April 4, 2010

"I am the troublesome, vitriolic Rush Limbaugh, archenemy of the regime."

Rush Limbaugh responds to Barack Obama, who called him vitriolic and "troublesome."

Read the whole thing. It's a particularly good monologue. I especially liked digging up the old quotes from Obama: "I don't want to quell anger.  I think people are right to be angry.  I'm angry." And: "I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors, I want you to talk to them whether they're independent or whether they are Republican, I want you to argue with them and get in their face."


TmjUtah said...

Anger is cool when it's against the "man".

When every fiber of your being is invested in being the "man" like this nation has never, ever seen him before.... well, not so much.

He's a communist. This fact makes the hypocrisy, lying, and incompetence defining traits, and not aberrations.

The hypocrisy, lying, and incompetence of the rest of our political class are in fact more than enough reason to return them to private life.

Mr. Obama should be impeached. But we won't do that until the horses are well and truly dead, not merely safely out of the barn.

New "Hussein" Ham said...

Barack is punching down again ... lifting up his arch enemy.


Every time he does this, Rush's audience grows and grows and grows.

Lincolntf said...

Watching Obama and the MSM manipulate the useful idiots on the Left is endlessly fascinating. Not only their willingness to lie and conceal, but their apparent belief that nobody has a memory capable of going back beyond Obama's latest speech.
His brand of politics relies almost exclusively on hatred, and his constituents need hatred to keep them going. That's why Obama and company have to keep telling the country that people holding signs asking for fiscal responsibility are the equivalent of Al Qaeda. The fact that some dopes will actually believe them is why Leftism hasn't long been expunged from the menu of rational political choices.

It was pure hatred that led to the years and years of hyperbole and smears regarding Bush. Now that Obama is the one holding people in Gitmo, ordering rendition, expanding domestic surveillance, etc. he needs to get his drones hating something/someone new. I guess that's where we come in.
It's kind of a strange feeling to know that my President hates me, but it's also kind of liberating.

New "Hussein" Ham said...

"Mr. Obama should be impeached. But we won't do that until the horses are well and truly dead ..."

Let me suggest that we cannot impeach Barack Obama until Republicans control the House of Representatives.

Then, and only then, he can be impeached.

Barack Obama has personally bribed a sitting United States Congressman - in order to secure a quid pro quo. He also participated in a conspiracy to commit extortion against a sitting US Congressman (Massa).

These acts are against the law, but becuase Barack Obama controls the United States Justice Department, the law is not being enforced.

Only a Republican Congress can impeach Barack Obama for his high crimes and misdemeanors.

So vote early, and vote often, and encourage Republican candidates to support a thorough on-the-record, under oath investigation of the Obama Regime.

El Presidente said...

Ask Thomas a Becket what happens to the "troublesome."

Kirby Olson said...

Obama has yet to admit that his friends among the Weathermen, the Dohrns and the Ayers and such, who thought that Manson was a great man, who thought that killing the middle-class and using their silverware with blood still on it, was such a good idea. Does Obama have any understanding of why he's so unpopular? He wants to destroy the middle-class and make everyone poor and dependent on the state, like some sort of Kim Jong-Il in training. It will take him a while to put all his "reforms" through.

I hope he and Pelosi at least wash the silverware. that would at least be a nod in the favor of hygiene.

The healthcare thing is going to gut what's left of American business and turn what's left of industry over to China.

I don't really know what he wants to do, but his friends make me jittery.

Ann Althouse said...

"Ask Thomas a Becket ..."

That's in the monologue.

Irene said...

Limbaugh's self-identification with Thomas Becket in this monologue is clever.

The analogy weakens, however, when one considers that Henry II and Becket started out as friends and confidants. That's what made the dispute between the two men so . . . vitriolic.

The comparison to Becket would be stronger were Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod to become "troublesome."

TmjUtah said...

An RNC that pledges to work with Lindsay Graham toward immigration "reform" is so many light years from being interested in standing up for American citizens, much less the Constitution, that I am reasonably certain that Mr. Obama will leave office on his terms.

Hard to lose an election when you count the votes without worrying about the Justice Department, media scrutiny, and twenty million or so illegals/amnesty citizens who can't speak English but know how to mark "Democrat" on a ballot.

It gets worse.

edutcher said...

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism until it's "vitriolic" and "troublesome." The quote about not wanting to quell the anger is, of course, a subtle bit of rabble rousing, but it doesn't qualify as any sort of call to violence.

Of course not.

The Lefties are afraid of Rush more than anybody else for the simple reason he has their number and isn't afraid of them or has any intention of backing down. What's truly funny is that The Zero keeps picking these fights with him and keeps losing.

I'll move over for Montagne and Alpha so they can start fulminating.

New "Hussein" Ham said...

"Ask Thomas a Becket what happens to the "troublesome."

No question about it ... Barack Obama is calling for the murder of Rush Limbaugh.

It's that simple.

He's using a code word that the educated elite he runs with will understand.

Obama: "Will nobody rid me of this troublesome radio host?"

That's about as strong an appeal to murder as Barack Obama is capable of without making it completely obvious and getting himself arrested.

And once Limbaugh is dead, we should arrest Obama for inciting his murder.

SteveR said...

As I said on an earlier thread, Obama does not listen to Beck or Limbaugh so his statement misses the obvious double standard when it comes to "vitriolic", he's not even the least bit concerned he'll be called out.

Rush Limbaugh does not impact my life, my financial well being nor the future solvency of the United States, he's not troublesome. You're not playing a damn game Mr. President.

New "Hussein" Ham said...

"You're not playing a damn game Mr. President."

Yes, he is.

PatCA said...

This is what I see--I don't know if anyone agrees with me. If Bush "lied" he was at least consistent, and his opponents were always searching for some hidden memo or a leak to reveal his true intentions. Obama says totally contradictory things day after day!!

Does he think, for instance, that we are so stupid we don't see that he and his party are filling the air with their vitriol? Either he is just dumb, or this is how propaganda actually works.

mesquito said...

You'd think that Our President, after sitting through hundreds of Jeremiah Wright sermons, will have grown rather inured to rage, hate and vitriol.

Chase said...

useful idiots on the Left

Is there any other kind?


gk1 said...

I sometimes wonder whether Obama or Axelrod or the others have bought stock in Rush Limbaugh's radio show. What could be the possible benefit for elevating Rush by mention? Not only are the elevating Rush the presonality, they are raising his ideas too. I can't quite understand their angle other than self enrichment.

Joe said...

Carter's incompetence combined with Nixon's paranoia. What a combination.

eve said...

Rush plays Obama like a banjo.

kentuckyliz said...

troublesome : white man :: uppity : black man

kentuckyliz said...

eve, that's racist!

The banjo is an instrument imported from Africa.

Are you insinuating Rush is in blackface, imitating minstrelsy?

kcom said...

"The healthcare thing is going to gut what's left of American business and turn what's left of industry over to China."

But on the upside, everyone will be equally miserable. There's something to be said for that, right?

Wouldn't it be a sweet fulfillment of "social justice" if everyone in the country could stand up and proudly and honestly proclaim (hat tip to JFK), "I am a Detroiter!"

Rialby said...

"If they want to have that fight, I welcome that fight."

Again - from BHO - it's wrong to fight except when you're fighting FROM the Left.

David said...

Obama does not listen to Rush. Probably never has.

Obama does not read Rush's transcripts. Probably never has.

But in the bowels of the overstaffed White House, there is surely a person--paid by our tax dollars--who follows Rush's every word and explains to Obama what Rush really means.

Alex said...

Fortunately as many people listen to Rush as watch the MSM combined on a weekly basis.

Roux said...

In a speech this week Obama said that mammograms will be free. I guess by Tuesday our Breast Center will be inundated with women looking for that free mammogram.

Obama is a liar and a joke of a man but he fooled a lot of people and you know who I'm talking about.

Opus One Media said...

since when is Rush Limbaugh the moral equal to shit in a field, the archenemy of anything other than more shit.

Opus One Media said...

TmjUtah said...
"Mr. Obama should be impeached. But we won't do that until the horses are well and truly dead, not merely safely out of the barn"

wow. nuts. duely counted. on which line of the census does this idiot reside? the edge?

lyssalovelyredhead said...

Opus said: "since when is Rush Limbaugh the moral equal to shit in a field, the archenemy of anything other than more shit."

Your sentence makes practically no sense, but I think you were trying to say that Rush is meaningless as compared to Obama.

If I'm interpreting you correctly, can you please explain why the president keeps calling Rush out, if he means nothing? (and if I'm not, can you please tell us what the heck you were talking about?)

- Lyssa