March 16, 2010

"It's such an important issue in America right now - the sex addiction outbreak."

We're all really concerned about him and hope he gets better."


vet66 said...

Sex addiction is th symptom. The real problem is a lack of personal discipline, self-control and a failure to set standards for oneself and live up to a code of ethical behavior based on morals and values. Interesting that South Park, like Woods, makes money on the arrested development of adults of which the writer is guilty of.

How about South Park do a routine on the tyranny of nihilism and the "ME" generation.

traditionalguy said...
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Anonymous said...

I know for myself, it's a terrible problem all the pussy I'm getting.

I go to clubs at night, and the girls that my assistant arranged to meet me there, why they just throw themselves at me. Every time I turn around, one of them has dropped to her knees and is servicing me.

It's a horrible thing this sickness I have. I have to have sex with each and every one of them. Think about that.

Pity me.

This thing I have ... it's a disease.

Why, it's almost a disability, even.

And since I'm disabled, you can't make snide comments about me or question me in any way.

I have absolute moral authority.

In fact, I can't see why my disability doesn't qualify me for monthly Social Security SSI payments and a handicapped parking plate so I don't have to park so far away from the cash registers at the drugstore where I shop for condoms.

Pity me.

But for the grace of Nike, you would go.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Isn't sex addiction what perpetuates the human race?

MadisonMan said...

I thought we were all just restless as willows in a windstorm, but I guess in reality we are all sex addicts now.

Fred4Pres said...

Sex addiction makes me laugh (where were all these sex addicted females when I needed them in high school!). But seriously, it is a symptom not a disease. It is not surprising that a highly disciplined person like Tiger would have a vice like that.

William said...

We are, all of us, sex addicts, but some of us have more enablers than others.

traditionalguy said...

Today's theme competition is neck and neck between two science hoaxes and two sexual passion among the rich and famous posts. Or is that four hoaxes? I hope one more sex post pops up and gives sexual passion the victory, not that sexual passion or the Globe Trotters ever lose games in the end.

Peter V. Bella said...

Sex addiction is a scam. Some psychs, probably with the help of some divorce attorneys, came up with this to make kachingos. It is the capitalism of the behavioral sciences.

Like Dershowitz wrote- its the excuse abuse system.

KCFleming said...

I want to combine New Age, sex addiction, politics, and global warming.

I know!

A weekend seminar:
Find your Chakra!
Teabag Al Gore!
Only 499! (Prius owners $399)
Meals provided!

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, acts deemed immoral were called sin and you went to church and people there instructed you not commit those acts.

Now, acts deemed immoral are called addictions and you go to a rehab clinic and the people there instruct you not to commit those acts.

But, yeah, religion is all useless bullshit. I'm sure glad we don't have that crutch any more.

Big Mike said...

Can anyone tell me if there is any vertebrate species anywhere -- cold-blooded or warm-blooded, it doesn't matter -- where the male is not continuously receptive to sex? It seems to me that if there ever was one, it went extinct a long time ago.

I think "sex addiction" is the 21st century way of saying "I had the opportunity and I thought I could get away with it."

Anonymous said...

"Baby, I don't want to have these affairs. I've been diagnosed with New Pussy Syndrome."

prairie wind said...

So, at Sex Addicts Annonymous meetings, do you think those people exchange phone numbers? You know, in case someone needs an intervention?

Michael said...


traditionalguy said...

The computer dating services like E-Harmony are the modern hook-up tool for the ever hopeful and lonely single people seeking Mr or Mrs Goodbar. This leads to an addiction to geeting to know new people, that could also be safely handled in social settings without instant sex with every attraction force encountered in another human body. Really. I bet that Johnny Edwards is wishing he never encountered the Rielle Hunter's attraction force. We frequently see 20 year old Philipino girls out with 50 year old burned out men in HotAlanta. Money does make men's dreams come true for a little while.

jrberg3 said...

What a crock, Tiger has a marriage problem, i.e. shouldn't have done so. If he wasn't married this wouldn't be a character flaw, he wouldn't have stopped playing for any stretch of time and instead it would be a juicy side story.

traditionalguy said...

jrberg3...But he is a married man with a trophy wife and small children, and he wants to keep both lives, but he cannot and has to chose. That's why his story is interesting. How will he chose? He needs a home when he is not on the tournament and endorsements trail. That means he will chose Elin over all of the Whores on earth. Poor Tiger!

Joaquin said...

Give me a break!
Tiger flaunted his family image for years, and fraudulently used it for financial gains. The web he wove was a thing of beauty! Advertisers bought it, sponsors bought it, and obviously the fans bought it.
It was all a big mirage. A pile of bull$hit... plain and simple!
I still have 3 dozen Nike balls left in my locker, and when the last one finds a watery grave or gets driven into the woods, it will be the last Nike Golf product I use.
It's a good thing I don't play those Nike Victory Red irons.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a rich dude is out there fucking bimbos on the side. Truly a fraud for the ages.

jrberg3 said...

exactly trad_guy. And that's where the faux sex addiction comes into play. Its a crock, plain and simple, and I can't wait to see how south park parodies it.

Blue@9 said...

Man, Stone and Parker deserve a Presidential Freedom Medal for the public service they've provided.

Mark O said...

Like mink. Everywhere. It's, well, just too, too.
Where is Cotton Mather when we need him?

Poor Tiger. He just couldn't help himself. Otherwise, he would have taken a path different from pretty much every other guy in America.

Darn old disease. Leave that poor golfer alone. Begone, devils.

MamaM said...

duplicitous: Given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech.

Tiger built and marketed an image of himself as mentally tough, focused, and committed to a high standard of physical excellence. He portrayed himself as dedicated to one way of living while secretly indulging in another. Marriage was one of the ways he adorned that image.

His behavior was duplicitous.

To view Tiger as a "rich dude fucking bimbos' on the side, minimizes the way he earned and maintained his status and wealth. His inconsistent and deceitful behavior ultimately compromised the integrity of the product he was selling.

Why would a man who built his career on self discipline, be unable to transfer or use winning behavior in his private life?

holdfast said...

traditionalguy is right - the problem is an inability to live with our choices. There's nothing really wrong with a young, single athlete getting all the strange tail be can - all parties apparently consent and nobody gets hurt. This is basically the dream life for most young men, and rich athletes get to live it to the fullest.

But Tiger made a choice to get married and have kids, and apparently it wasn't an "open marriage" (at least so Elin tells it), but he chose to stick with his old lifestyle too, and that's where the problem arises. He made the choice to get married, but was not willing to follow through with the consequences of that choice.

Edwards was apparently married to a heartless shrew - I can almost feel some sympathy for him there - but he made the CHOICE to stay married to further his political ambitions, but he was unable to follow through with the consequences of that choice.

Penny said...

""The fact that it is a pretty smart show, the fact it is a popular show, and the fact it is a hip show means they can go pretty far with some of their subjects and not worry about getting sued," said Syracuse University Prof. Robert Thompson."

"Comedy, Thompson said, is there to make fun of situations like Woods' turmoil. History books are for the long-term stories, journalism for the breaking, and comedy "can take this stuff where angels fear to tread.""

Laugh until you cry, folks.

kjbe said...

“Why would a man who built his career on self discipline, be unable to transfer or use winning behavior in his private life?”

Because he was channeling that self discipline (that self control or just plain, old control) into the upkeep of his image. It was all under control, he thought, until it wasn’t…

Tibore said...

Important issue in American right now?? Why the implication that it's a recent phenomenon? It's been such an issue through history that the Greeks mythologized it in their literature; how many heroines did Zeus bonk in his day? And how prevalent would this sort of thing have to be for it to show up in the cultural mythologies of the time?

The only thing "new" is the sheer volume of repetetive coverage of such transgressions by popular figures, and that's probably due to the fact that the internet is so central to modern life nowadays. Other than that, it's the same old same old.

Anonymous said...

"There's nothing really wrong with a young, single athlete getting all the strange tail be can"

Let's frame the question differently and introduce some facts.

1) Is it OK for Tiger Woods to hire prostitutes?

2) Is it OK for an employee of Tiger Woods to hire prostitutes for him so that he's not hiring them directly?

3) Would any company give this guy an endorsement contract if he's hiring prostitutes on the side?

Tiger Woods isn't just fucking girls on the side. If it was that simple, this would be a garden-variety failed marriage.

However ... Tiger Woods is fucking professional prostitutes brought to him by his Events Coordinator, who hires them for him so that he is one-step removed from them when the police show up.

Tiger Woods hired an Events Coordinator to give him plausible deniability when the shit hit the fan.

So ... now is this just a case of a professional athlete getting some strange every now and then?

Or are there larger societal issues to be debated? Do the rich and famous get to abuse women for money without consequence, while the street-level hooker gets tossed in the slam?

Are there two Americas:

1) Where Tiger Woods can hire all the pussy he wants without consequence.

2) Where everybody else lives.

Tiger Woods is a criminal.

He should be in jail ... not rehab.

Methadras said...

My wife is my enabler and only with her. You go girl!!!

bagoh20 said...

Is sex addiction like alcoholism where you can never even taste the stuff again or you relapse?

kjbe said...

bagoh20 - I'd guess not. You'd have keep check on the why you're doing it, in your head. What are are your motivations? Is your life out of control by doing what you're doing. I'd guess it's more like Overeaters Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Do the rich and famous get to abuse women for money without consequence, while the street-level hooker gets tossed in the slam?

What are you, a college freshman? All societies differentiate between cheap prostitutes, high-end call girls, beneficiaries of sugar daddies, and hangers on who just like to fuck rich people. That's how it is.

Also, nobody made Accenture trade on Tiger Woods's image to make money.

Am I missing something funny here?