April 25, 2010

Crack Skull Bob is drawing the Sunday talking heads again.

An enticing snippet:

Read and see the whole hilarious thing.


David said...

Crackskull Bob is James Leiks for lefties who can laugh (a diminishing population.) Always entertaining--and he can write as well as he draws.

Flexo said...

That is outrageous and offensive.

That drawing is very clearly an attempt to insult the Prophet Mohammed by portraying him as a woman.

It should be taken down immediately!

AJ Lynch said...

Haha. This is good. I just saw that creepy Chris Dodd make the door lock analogy on TV this morning.

These guys were at the scene of the crime[financial meltdown], in fact they helped it happen. Now they act all serious and innocent.

Replace them all!

From Inwood said...

Very funny, unlike Jon S.