March 21, 2010

More photos of yesterday's Tea Party rally at the Capitol.

All of these are by Meade (my husband, who says everyone was perfectly nice — too nice, if anything).


I like the state flag here, which I think embodies the federalism arguments against the bill:


Some funny stuff:



Not everyone was anti:


(And here's the back of his shirt, which has a lot of text that you can read at the link.)

These ladies cracked me up:


A man and his dog:



Ah Pooh said...

Pelosi's Capital stroll pictured on Drudge "IN YOUR FACE TEABAGGERS!"

Unknown said...

The Bill is gonna pass !

so are all the tea partiers going home ? did they get word yet ? I hope none of them do anything crazy. And I hope that no one would over look if they did or try to underhandedly defend them.

garage mahal said...

Scott Brown changed everything.

Palladian said...

I can't wait for the shooting war to begin.

Unknown said...

where did all of Ann's base go ? Are they to overcome with disappointment to even type ?

c'mon guys. i know you've got some venting to do ....if you'd prefer it, I wont watch.

... i guess not is not the best time for me to make predictions about improving poll numbers, minimal 2010 election losses, and, a 2-term presidency.

i can see that ads now, 'the dems fought the obstructionist GOP and the insurance lobby, and are still fighting for you for wall street reform against a GOP party lining up for donations ....'

good times.

Hagar said...

My morning newspaper was all about thousands in Washington to protest the war in Afghanistan, and, oh yeah, a few hundred "tea partiers" protesting the healthcare bill.

Anonymous said...

Federalism? Sure, let's talk about federalism... and medical marijuana... and internet gambling... and, in the other way, let's talk about the legality of abortion... and the drinking age and education testing and...

Oh, wait! I get it! The Tea Parties want federalism right here right now, just in this singular circumstance.

Too late! Should'da taken the federalism option during the hundreds of previous opportunities when it was offered. Federalism was shrugged off all those times as naive, wasn't it?

Wouldn't it just have been better to not crap so much on Ron Paul and his (quite federalist) Paulbots back in 2008?

Nah... purity and authority was more important... Go Romney! Go McCain! Ron Paul is just a stupid naive racist!

Palladian said...

Because nothing says "patriotic and caring American citizen" like gloating over the criminal and sleazy passing of a hugely unpopular bill that will ruin the lives and fortunes of the productive class that keeps this country limping along.

This has nothing to do with "health care reform" and everything to do with liberals wanting to rub the
"wing nuts" faces in it. Consequences be damned.

Again, let's get Civil War II: Electric Boogaloo over with.

Palladian said...

" where did all of Ann's base go ? Are they to overcome with disappointment to even type ? "

You know, our freedom and livelihood is not a fucking high-school lacrosse game. You can stop the pathetic gloating you stupid twat.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

I seem to remember the house passing healthcare b4..

This thing is not over yet Danielle.

garage mahal said...

Count me 100% in on the gloat side. After a year hearing the gloating, and the bullshit lies, I'll need to.

Palladian said...

"Count me 100% in on the gloat side. After a year hearing the gloating, and the bullshit lies, I'll need to."

Glad you admit that the first year of Obama's Socialist Republic has been nothing but gloating and bullshit lies.

verification word: sleasi. Yup.

X said...

this is beautiful. for a $695 a year fine, I just got guaranteed issue health insurance, but I don't have to buy the insurance until I need it. for those that do need it now, enjoy your rate hikes chumps. by the time I do need it, we'll probably have single payer. glad I don't have a chronic illness that I need innovation to cure.

garage mahal said...

Save it.

Beau said...

Because nothing says "patriotic and caring American citizen"
than someone saying can't wait for the shooting war to begin.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

The first lady says obesity is a number 1 problem requiring her privileged attention... but then at the same time she is ostensibly saying you don't have to worry about your health because the producers of this country will pay for your health care.

Unknown said...

As I said, garage, The Night of the Long Knives preceded Kristallnacht by 4 years. You'll go to the wall first.

For those who can be classed as adults, reconciliation is still ahead. This is still a long way from over.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

Paul Ryan's question is very simple..

Where are we going to get the money to pay for all these new entitlements?

The idea that medicare and SS is going to be cut to pay for health care is bs and everybody knows it.

No entitlement has ever been cut in the history of the US.. and even should that miracle occur there is not enough left over to pay for this humongous entitlement.

Lem the artificially intelligent said...

..unless the democrats plan to tap into federal, state and local government pension funds.

there might be enough money there.

Dewave said...

I'm still somewhat torn. I can't decide between hoping for the outcome that is best for the country (this bill fails) or the outcome that is most damaging to democrats (the bill passes).

You can never have too much drama in politics, so I think I'm going to root for the former. Dems pass HCR, leading to an epic bloodbath in November! Go go go!

Dewave said...

Also, if the bill passes, it leaves democrats without an excuse.

Much like the election of Obama is dashing their starry eyed progressive utopia dreams, and the passage of porkulus is dashing their starry eyed economic growth as a product of government spending dreams, the passage of Obamacare will force them to face reality.

If Obamacare went down in flames, all we'd hear from them is what a great bill it was and it would have solved every healthcare problem if only the mean republicans had let it pass (Ignoring the fact that not a single republican needs to vote for it in order to pass).

This way, they don't get that excuse. They'll have to own up to every horrendous side effect of this bill. They'll have to defend their decision to ram it down the American public's throat, against broad bi-partisan disapproval. It's going to beautiful.

Ah Pooh said...

Looking forward to Meade's impressions - you fought the good fight Gramps.
p.s. to Palladian - danielle is just silly.

DavidEhrenstein said...

Your husband did a lovely job of picking out the nice signs. Not the ones with president Obama crfawlign out of a coffin. Not the ones saying "Grandma's not Shovel-ready."

Moonshiner said...

"danielle", it ain't over yet.

And the shift key is over to the left, moron.

Warren said...

Is "crfawling" like tea-bagging?

Leon said...

Those darn Republicans... they are in the pockets of industry!

Wait – here are some facts!

Top recipients of insurance industry money:

1 Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Senate $258,400
2 Schumer, Charles E (D-NY) Senate $195,100
3 Pomeroy, Earl (D-ND) House $157,900
4 Frank, Barney (D-MA) House $147,499
5 Lincoln, Blanche (D-AR) Senate $147,300
6 Kanjorski, Paul E (D-PA) House $144,200
7 Grassley, Chuck (R-IA) Senate $139,450
8 Cantor, Eric (R-VA) House $130,750
9 Bean, Melissa (D-IL) House $129,700
10 Burr, Richard (R-NC) Senate $127,500

Top recipients of health professionals’ money:

1 Reid, Harry (D-NV) Senate $303,725
2 Price, Tom (R-GA) House $271,775
3 Lincoln, Blanche (D-AR) Senate $252,150
4 Pallone, Frank Jr (D-NJ) House $240,350
5 Specter, Arlen (D-PA) Senate $233,150
6 Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Senate $233,000
7 Wyden, Ron (D-OR) Senate $208,971
8 Kirk, Mark (R-IL) House $202,600
9 Gingrey, Phil (R-GA) House $178,325
10 Vitter, David (R-LA) Senate $175,350


1 Burr, Richard (R-NC) Senate $172,019
2 Hatch, Orrin G (R-UT) Senate $148,365
3 Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Senate $133,100
4 Reid, Harry (D-NV) Senate $124,850
5 Eshoo, Anna (D-CA) House $112,050
6 Lincoln, Blanche (D-AR) Senate $99,250
7 Specter, Arlen (D-PA) Senate $97,950
8 Murray, Patty (D-WA) Senate $89,250
9 Capuano, Michael E (D-MA) House $86,350
10 Kirk, Mark (R-IL) House $84,460

Lawyers: wonder why no tort reform in HCR bill?

1 Reid, Harry (D-NV) Senate $1,774,223
2 Gillibrand, Kirsten (D-NY) Senate $977,472
3 Schumer, Charles E (D-NY) Senate $849,269
4 Specter, Arlen (D-PA) Senate $757,900
5 Meek, Kendrick B (D-FL) House $544,933
6 Boxer, Barbara (D-CA) Senate $454,970
7 Leahy, Patrick (D-VT) Senate $412,541
8 Dodd, Chris (D-CT) Senate $411,329
9 Lincoln, Blanche (D-AR) Senate $382,886
10 Bennet, Michael F (D-CO) Senate $364,350

Hey daniel,

Aetna (Leiberman) up 3.7%

Cigna up 3.5%

Wellpoint up 2.0%

All on a Friday when the market was down and the Intrades on ObamaCare passage went from 55% to 86%. own this Pyrrhic victory. Enjoy.

It's not gonna go like you think.

Lester Dent said...

The big question for me is whether the Repubs will coherently and effectively get the message out on what the first 4 years of the bill take away and give over the next few months before the elecvtion. They let Dems get away with saying pre-existing conditions will instantly be covered when only for kids right away. They came in too late with clear discussions of the "doc fix" and failed to get the message out about the student loan program payoff for Kent Conrad (D-ND) (where the only private bank allowed to market student loans will be the Bank of ND)

Many of the people who still support the bill are unaware that the taxes and limitations begin immediately but most of the benefits don't start for 4-5 years. How many people think that buying a new car on a 10-year loan to keep the monthly payment down is a great idea when you pay the first 4 years before you can get the car?

The Dems are superb in getting their spin out consistently, with everyone in front of a mike parroting the same talking points. Repetition is effective, and eventually the "Big Lie" technique turns the memes into "common knowledge". The Repubs say stupid stuff like "we have the facts on our side" or "we have the better ideas so we trust the American people" when they don't get it that you have to get those facts and ideas into people's awareness. Dems have ownership of the message and the mechanisms; Repubs only excel at graft when in power in a ham-handed way (Dems have greater finesse as well as the audacity to say "there's no story here! Move along!" when caught).

Brian Doyle said...

Morons outside on a sunny day are still morons.

Nolanimrod said...

Thanks much for The Rest of the Story on the back of the guy's shirt.


Warren said...

Forget your sunblock again Doyle?

Caroline said...

RE: the charge that protesters were an "angry mob".

If the crowd had been spittle spewing rage-heads, lobbing racial and anti-gay epithets, and swearing up a blue streak, we would've left immediately. Those kind of people, quite frankly, scare me.

We were in the back, mostly because we had our dog with us. The people around us seemed friendly, smiling, good-humored. A lot of people approached us to talk about our dog. Someone lit a cigarette, and another protester made his displeasure known, (to no one in particular) . The complainer's companion good-naturedly chided him for being a trouble-maker. There was one protester off by himself, ranting to a crowd of two. Occasionally a person with a dog would run across the upper lawn, and get scolded by the security. Several families had their children with them- the little ones hankering to wave their signs- one petulant teenage girl begging her mom NOT to wave a sign.

The signs were mostly hand-made- the majority saying "kill the bill", "start over" or "vote no". Others were clever and not so clever attempts at humor. A handful of signs had religious quotes. I saw what appeared to be a family, all wearing camouflage, with a hand-made "Barney Frank is a sexual deviant" sign. But I didn't see or hear the f-word (no, not fuck, the other one) or the n word. We didn't see the CBC, so I can't comment on what happened at that time. Overall, I've seen angrier crowds waiting in the check-out line at the supermarket.

Carol_Herman said...

But the senate's bill isn't passing! The president will get the HOUSE bill. The senate's bill isn't the one getting signed into law.

This is not a bad development for lawyers. Or people who like "who done its."

And, I'll bet the issue doesn't go away. It's not a victory lap. It's the kind of thing that gets done, only to be un-done with great difficulty.

LoafingOaf said...

I love how that foie gras eating fatty, Palladian, keeps patting himself on the back about being a member of the "productive class". He may be more selfish, greedy, hedonistic, hateful, and partisan than most, but I doubt someone who trolls blog comment sections 24/7 should be hyping his productivity.

LoafingOaf said...

Skookum John said...
I am a physician.... I intend to stoke the chaos as much as I can, consistent with my Hippocratic oath, and make sure my patients know that it was brought down on them by the Democratic Party. Every Alinsky rule I can use to sabotage Obamacare, I will use.

Yeah, that's what patients want when they go see their doctor. A deganged partisan nutcase yapping at them.

Palladian said...

Stop pissing off doctors, PinchingLoaf. You're going to need one to perform your NancyCare-funded surgery to try and remove Sarah Palin's pussy from your leg.

Commenter said...

Everyone was "perfectly nice," according to Meade? I guess no one called him a n----- or a fag. Others were not as lucky.

Jamie said...

You know somebody, Lisa? Or are your stereotypes showing?

Commenter said...

@Jamie: What stereotypes? It is a fact that the tea partiers at the Capitol actually used slurs and epithets toward lawmakers and counterprotestors this weekend. Barney Frank was called a "fag" multiple times. Other slurs were race-based, and cast toward African-American lawmakers.

That's a fact, not a stereotype.

submandave said...

"the dems fought the obstructionist GOP "

Nice slogan, danielle, except that the GOP never had the votes to obstruct anything. For the last year the left-wing, Marxist caucus of the Democrats fought, bribed and brow-beat all the other Democrats to shoe-horn this bill into the White House for signature. Of course, why shoudl I expect integrity and honesty at this point?