April 9, 2010

At the Scilla Café...


... you can be as scilly as you want.


JAL said...

I *love* those flowers. They look like stars stuck on top of a piece of grass.

traditionalguy said...

Scilla rabbit. Watch out for scilled hunting dogs. Tomorrow is Saturday, my favorite day of the week. That reminds me to car wash early in the AM hoping it will last till noon in the pollen storms of this weekend.

Unknown said...

Nothing is Scillier than the Scilly Islands.

We all need to be Scilly once in a while.

LonewackoDotCom said...

* Someone please explain this Coca Cola television commercial to me. Who are those people? Where are they from? What are they doing? What does it all mean?

* On a much less light note, a former Republican governor of Illinois is joining with a far-left group linked to a foreign government to promote a policy that would reward those who broke our laws (and that would encourage more illegal activity).

I'm not worried about the second: teaparty will be right on it, just as long as DickArmey gives them permission. Oh, wait, he's on the same side of this issue as the governor.

Triangle Man said...

Hyacinth showed up today. That's pronounced bouquet darling, not bucket.

Irene said...

Siberian Squills. Siberia. Gulag. Stalin. Socialism. Tea Party. Bwah!

Triangle Man said...

I miss Bissage.

sunsong said...

Lovely pic. I just had to pause for a bit and take it in. Thanks

Tom said...

Hallmark perennial love sentiment:

Your love is like a Lily field
blooming in a spring pose
then comes Jasmine, Violet, Daisy,
Brown-eyed Susan and my Rose.

As my whimsy leads me.. said...

From the online etymology dictionary:
"Silly: O.E. gesælig "happy" (related to sæl "happiness"), ...Ger. selig "blessed, happy, blissful"), ...The word's considerable sense development moved from "blessed" to "pious," to "innocent" (1200), to "harmless," to "pitiable" (c.1280), to "weak" (c.1300), to "feeble in mind, lacking in reason, foolish" (1576). Further tendency toward "stunned, dazed as by a blow" (1886) in knocked silly, etc. Silly season in journalism slang is from 1861 (August and September, when newspapers compensate for a lack of hard news by filling up with trivial stories)."

One of those words, like "nice," which originally meant silly or foolish, that means something almost opposite to its first meaning.


Hector Owen said...

Scilla, no Charybdis. Not important to thread the narrow channel. Captain Obama can veer as far to port as he sees fit. Tea Party = Charybdis. Captain O may yet be caught.

Chip Ahoy said...

Here's the idea behind a card I made two prototypes for tonight:

page 1: two dogs stand up on the verso side, a pug and a collie type. A brick wall stands up on the recto side

page 2: The angle of view changes. The pug remains unchanged on the verso but it doesn't stand up. The collie changes aspect and flies across the recto side into the brick wall. A door mechanism on the wall simultaneously flips as the dog swings across and conceals the dogs head. The door is just a flap and on the flap the word BLAM is printed with with concussion marks signifying impact.

page 3: The collie is laying on the ground in front of the brick wall with its longish face compressed in accordion style with bits of brick laying around on the ground and a hole in the brick wall. The pug remains unchanged on the verso side but there's a speech bubble associated with the pug that reads: "That answers your question then."

I have page 1 and 2 worked out.

Penny said...

"... you can be as scilly as you want."

Awww, tanks! I weally WANT to be scilly sometimes. Not often, mind you, because I am a VERY serious person. Just sometimes, and when I feel in the mood, it would be a lot of fun to find the scilly.

Have you noticed how hard it is to be scilly when it's just YOU and YOU?

Yeah, me too.

Gotta love kids though. They are still and ever the masters in the art of being unselfconsciously silly.

Heaven forbid someone should do any “research” on this remarkable phenomena. I can see the headlines now…”Silly children found to be escaping adulthood!”

Meade said...

Takes very little skill, uh, to grow scilla.

As my whimsy leads me.. said...

Ann, were you a Girl Scout? Did you sing silly songs? Like this one:

Boom, boom, ain't it great to be...crazy
Boom, boom ain't it great to be...crazy!
Silly and foolish the whole day through--
Boom, boom, ain't it great to be...crazy.

(Just the chorus--anybody want the verses?)

My kids--do they remember the lessons their mother taught them? Not nearly as much as the silly songs I sang them, the goofy jokes, and the way I read Dr. Seuss stories.

By the way--if you have never watched Veggie Tales, they have a lot of Very Silly Songs, that are extremely funny!

Oh, where is my hairbrush...
The water buffalo song..
We are pirates who don't do anything...
I love my lips...
The traditional Argentinian song, The Dance of the Cucumber, in its original Spanish, sung by Larry the Cucumber and translated by Bob the Tomato.
All on you-tube. Certified to meet the smile requirements of 99.97% of the population under the age of 122.

Toy (a very silly name, but it wasn't my idea)

As my whimsy leads me.. said...

Good one, Meade! It took me a minute, but it finally sunk in and tripped the right synapses. (Slow this morning...)
That was a silly poem, indeed!

AllenS said...

Here's something that I've been noticing. When you're at the main page of this blog, you'll see that there are, oh let's say, 18 comments, then when you open the comments, you'll see that there are 20 comments. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

Well it appears that Putin has managed to rid himself of the entire top echelon of that pesky Polish government.

When the U.S.A. is the weak horse nations of ill will can have a field day.

Such is the consequence of having a community organizer holding the reins of power in the White House.

Issob Morocco said...

Cal me Daffodil about Scilla! If Iris put my Tulips together, I will be a rose by any other name.

Opus One Media said...

I misread the title and thought the Judge was having us over for coffee.

As my whimsy leads me.. said...

NYTNY: That thought crossed my mind, too.


Opus One Media said...

Dear NYTNY..


Am I to assume you are crazy?

john said...

"Mr Putin has been put in charge of the commission that will investigate the crash, the Kremlin has announced."

No, I don't think NYTNY is crazy.

Anonymous said...

OOM,I often read your comments and wonder how it is that one can reach the age of 62 years and still remain as stupid as you are...

JAL said...


The report says the pilot was discouraged from landing at the field by ATC and given two other possibilities.

He over-rode their "suggestion" and crashed.

The Prime Minister, Tusk, was not on the plane.

NYTNY - I also had the same thought cross my mind -- about the crash and Putin taking charge off the investigation (now there's a thought which generates no confidence, even if it was an accident) -- but the facts seem to rule out a conspiracy.

I mean, if one is going to take out a bunch of important Polish pols and leaders, one would not plan it for when they are on their way to Katyn.

(Putin and Tusk already did one recognition ceremony Wednesday.)

A sad time for Poland.

JAL said...

@ AllenS
Blogger now counts like the CBO.

Rough estimates.

At least it doesn't count like this administration: More when it is less, less when it is more. Whatever feels good at the moment.

Anonymous said...

"Medvedev calls for Russian-
Polish unity after Kaczynski's death"


Of course he does...

Meade said...

Triangle Man said...
I miss Bissage.
4/9/10 10:43 PM

Bissage said...

A pink triangle works, too.

That’s a tea strainer.

My father is downstairs.

He is, too.

Comet hasn't scratched yet.

Mr. Clean as the White Tornado.

Earring pirates fear spinach.

And I say the hell with it.

4/28/09 6:48 AM

Peter Hoh said...

NYTNY, you might want to familiarize yourself with the conspiracies surrounding the crash of Paul Wellstone's plane. I'm sure there's a lot of innuendo you can co-opt.

Christy said...

I delight in Althouse identifying the flora more often these days. Thanks, Meade.

jaed said...

I mean, if one is going to take out a bunch of important Polish pols and leaders, one would not plan it for when they are on their way to Katyn.

One would if one were Vladimir Putin. That is not a subtle man.