April 4, 2010

At the Pulsatilla Nightclub...


... that's a pasque flower, representing Easter. What do you make of that?


Talk about Easter... or anything.


Scott said...

Have a lovely week.

Julius Ray Hoffman said...
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peter hoh said...

Church was crowded, but the service was nice.

The crocuses are putting on a nice show in the garden.

Family dinner. Belly full. What's not to like?

Will Cate said...

"The Truth cannot be buried."

@Julius: Can I be your friend?

rhhardin said...

Norway Maple buds.

Used for crosses.

peter hoh said...

Toys R Us was open today. I wish retailers wouldn't do that. I'm not suggesting a return to the blue laws, but c'mon, can't we have some days when as many people as possible have the day off?

Irene said...

Yesterday's iPad posts had a big effect here at Casa d'Irene. My elderly Mom, who does not use a computer and who does not know how to type, announced that she wants one.

I think she imagines herself lingering on the couch reading about Zoroastrianism.

JAL said...

I was walking through the hay field today thinking about photography and Althouse (!)

And I wondered when we would see some more purple pictures.

Thank you.

JAL said...

Purple is the color of Easter.

Chip Ahoy said...

That first photo is surreal.

The polar bear and penguins pop-up card is finished and goes into the mail tomorrow morning. It is six pages of amusement and charm. Would you care to be the first to see it?

bagoh20 said...

I really like that top pic. Has motion, and cool composition for a flower shot. I don't know much about photography, but I like it.

I invented flowers.

bagoh20 said...

Chip, you are wonderfully, demented. Where do you find the time.

jayne_cobb said...

I had quite a nice mass today.

The priest ended it with a rather long but funny joke:

-A 70 year old senator was hit by a bus and went to heaven. When he got to the pearly gates he was greeted by St. Peter who was shocked.

Peter: You're a senator?
Senator: Yes, I am
Peter: We don't get many VIPs up here so I'm going to need to check the procedures.

So St. Peter went and checked out what he had to do, and when he got back he told the Senator.

Peter: Well apparently politicians must spend one day in hell and one day in heaven and then make a choice of what they want.
Senator: Really? That seems odd but I guess I have no choice.

So on the first day the Senator went to hell, and when he arrived he was shocked. The people were all dressed in beautiful clothing and they were partying, drinking, and eating the finest foods. He saw his colleagues there all having a great time with each other.

When the day was over he went to spend his time in heaven. He hung out, went from cloud to cloud, and generally had a pleasant time. But heaven was nowhere near as fun as hell. Having made his decision the Senator approached St. Peter.

Peter: Have you made your decision?
Senator: I have, and I can't believe I'm saying it but I think I want to spend eternity in hell.

So St. Peter said goodbye and the Senator went to hell and was once more shocked when he arrived. This time the people were all sickly looking and dressed in rags, there was fire and screaming everywhere. Seeing all of this the Senator approached the devil.

Senator: What's going on here? Where's the party?
Satan: Ah, I can see why you're confused. Yesterday, we were campaigning; today you've voted.

That got a good laugh from the congregation.

Lem said...

..and don't attack non-famous individuals who aren't here participating in the dialogue.

I hope I'm not violating the new rules but this was some time coming..

In your face Tropper ;)

Boston 9, NY Yankees 7.

From West Palm Beach Fla - This is Lem reporting in.

edutcher said...

Very lovely, Madame. Too bad the press of events is such the day could not be devoted to such things.

JAL said...


And I wondered when we would see some more purple pictures.

And Meade's photo of Herself reclining come hither with iPad wasn't enough?

Irene said...

Yesterday's iPad posts had a big effect here at Casa d'Irene.

Please tell me your casa is a grand Spanish Colonial hacienda.(I may be wrong - the only Spanish I know if from old John Wayne movies - but shouldn't that be Case del Irene? Sounds less French)

jayne_cobb said...

I had quite a nice mass today.

The priest ended it with a rather long but funny joke:


The original is about a programmer. I always thought we were a little higher than that in the food chain.

JAL said...

Heh Lem ..

Hubby bailed because it looked so bad. Wait till I tell him. (He went to bed.)

Job hunting in FL?

JAL said...

@edutcher: Althouse iPadding wasn't purple ;-)

OSweet said...

For us Caleefornians this Easter will forever be remembered as the Earthquake Easter.
Cool thing about it was that for many of us it was our first experience of an earthquake while drunk, or buzzed.

traditionalguy said...

Easter cartoon: Two roman soldiers staring into empty tomb, and one says,"well, now only taxes are certain."The hymns were the best ones in the book Sunday. It seems as if Easter is the one day God relaxes the rules about being humble and really lets loose about the only thing in the universe that He allows pride in, His ressurection of His Son.

Deborah said...

Chip you are brilliant.

edutcher said...

JAL said...

@edutcher: Althouse iPadding wasn't purple ;-)

There's more than one meaning of purple :O

JAL said...

@ edutcher

duh ;-))

But I didn't want you to co-opt my purple hunger for mere lust.

And TradGuy -- don't you love "Up from the grave He arose!!"


mc said...


Those are so damned pretty.

Fantastic photos!

Thank you, I am inspired to mosey out with my camera as well:)