April 8, 2010

At the Magnolia Café...


... don't leave me alone out here.


PWS said...

You should do photography and commentary for Hallmark.

Ron said...

If Palin ever officially needs a campaign blogger...you're auditioning for the job very well!

Scott said...

This is a blog post with a picture of a tree.

Can we make it a Palin-free zone for just one post? No putrid opinions about politics? Maybe we can fetishize something else for a change. Shoes. Knees. Puerto Rican men in Spandex swimwear. Whatever.


LonewackoDotCom said...

Here's an antiAntiAmnesty doc from PFAW: link. It's more logical and less error-prone than others I've seen; I can discredit parts of it but it would take some research (looking up quotes) to discredit most of it.

It'd be nice if there weren't just a few people in the U.S. who are capable of doing that.

I can tell you one thing: not only is no one in the tea party movement capable of discrediting that report, they aren't capable of understanding the importance of discrediting it. The same goes for almost all r/w bloggers and almost all pundits. And, all of that is pretty scary.

Hazy Dave said...

Badgers vs. Boston College for the NCAA Hockey championship Saturday night!

tom said...

Hallmark sentiment of hope:

Today, _____, you're an
outlier on a bier
But someday, maybe, you'll
be my only desire ;)

Keep the faith,

veni vidi vici said...

What you'd really like to be doing right now is listening to the album version of "Dorset Perception". Trust me on this, and use youtube.

Irene said...


Good idea. On my way home from work tonight, down a rural road, I saw a loose dog in the middle of a sharp bend of the highway. I opened the window and saw that the dog, a beautiful lab/border collie mix, had a tag. "Puppy, puppy," I said in my sweetest, cooing baby speak. She responded by wagging brilliantly with an exquisite smile on her face. I stepped out of the car, and she came toward me, still swishing her tail.

In a few minutes, I had her by her grinning collar. I called the number on her tag, and I reached the relieved owner.

Now I can go to sleep knowing that I've done a good deed. Spring is here.

veni vidi vici said...

For the loungechair warriors out there:


You will be swingin' to this music to read blogs by.

wv: "ulutomi" -- a lobotomy of the uvula.

edutcher said...
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edutcher said...

Irene, you're good people.

Irene said...

@edutcher: Sometimes. Or, to quote Klaus von Bulow, "You have no idea."

Irene said...
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Scott said...

@veni vidi vici: I did that on your recommendation. It's really cool! Starts out like Acoustic Alchemy but goes into this Brazilian vibe. Fun! I'll have to pick up the CD now.

My boyfriend of 17 months, Bone Intell (website) (YouTube) has been making some beats that have a Fila Brazillia vibe to them lately. Hopefully one or two will get on his forthcoming album.

Chip Ahoy said...

How's this for a pop-up idea?

page 1: Moth astronauts. Regular NASA type astronauts with moth heads

page 2: Cape Canaveral, rocket positioned for launch. Rocket marked U.S. of Moths

page 3: Launched rocket makes a hard U turn

page 4: Rocket crash destroying a light bulb factory.

Chip Ahoy said...

Or this?

page 1: A large snail opens up when the page is opened

page 2: Wet plants loaded with snails

page 3: Wet plants loaded with slugs

page 4: Snails set beer trap for slugs

page 5: Slugs lure snails with wet lettuce and corn meal to collect under an anvil

page 6: Slugs and snails engage in battle using various primitive salt weapons.

reader_iam said...

How weird. Why wouldn't you want to be left alone there?

Chip Ahoy said...

Haha. Leave, not left.

MamaM said...

Chip...Is there a place for comments on your pop-up pages? I didn't see one. I'm still unsettled by the sight of the cheerful hat and scarf of the last hapless penguin in line to dive, scattered next to a table full of leftover penguin parts. Hard to digest.

I like the new ideas, for their own merit, but also for where they send my imagination.

U.S.Astromoths...With Gene Krantz in mission control putting on his new vest, a dark one bearing the patch, "Go Toward the Light!"

Snails Sliding in Slug Slime...Top heavy snails, looking like overloaded uHaul's, having a high-o time sliding on the slippery twisting trails left by the slugs until the fun suddenly comes to a grinding halt as they hit a gravel booby trap and topple over like tipped cows. An Ex-Cargo fork lift sits next to the gravel pile, waiting to assist with the resulting snail pile-up.

Revenant said...

I can tell you one thing: not only is no one in the tea party movement capable of discrediting that report, they aren't capable of understanding the importance of discrediting it.

And yet they'll continue to receive the attention and support of the same public that persists in completely ignoring your website. Life's really hard that way. :)

Opus One Media said...

Two humans
Bat, butterfly or moth

next card pls.

LarsPorsena said...


From time-to-time could you tell us what you used to shoot the scenes and any special settings on your camera?

MadisonMan said...

8-1! 8-1!

Good Luck to the Badgers against BC (a school my daughter did not like on her recent college tour)

AllenS said...

Good point, MadMan

Seven different Badgers scored goals.

Go Bucky!

k*thy said...

Yes, and they beat RIT (a school my daughter did not like on her college tour). Hope it's a repeat of 2006. Beat BC!

Hazy Dave said...

@icameisawetc. - I suspect shpongle would have more appeal to me without the hyperactive drum machine. But then, I'm old and grumpy, and having never bought into that World Music rubbish, would probably rather listen to REO Spudwagon than David Byrne channeling Ricky Ricardo.

wv: dister

David said...


Happy people.
Happy dog;
Happy you;


Original Mike said...


Chip Ahoy said...

MammaM, those are great ideas.

I've been relying on the contact info on the home page but it occurred to me most people don't see that so it's probably a good idea to copy it to each individual card.

peter hoh said...

Fun stuff from a Wisconsin DA: http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/90020507.html