March 22, 2010

"It's fun to be goo."

An out-of-context snippet:

From a forthcoming Bloggingheads, recorded just now.


Fred4Pres said...

You guys are funny

MadisonMan said...

I like how the flicker balls -- the blue and red thing, are in your eye when the snippet loads.

Slow Joe said...

wow, she's like ten years younger than the last time I looked at her. Not that it matters, but either marriage is going well or she found better makeup.

PWS said...

I love how Ann is a complete pathological narcissist who is obsessed with herself!

NewHam said...

Is this your Andrew Sullivan impersonation?

Aridog said...

RWA...may I paraphrase Chevy Chase here?

Ann is Ann, and you're not.

Aridog said...

Now if I could type I would have addressed that to "PWS"...

...but, I was working and RWA is an acronym we use and my brain had a unicorn fart.

Kinda like your remark.

edutcher said...

The look on your face reminds me of the old line from a lot of Westerns, "You're awful purty when you're mad".

You kind of like Meade being away for a night and coming back all fired up.

Chip Ahoy said...

Oh, Aridog I love your avatar. It looks like a Belgian Tervuren.

The last three mornings I woke up from a dream ending with a Groenendale burying its head in my arms pathetically demanding attention. I feel deep guilt as I realize I neglected fresh water and hasten to correct that. Then I wake up and go, "That's weird. I don't have a dog."

Chip Ahoy said...

Of course, the second guess is German Shepherd.

Irene said...

Someone thought of you as a fly in the annointed?

ricpic said...

Everybody's obsessed with himself,
Or herself to be PC:
All your life you live in your pelf;
Simone Weil wanted out -- fatally.

ricpic said...

Well, I thought pelf was an olde anglo-saxon word for skin but I guess it doesn't, so that whole poem is nonsense. Except that one of the medieval meanings was the scraps of skinners, so it sorta a stretch. But anyway, it rhymes. ;^)

ricpic said...

Oy, doesn't should be isn't.

ricpic said...

Pelf: riches, especially dishonestly acquired riches.

Well, your skin-self is your riches, unearned; so maybe the poem does make sense after all!

New said...

This is excellent. Prof. keep it up.

Once again I predict. My prediction is never wrong. I predicted Obama to pick Biden.

The health care passage effect will be like a good wine. Every day people will realize that Obama was right and the GOP was wrong.

On Nov. 2010, the House goes to Democrats. GOP will lose seats in the Senate as well. It will make GOP be even smaller.

On Nov. 2012, the GOP candidates (be it the senator from SD or governor from IN or MN), it will not matter. The GOP will lose all 50 US states.

It is over, folks! Health care will get support from all people - immigrants (legal and otherwise), senior citizens, young adults, etc.

It is over for the GOP. The next great historian is already planning the book:

The Day the GOP Lost Its Power

Aridog said...

Chip Ahoy said: "Of course, the second guess is German Shepherd"

The second guess would be correct. "Ari"-the-real-Dog is a long haired German Shepherd, mostly black and red-tan colored with collie like long hair. The dog "Fancy" don't much like long hairs, at least not here, but he's all W. German pedigree GSD out of high performance dogs. He's tough when he needs to be and gentle as a lamb when he should be...we adore him. A priceless companion and friend.

Yes, he does bear a resemblence to the Belgian Tervuren, just bigger. His forelegs and paws are as large as my forearm and hand. Dog "Fancy" conventional wisdom (?)is that long hairs have no undercoat...however, Ari has an undercoat to shame a Malamute...snow does not melt off his back in winter.

He has a female companion GSD of Czech/DDR bloodlines with high energy that keeps him young. At 7 he spends about 2 hours every morning at a dead run playing with her...unattended dog chase, tumble and race games.

There, now you know more than you ever wanted to know.

Patrick said...

Yes, that might be so; but when you're goo-goo is when you've got a real problem. ;0)

blogging cockroach said...

hi professor
sorry i haven t been around much
lately you see tommy
he's the boy whose computer i used
to use
anyway tommy got a new lenovo think
pad and i can t begin to work it and
it s a mess here at the house for a
lot of reasons not the least of which
is tommy has turned from a happy 10
year old kid into a 13 year old grind
but anyway back to goo
as a cockroach i know more than i
should abt goo yes i do
but you really don t want to


no you don t
poor fred who used to live under the
big utensil drawer got squished the
other day just as he was molting
when mom slammed the drawer shut
fred was a puddle of goo
the beetles came and cleaned him up
so please please please don t even


abt being goo
or even a goo goo doll
which according to tommy is a lot
worse than being a squished insect