March 11, 2010

"An investigation of a sitting governor of New York is a complex, weighty matter indeed."

Says NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, appointing, as independent counsel, the estimable Judith Kaye.


David said...


edutcher said...

I half-expected the good judge to be a tad on the plump side and give Ann the needle for weightism. The judge appears quite svelte, so I'll have to give her a pass this time.

John said...

In a just world Cuomo would be in the dock for his role in the current financial crisis.

raf said...

Nothing to say, really, but th word verification was "dinglys" and that could not pass without notice.

new wv: croar. And the crowd roars its approval.

Scott said...

Judith Kaye, former chief judge of the State of New York Court of Appeals, is a reliable NY Democrat political hack. She was appointed by Andrew Cuomo's father, Mario; and reappointed by Elliot Spitzer.

NY Post opinion writer Robert George said of her on a NYC TV morning show today: "Since she's (Judge Kaye) retied she's become a long time fixer. The Working Families Party hired her to bless their questionable legal activites."

In short, she's qualified, but she's partisan. Since Paterson is persona non grata among the New York Democrat establishment, there should be no expectation that she will be fair.

Bruce Hayden said...

Why is it a "complex, weighty matter"? From what I can see the sitting governor of New York is pretty much always under investigation. Or is it just that this turkey won't resign, so they actually have to do something?

I think because the guy who wants the top job has appointed a political crony of his and his father's to go after the governor.

My view is that the last thing that New York needs right now is another Cuomo running it. They have another show-boating AG running businesses out of the state through political investigations in order to get the media face time needed to win the governorship.