT tax - and give it to their SEIU thug buddies.

You can sit back and take that, or you can take positive action to undermine liberal Democrats in every workplace, in every neighborhood, in every church.

Everywhere you find them.

Shun them.

traditionalguy said...

Health Care is a service industry run by MDs for their patients. The Federal Government has no power over that industry. But the Feds are also running a monster Public Health Service in which people are statics and recieve what treatments that they statistically should need. The Death Panel is an example of being treated as a statistic , rather than being personally serviced by your own selected MD. This urologist has made a show that highlights the two systems differences.

Pogo said...

As of April 1, 2010, Medicare fees paid to doctors were slashed 21%.

What could possibly go wrong?.

elliot said...

Stewart would never have been dinged by feminists. Just as they were silent when President Clinton used his position to have sex with Monica Lewinsky.

When the "sexist" guys are on your side, they get free passes.

New "Hussein" Ham said...

"What could possibly go wrong?"

Doctors are not required to treat Medicare patients and many have simply informed their patients that they no longer accept Medicare as payment.

You can either pay in US Dollars, or some other form of insurance, or you can find care elsewhere.

The government is deliberately creating a two-tier health care system in the United States so that it can cut care for lower-income people and not have that cut affect upper-income people who can afford to pay.

The natural result will be that lower-income Americans will die in greater numbers and suffer higher rates of disease and death.

Leaving only the rich glitterati to enjoy Mother Gaia.

If you're a Democrat ... then shame on you.

God is watching you and will judge you.

edutcher said...

I don't think yours is in danger, Ann.

The doctor in question was on Cavuto and said he was just trying to get people to think. I got the impression it was more of a prank than anything else. He certainly was quick to say he wouldn't really turn anyone away.

The problem is that I don't believe he understood what happens when The National Socialist Hate Machine puts you on their drop dead list. He's about to get the Joe The Plumber treatment.

Poor guy.

WV "bulefu" How Meade describes Ann when he has a mouthful of spaghetti.

Scott said...

@edutcher: Lol. You are funny for once.

@ham: Shunning the non-believer isn't effective, and it makes the one who shuns less human. A better strategy might be to arm yourself with knowledge, and engage with earnestness and love. Face your fear, move forward, don't back down.