March 19, 2010

"I am calling to all of you freedom-loving Americans to come once again to Washington D.C. to gather on the Capitol steps on Saturday, at 12 o’clock noon."

Writes Jon Voight. Are you going? Are you getting on that Greyhound bus around now and traveling overnight to arrive in D.C. in the morning? Ah! You are! Send me messages and photographs... and then get on the bus Saturday night and sleep your way back home to me.

The last part of that applies only to Meade. As for everyone else, yeah, go ahead and get on that bus/plane or in that car if that's what you think you should do.


JeanneB said...

I was going to go. This would have been my 3rd trip to protest the bills. It's a long overnight bus ride there and back.

This time I'm not going. They don't care what we think or say. They'll pass it. And have their victory party.

We'll get the hangover.

MadisonMan said...

They'll sure have nice Spring weather. Unlike here.

themightypuck said...

Voight really must have loved that his daughter married Brad Pitt.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Hey hey
Ho ho
ObamaCare has got to Go!

Pastafarian said...

Good luck, Meade. Be careful what sorts of neighborhoods you wander into -- the last time I was in DC, there were portions of it that were the most run-down dangerous-looking stretches I've ever seen anywhere.

Ann Althouse said...

It will be 70° and sunny. Should be a pretty pleasant way to save the country (if that's what you think it is).

I'm Full of Soup said...

I may go after a business mtg north of DC.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Have fun storming the castle!

Salamandyr said...

Voight really must have loved that his daughter married Brad Pitt.

You know, I bet Brad Pitt thinks Jon Voight is all right. Yeah, he's a crazy conservative, but he knows Jon contributes to all sorts of charities, and does all sorts of work for the less fortunately, unlike all those "other conservatives" that Brad doesn't know and makes assumptions about.

It probably never occurs to Brad that the conservatives he knows are pretty much just like the conservatives he doesn't know (and vice verse).

As for what Jon thinks of Brad...well, he probably thinks he's an idiot, but that's a prerogative of the old when considering the young.

themightypuck said...

Although I don't think health care reform will destroy the country, it would be nice to think that a march on DC could actually have some effect on the thieves and villains who make up Congress.

Anonymous said...

The best form of protest is a non-compliant nation.

Anonymous said...

"We need a Revolution man."

And we're going to rain one down on you and yours, Garage.

Are you ready for it?

The ill wind is blowing and you're on the wrong side of history kid.

PatCA said...

Thanks for going, Meade.

Wish I could go too but I've got to save my money to bribe my future Death Panel.

Anonymous said...

"The best form of protest is a non-compliant nation."

Another good form of protest is to take the gavel out of their hands - by force necessary to secure your liberty.

They can't execute their coup d' etat if they can't get into the fucking building to hold begin the Slaughter. And trust me, they'll be too scared to fucking show up. They'll go deep into hiding rather than risk meeting the people who they are attempting to shackle.


Take back the House of Representatives from the coup plotters. Don't fucking let them vote like this. Stop it.

We can do it if we all just show up and demand that they hear the people.

All we have to do is go.


garage mahal said...

The ill wind is blowing and you're on the wrong side of history kid.

It's going to pass, I don't know how to break that to you. It's pretty obvious Pelosi already has the votes. Should be an interesting weekend though. I'm a sign watcher, I always look forward to the signs. There should be some doozies from this rally.

Anonymous said...

"It's pretty obvious Pelosi already has the votes."

No, she doesn't.

That's why she will not put the Senate bill up for a vote in the House. She doesn't have the votes.

So, she must "deem" it passed.

That will be the end of civility my friend. Violence and destruction will ensue the moment Nancy Pelosi executes her coup d' etat against the United States.

The vote is the signal.

Hoosier Daddy said...

It's going to pass, I don't know how to break that to you.

Well you'd think His Most Imperial Majesty and Untersturmbahnfuhrer Pelosi would be able to arrange a minimum number of yes votes among his 77 member Congressional majority. I mean I know Democrats are a pathetic bunch generally but this should have been a done deal a year ago.

What is going to be telling is after the dust settles, we start finding out how much this cost in terms of political bribery. So much for ending business as usual in DC Barrack. Guy pretty much showed he's as much a POS political hack as any of them.

Lincolntf said...

If Obama succeeds in by-passing the Constitution in order to impose his "new economic order" on America, his "approval/disapproval" numbers will hit lows never before seen for any President. The acrimony and digust that he generates will cripple him, and possibly the country, for years.
It's going to be up to good people, fair judges and brave politicians to prevent the March Massacre. Failing that, we'll have to strangle it everywhere we see it manifesting itself. Non-compliance, civil disobedience, whatever it takes. In an age where there are hundreds of bullshit "causes" for every meaningful one, this is worth the time and energy.

Unknown said...

It makes me sound like a slacker, but we just got back from a car trip to Nashville and it would be all day on the feet. Given the Blonde's busted hoof, I couldn't put her through that.

Yes, garage, I know. Hahaha.

Kudos, though, to Jon Voight for trying to organize this at the last minute. NewHam is right about
Pelosi Galore's coup. Hoyer has already started talking about using this on other bills, as well.

And they didn't even have to burn the Reichstag this time.

Ann said...

... and then get on the bus Saturday night and sleep your way back home to me.

The last part of that applies only to Meade.

Boy, you just broke a lot of hearts, Ann.

Surprised you're not going. Live-blogging this one seems like your dish of lapsang suchong.

Fred4Pres said...

Have the cherry trees bloomed yet in DC?

AllenS said...

Pelosi Galore and Hairy Reid.


WV: ovelint

You wouldn't think that lint would collect there.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Have the cherry trees bloomed yet in DC?

Nope but I hear the lambs.

Tank said...

Who knew Meade was one of "those people?"

Yay Meade.

Hoosier Daddy said...

The lesson of entitlements.

My grandmother, God rest her soul (yes she is in fact deceased) was a die- hard Democrat, the thought of ever voting GOP was blasphemy. To Granny, the Holy Trinity was the Father, Son and FDR and not necessarily in that order. Worked in the steel mills for 30 years and retired to enjoy life.

I’m betting some of you older folks remember back in the day when they would hand out government surplus cheese, butter and on occasion coffee. You stood in line, showed your Social Security card and you got your hunk of Government Velveeta and what have you. As a small childrens Grams would drag my butt along with her and I too got to stand in line with the rest of the great unwashed to get our portion of the King’s bounty.

Now bear in mind that Grams wasn’t poor. She got a nice pension (so did Gramps) from the mill along with their Social Security and being the frugal folks they were, actually were doing quite comfortably in their golden years. Once I asked Grams why she’s waiting to get surplus cheese when the grocery store down the street has it and we don’t have to wait in line for an hour and isn’t this supposed to be for the po folk? Well did I get an earful. This is government cheese sonny and that means I paid for it with my tax dollars and I’m entitled to it. So there we stood in line waiting to get cheese.

Now as we flash forward 30 years, looks like we’re going to be standing in line for our portion of government health care.


Ann Althouse said...

Meade is the public service arm of Meadhouse.

traditionalguy said...

The City of London in 1642 was a close analogy to the DemonRats' Washington of today. They are looting the nation and are fleeing from the popular will in hopes of coming back into power in the next crisis of dollar devaluation. A word to the wise would be to NOT send any digital or cell phone traffic talking of a revolt against the Government. Just keep electing trustworthy representatives and impeach the DemonRats that are left.

AllenS said...

Had I known, I would have hit the tipjar so Meade could have bought a pitchfork.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Well time for a serious issue. Lets say garage is right and Obamacare passes. Now what?

Has he shot his political wad on this one piece of legislation? Anything left for Cap and Trade? Financial Reg reform?

Has Obama wasted so much on so many for so few?

LouisAntoine said...

Please do! Have fun, come together. Demonstrate your opposition.

If it passes anyway, you will be deeply frustrated, but heartened by your solidarity in opposition. Solidarity, forever.

I miss being in the opposition! Enjoy it. Eventually, people you like will be in charge and responsible for everything again, and that is not as fun (though ultimately, it's more satisfying).

ricpic said...

Now they get to kill us. This is what the socialists have been hungering to do since FDR. To have the power to kill us. No sarcasm. They take your substance your whole life and then they kill you. The ultimate high. Please God let there be a revolution.

Anonymous said...

Please do! Have fun, come together. Demonstrate your opposition.

If it passes anyway, you will be deeply frustrated, but heartened by your solidarity in opposition. Solidarity, forever.

That's genuinely gracious of you.

I miss being in the opposition!

Hold on tight MM - whichever way this vote goes, you won't have to wait much longer!

rcocean said...

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Burke

Tank said...

Yay Meade.

Oh, I said that already.

Beth said...

What is it with conservatives and their love for actors in politics? I wouldn't jump if Babs got up on the soapbox. But Midnight Cowboy or ol' Sleepy Fred or Action Hero guy speaks and Meade's packing his suitcase.

But I'm all for people hitting the road and going to Washington when something matters to them. So have a good trip, Meade. Don't take the brown acid.

"Anything left for Cap and Trade?"

No blue dog will vote for that, not with any amount of arm-twisting and bribing. Certainly no representative of an energy-producing state.

Phil 314 said...

It is disingenuous to on one hand decry the absurdity of Hollywood types getting into politics but getting jazzed up when someone from Hollywood leads a rally "on our side"

Hoosier Daddy said...

What is it with conservatives and their love for actors in politics? I wouldn't jump if Babs got up on the soapbox.

Neither would I. She's as much of an idiot as her moron husband.

What is it with liberals and their love of celebrities like Matt Damon or Danny Glover or Ben Affleck or...oh here's your broad brush back.

LouisAntoine said...

Ricpic, for the record, I said "solidarity, forever" as a reference to the wobblies and other icky socialist-communist type fraternizations. A friendly tweak.

Hey, if it turns out that the bill passes and does all the bad things you say it does, I'll join you on the barricades. But I don't think that will happen. We'll see.

michaele said...

I'm really impressed that Meade is making the trip. Frankly. a lot of your readership would be as tickled to meet him as Jon Voight. I wonder if he's making a witty sign? Probably not, he'll need his hands free for picture taking and texting. Looking forward to his coverage.

LouisAntoine said...

Sorry, rocketeer I meant.

Chennaul said...

Thank you, Meade and Althouse.

Anonymous said...

Ricpic, for the record, I said "solidarity, forever" as a reference to the wobblies and other icky socialist-communist type fraternizations. A friendly tweak.

I knew that, and took it in the spirit it was intended. And I knew who you were talking to.

And thanks, but you won't be needed on the barricades. You'd just be a superfluous addition to the wave that's going to wash the Democrats away.

bagoh20 said...

"It's going to pass, I don't know how to break that to you."

That reminds me of that scene from "Blazing Saddles" where the black sheriff holds a gun to his own head and says: "Back off or the n*gga gets it."

Who is gonna "get it" for this disaster? I would be in awe if the Republicans could have engineered this mass suicide, but however it happens, it is probably the only way the Dems could have been removed from power so quickly, so Ann's vote for Obama is looking like it will pay off after all. I'm amazed they are going to jump off this cliff. Jump dudes, jump!

Chennaul said...

No Beth.

Great you made your small tit for tat point in the face of all this.

What is to admire about John Vioght-is unlike when an idiot liberal actor demonstrates John Vioght is going


The Herd Mentality of Hollywood.

But then Liberals are all about trying to enforce that-so should not expect you to get "it".

I've seen plenty of minority officers harangued by their supposed "tribe" to quit thinking differently.

And, I admire the hell out of anyone that swims against the current.

It takes GUTS.

The herd and herders -quite the opposite.

Chennaul said...

Trust me some of us have an idea of what it's going to cost him.

somefeller said...

Hippies. Always protesting about something.

ricpic said...

Voight's been punished enough by that daughter of his. What can Hollywood's merry commie pranksters do to him in comparison? Pin pricks. Once you've been murdered by a loved one it's all gravy.

Nichevo said...

Sorry but I will be in New York at Lunacon this weekend, at the Rye Town Hilton in Westchester (699 Westchester Avenue).

Y'all come, because we and the New York Blood Center are holding an all day blood drive there (930A-630P) and we need every drop!

Also there will be science fiction and fantasy.

So come. I an the Blood Drive chair, so will be easy to find, for assignation or assassination. If you want to give and go without saying hi, that's fine too, I just want your blood. (Blah! Blah!)

Nichevo said...

But if not, sure, go defend our liberties and protest those (that would be the Democrats) who wish to take it from us.

Otherwise there will be more blood spilled than our donations by the pint can ever match.

bagoh20 said...

I've flown from L.A. to D.C. for previous protests, but I can't make this one although I do feel very drawn to it. I'm deeply appreciative of those who do go – Thanks..

Regardless of how this bill goes, the Dems have convinced me to make political campaign contributions and work a new hobby for the first time in my life. I now feel that the current people in power are the single most dangerous thing to me and my country. The ideological difference is clear and sound, but the anger and commitment is also visceral and I’m surprised by it. It's not gonna fade.

Chennaul said...


I hear ya-they do the herding from all sides and by any means.

Speaking of which Pelosi if she doesn't have enough actual yes votes-what's to prevent them to just get some of the weasels to vote "present".

Heck that got Obama through a lot of tough calls.

Methinks said...

It's over?


40 Democrats undeclared, people.

Pelosi is laying her mafia tactics on the rank and file (how DARE they cow tow to their constituents instead of Her Majesty?).

The only counter pressure is US.

If she can get us to stop calling, faxing, emailing and showing up, she and her stretched out death mask of a face are the only muscle in the room.

She's sort of like a Dementor from Harry Potter. Only scarier.

Don't let her fool or scare YOU!

Freeman Hunt said...

I wish I could go. Jealous of Meade.

Unknown said...

According to Drudge - the Wicked Witch of the West is 6 votes short, so we'll see. I think the second she has the votes, if she ever gets them, the vote will be moved up, so we'll see.

Insta posted this on the CBO numbers. When the Gray Lady and the WaPo say the books are cooked, there's definitely a problem.

I see Montagne can't wait for all the Althouse Hillbillies to go before the death panels. I wonder what makes him think he'll be spared?

A.W. said...

I'll be there. I plan to have two sides to the poster.





When i was a teenager, i made the mistake of revealing that i had a learning disability to my public school. They decided I was a liability and began actively to discriminate against me. I eventually dropped out. Despite that, i eventually did get an education becoming probably the only graduate in Yale Law's history to also be a high school drop out.

I couldn't trust the government with my right to an education. Why do they think I should trust them to decide whether I should live or die?

Caroline said...

We're planning to go (we're working out the logistics). It's not about Jon Voight (we don't get our politics from the Midnight Cowboy.) The fact that it's taking place on a weekend gives us a convenient excuse to ignore the DIY todo list.

Why are we going- we want to register our disapproval of the idea that deem and pass is being considered on such a sweeping bill. And the fact that it is preferred by Pelosi and her minions because they are ashamed to put their name on an unpopular, overreaching, overbloated piece of shit. If this becomes the preferred way to pass unpopular bills, then we no longer have a representative govt. That kinda bugs us.

We will probably not be carrying signs. Neither of us likes to draw attention to ourselves. Hmmm... But we will be attending a protest whose purpose is to attract attention... We'll have to consider and discuss the implications of that on the trip down. Maybe we'll put a sign on the dog.

My initial reaction is this: if quiet, reasonable, law-abiding tax-payers like us are that disturbed by their shenanigans, O and the Dems in congress have a tsunami of anger headed their way if they keep arrogantly ignoring the will of a large segment of the electorate.

Nichevo said...

JL, in re signs, consider that you also speak for many who cannot attend, so it is well that you should speak as it were louder. The sign could look something like:

We Think This Sucks

||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| ||||| |||/
(tally marks)

And So Do All These People Who Can't Make It Today. We Asked 'Em.

Anyway, you can add one | for me.

Also, remember: if you don't go to the rally, you have to come up here and give blood!

Methinks said...

According to Drudge - the Wicked Witch of the West is 6 votes short, so we'll see. I think the second she has the votes, if she ever gets them, the vote will be moved up, so we'll see.

She wants you to believe that.

Doesn't she have to have that shiny new, freshly reconciled non-bill bill posted for public review for 72 hours before she can call her cabal for a vote?

Shanna said...

Hey Fred4Pres, your guy was filming a movie this morning right next door to my building at work! Random.

I'd love to be in DC this weekend, but I would probably rather visit friends and museums then do the protest thing. Still, good luck to those who are doing it. I doubt it will do any good but I can always hope.

Caroline said...


Thanks for the suggestion!

I'm sure there are other moderate and conservative Americans like us, for whom the idea of marching in the streets and carrying signs is extremely distasteful, if not outright appalling. Instead, they silently seethe at home.

You're right; we'll be representing them. We should carry a sign.

Turtledove said...

Ann: Do you want the HC bill to pass? If not, may I ask why the heck you voted for Obama?

bagoh20 said...

”I've never read anything of the kind, and I've also traveled throughout the world and have never heard a disparaging word from the people who live in countries that provide health care.”

This seems impossible for anyone who actually reads anything on the subject or asks anyone about it. The idea that nobody would complain about their health care in multiple countries is laughable. People complain about everything no matter how good or free it is. I call bullshit.

As to life expectancy:

The U.S. health care system produces the highest life expectancy in the world when accidents and murders are removed from the numbers. Americans have a high murder rate and high accident rates for a number of reasons (we are extreme motherf*ckers). When those causes of death are removed we even outlive the Japanese. Accidental and homicidal deaths hide the superior results of our health system. It's also clear when you looks at specific numbers on survival rates for particular diseases. And this is with a highly obese, and generally unhealthy culture.

In addition, much of the world’s level of health care is only possible due to our health care system developing the technology. The loss of our system will hurt more than just Americans.

Life expectancy link here:

chickelit said...

"Don't Tread On Meade"

Meade said...

Thanks for everyone's support and ecouragement (esp Mrs. Meade who I promised before she agreed to marry me that I would never become any kind of wacked out political idealogue activist boor). This has nothing to with John Voigt for me. It's about wanting to not be in the awkward position of someday having to explain to the Meadhouse grandkids why it was, while Obuma and the Demoncrats were instigating the fatal nationalization of my country's erstwhile free economy, selling their unborn bodies and minds into the same indentured servitude Meadhouse ancestors shed blood to escape -- "tell us again, Grandad, how you did nothing on the weekend of 3/20/10 but yell at NCAA basketball on TV AND... AND you didn't even bother to donate blood??!!? WTF, Gramps! W. T. F. !!!

Meade said...

Ha ha ha!! Chicklit, I want to print and sell tshirts with that on them. Email me next week so we can negotiate your percentage, will you?

michaele said...

Admirable sentiments, Meade. There can be no better reasons than the ones you expressed. This is why I am so puzzled about why seemingly reasonable Democrats in Congress are allowing themselves to be Pelosi puppets. Why is a blue dog like Heath Schuler still undecided. He's been a businessman (ran a real estate company), he has a beautiful family...why does he want to saddle his country with the crushing debt this kind of entitlement program will result in. I just don't get it.

Deborah M. said...

I wish I could go. My husband had a fall recently and besides be all stove up, has a hairline fracture in one arm and a chipped bone in the other. He needs his rest. Thanks to all of you who are going and representing those who cannot. I will be rooting for you. Then we have to think about what we do if this abomination passes. I have written to David Scott numerous times and all I get is a standard boilerplat response telling me how great the HCR bill is. I just wrote him and told him that I would work to see him defeated with every ounce of energy I have. It won't do a bit of good but that's my protest since I can't go to DC. (Meade, you're the best.)

wv: trosersl. Pelosi et al who troser on the Constitution.

victoria said...

Not me, man. I wouldn't go across the street if John Voight told me to.

Vicki from Pasadena

P.S. Weather couldn't be any better than it is here. Lovely

LonewackoDotCom said...

Let's say a thousand people go and - being very conservative - spend $100 each.

$100,000 would be far, far, far more than is necessary to do something that would actually be effective. The problem, of course, is that those holding the event are mini-Hannity's, and those following them are barely smart enough to drool.

Meade said...

Considering the source, LoneWackadoo dot com, I'll consider that high praise. High praise indeed. Heh.

chickelit said...

@Meade: will do!
Have fun in DC and be a part of it!

Caroline said...

BTW Nichevo - my reply to you wasn't sarcasm (in case it came off as such). Thanks again for sharing your insight - and for the equally important blood drive effort.

We'll be making up a sign as soon as we reach an agreement on what it will say. I have to carry it. My husband refuses to carry one. He'll carry the dog, who may or may not have a sign across her back. And, amusingly to me, he wants the sign to look "professional", not handmade. (Not sure how we accomplish that, since we are making it by hand...) This is way out of our comfort zone, but we're game!

Michael Haz said...

Meade - It's not a real protest until you get tear gassed and arrested. Go for it!

knox said...

Way to go Meade. I really wish I could be there to.

Kill. the. Bill.

knox said...

too, dang it.

Irene said...

Meade, wear a cheesehead so that we can recognize you in the crowd.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

AND you didn't even bother to donate blood??!!? WTF, Gramps! W. T. F. !!!

I say we reverse the WTF to FTW.

For The WIN.

For every person who shows up on Saturday there are probably hundreds who would have liked to show up.

True representatives of the people instead of the self serving pigs that we have now in Congress.

vw: reeke. This bill reekes

As my whimsy leads me.. said...

My daughter and I are getting ready to go. If some strange lady yells, "Meade! Meade!" don't worry. I'm harmless. (My daughter, on the other hand, is a fencer. You'd want to stay on her good side.)


JAL said...

I was hoping we'd have a bus from Asheville. They do. But I just got in from an overseas trip Monday and am headed off to two different places for several days in the next two weeks and I still have a presentation to put together ....

So my husband won't be driving me to the 2 AM bus that's been chartered. Instead, I'll go to the local office Saturday at noon and tell Heath Shuler's people we appreciate his "No," even if his reasoning was bit tainted.

We the People need them the elected representatives to hear us.

This is a terrible bill and deserves to be killed, not Slaughtered.

LonewackoDotCom said...


Those who aren't capable of offering a valid, logical response to what I write - which is virtually everyone who comments on what I write - have been making cutesy jokes about my former domain name for years. Maybe you can lift yourself above that level.

I've got almost 10,000 posts at my site (newish domain name, but with posts going back to 2002). I mainly offer coverage of immigration matters, but also other topics as well.

Do you have some sort of actual valid, logical, coherent argument against something I've written?

LonewackoDotCom said...

JAL: is what you plan to do going to be effective against what you oppose? How would you rate its effectiveness? Can you tell the difference between things that just make you feel good and things that are effective even if some work is involved or there isn't immediate payoff? Can you think of other things you could do that would be more effective?

Jane said...

We arrived at the Patriot Center to protest at 8:00 am, and were tuckered out by 11:30 so we left then, at which point we saw Obama’s helicopter coming in. There were still 2,000 empty seats left inside.

My favorite thing to be able to say was “no, you can’t!” at that rally. We shouted a lot about “read the Constitution, kill the bill”.

The young healthy-looking lads and lasses across the street were taunting us with their signs that said they were college graduates with no health insurance. We encouraged them to get a day job. They were all wearing matching t-shirts with something about “progress” on them. Then they gathered together and the loudest chick proclaimed that they were the future, and that us old folks were just going to die. (I’m 38, but obviously past it). The other young chick said she hoped we would die *soon*. We told them we loved them, too, and of course warned them that they had a rude awakening coming in their paychecks someday, if they ever succeeded in getting one.

I'll try to go tomorrow, but the people around me today agreed that this nonsense was no fun. Just necessary.

Freeman Hunt said...

LoneWacko, might it be more effective for you to do the things you suggest than spending time awkwardly haranguing others to do it?

I say that because, while you don't seem to be very persuasive at getting people to do what you want, you do seem to have a plan for what you think would really make a difference. Why don't you do it?

Barbara Lee said...


Yeah? Well most fifth graders know there should be no apostrophe in "Hannitys," if you want to be snarky about who's smart and who is not. What grade level includes you, LoneWacko?

I've never posted here before, although I've been a loyal reader for a long time. But wishing Meade well and thanking him for making this trip has inspired me to start a google account. Blessings on you Meade. Give 'em stink eye for me, too. (I live in Hawaii so the trip is too long, too expensive.) Aloha.

Penny said...

While everyone is jumping on the Lonewacko for his personal beliefs, let us not forget Rosa Parks. Not sure that I would call her a lone wacko exactly? But, hey, you get the point.

Anyway, were it not for Ms. Parks, Meade wouldn't have a shot at the last and most comfortable seat on that bus he is taking to Washington.

So here's to all three of you!

Beth said...

I think it's interesting on that Big Hollywood post from the actor that people coming to DC to support the healthcare bill will be union, arm-twisting thugs, and the ones coming to oppose it are patriots. One of the comments suggests that if it passes, the patriots should rush the building, and physically remove the lawmakers. Screw elections! Just throw 'em in jail!

'Cause that's what we do when we don't have a majority in Congress, right?


LonewackoDotCom said...

Freeman Hunt: you aren't smart enough to understand what's wrong with your comment, but:

1. I have done what I suggest.

2. Returning to the "not smart enough" but, you don't understand that what you wrote is simply an ad hom. If I said asking real Qs was a great thing, and then just asked puffballs, that doesn't mean that asking real Qs isn't necessarily a great thing. Really try to think that through just as hard as you can. Why are you trying to make me responsible for helping you? Why can't you help yourself? What else would you have me do that - were you smart enough - you would do yourself?

Freeman Hunt said...

LoneWacko, it's not an ad hom. It's not an attack on your plan at all. Maybe a bit of an attack on your social skills. I don't think that asking tough questions on camera is a bad idea at all.

But I'm actually asking you. Since people don't seem to be persuaded to do what you say, why don't you spend your time doing it? You believe in it. Maybe more people will do it if you do more of it and demonstrate that it works. You harp on others for doing things that aren't as effective as they could be, but the same goes for your spending time pestering people to do what you say.

Revenant said...

I wish Jon Voight wasn't on my side. On the other hand, Obama's saddled with Andrew Sullivan, so I should probably count myself lucky.

Beth said...

Obama's saddled with Andrew Sullivan

That's better than riding bareback with Andrew Sullivan.

LonewackoDotCom said...

Freeman Hunt: you can safely assume that I'm not going to do it.

Now, the reader should ask themselves, where does that leave you?

Will you find Freeman Hunt promoting my superior plan, or while you find her writing comments like the one above, a comment that (completely unsuccessfully) tries to dissuade me from promoting the plan and may dissuade others from promoting or following the plan.

Is Freeman Hunt working for your interests, or something else?

Freeman Hunt said...

LoneWacko, I'll lay it out for you. Your haranguing is boorish and awkward. It makes people automatically not want to do what you say, even if they agree with you. You used to promote your idea in a positive way, but for the last many months you've taken this, "C'mon, stupid idiots! Quit acting like a bunch of dummies! Follow me!" tone.

It's not persuasive. It's off-putting.

And so you sabotage your own good idea.