February 26, 2010

A "balding, blunt, unprepossessing, listed-at-5-foot-7 policy wonk would be a strong contender to take on President Barack Obama....."

"[H]e’s the un-Obama. If the country has soured on a charismatic orator who brought glamour but little executive experience to the presidency, the thinking goes, then [Mitch] Daniels could provide the antidote.... He’s a Princeton-educated former Senate chief of staff-turned political operative-turned think tank chief-turned Fortune 500 executive-turned White House budget director-turned two-term governor."

The Hoosier is willing.


XWL said...

Even though it's only Princeton, Daniels still violates my new inviolable law regarding presidential candidates, NO MORE IVY LEAGUERS.

NewHam said...

Yeah, these Ivy Leage pussies just don't have what it takes to make it in the rough-and-tumble St. School type of world.

David said...
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Big Mike said...

Princeton is a better university than Harvard, Yale, or Columbia, but I concur with XWL and NewHam. No more Ivy Leaguers* Let's get someone who knows what it means to work for a living.
* I might make an exception for Cornell, which is a land grant university.

David said...

Paul Ryan graduated from Miami of Ohio. Is that ok with you XLW?

Come to think of it, maybe that's why Obama was so pissed. Being schooled by a guy from some party school in a cornfield. Podunk indeed

traditionalguy said...

The climate Change in the 2012 GOP nomination has certainly been dramatic. I was telling the wife this morning that five white guys who had all feared running in 2012 as of last summer have now sent out their "I am definitely running" announcements this week. It acts to dilute the support for Palin and lets the GOP insiders "marginalise" her. The MSM is temporarily going to cooperate as they did when picking the old white man McCain, and steer opinions towards an non-charismatic white man. Beware of the MSM bearing gifts to select the GOP's nominee. The GOP needs to stick with the charismatic white woman that has Obama beat already. Play to win as the East Stroudsburg University Wrestling Team does.

Synova said...

It does sound like he didn't stop at the Ivy League though. We ought to be fair. And the article mentions a good deal of work in the private sector, yes?

The problem with Ivy League is when it's held up as some sort of qualifying credential.

So long as the message (or narrative or whatever) isn't, "This guy went to Princeton. He's better than you are and fit to rule lower life forms," then I really don't care.

Synova said...

Traditionalguy... I'd vote for Palin for president in a heart beat, but if someone, or several someones, who are actually qualified for president agree to run, then it is all for the best if she takes some other role.

People with ability simply don't run for president in this country, and who can blame them?

I mean... look at who ran last time around... Kucinich? Ron freaking Paul? Joe Biden? Hillary actually looked *good* compared to most other candidates and McCain actually got nominated. Several candidates weren't utterly horrible, but were any of them anything like the best leader or best administrator or best policy person in the country? Were any even the best at harnessing the brilliance of others? Not even.

The ability to herd-cats and delegate and harness others with specific expertise is the most important thing, I think... and something Reagan was apparently good at and that I think Palin would manage to do, which is why I'd be happy to vote for her knowing that she's not the most accomplished or brilliant person in the room. The president doesn't have to be. But it's still okay if the president is *also* able to bring his or her own expertise to the table along with the executive leadership skills.

traditionalguy said...

Princeton is a fine Presbyterian founded school that knows a wise Hispanic women when they see one, and it is the Alma Mater of Jimmy Stewart, and I was admitted there, but could not afford to go . But this sharp policy wonk like a Jimmy Stewart can not draw the independents needed. (Compare to Sarah Palin's crowds and book sales)His only value is to make Jeb Bush seem charismatic in comparison. Then when Obama beats him, Jeb will run in 2016. This is a stage managed narrative by the Connecticut Bushes with branch offices located in Texas and Florida. Don't fall for this trap.

Peano said...

* Daniels has actual experience (and success) as a top manager in real private-sector jobs.

* He gave Indiana a budget surplus, without raising taxes, while the majority of states are going broke.

* He privatized the Indiana Toll Road, the largest privatization of public infrastructure in U.S. history.

* He led the state to enact the largest tax cut in its history.

* And he was re-elected in 2008 by the largest margin in Indiana history.

But, hey, what do a bunch of corn-state voters know? He graduated from an Ivy League school 40 years ago, so he's obviously an effete wimp who could never be trusted in the White House.

Paddy O. said...

Sure, but what has he posted on Facebook recently?

Peano said...

Ann said: "The Hoosier is willing."

Unfortunately, your weak Dickens allusion misses its mark. Daniels is not willin'.

LonewackoDotCom said...

Disqualified: IllegalImmmigration isn't at the top of his priority list, and a quick search shows him to probably be on the "pro-business" side of things.

IOW, he's a "fiscal conservative" who either doesn't realize the role that that issue plays in raising spending, or someone who's too scared or too bought-off.

Synova said...

He sounds good from what Peano said. Sounds like someone Palin would support. ;-)

lucid said...
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lucid said...

I find Daniels interesting, and he does have real world business experience as well as public policy, administrative, and leadership expereience.

If he is not a social values nut, he could be a viable candidate for me.

madfolly said...

As someone who spends a great deal of time in Indiana, Mitch Daniels gets my wholehearted endorsement. But I don't think he's going to run.

The Crack Emcee said...

Jesus, not this again:

Stop it with the savior shit.

He doesn't sound bad, but he also doesn't sound like he's got any original ideas either - not a disqualifier, but I'm just sayin'. And, of course, my deciding question is always going to be the same:

Does he have anything in common with this guy?

NewHam said...
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NewHam said...

"Sure, but what has he posted on Facebook recently?"

Yea, is he Tweeting he wants to whack him some Ivy League students?

Cuz if he is, I have my checkbook at the ready.

edutcher said...

If Wacko doesn't like him, he must be worthwhile.

NewHam said...

The key to the entire post is the reference to his being 5-7.

I'm sorry. That's just a non-starter this go round. You can't run a guy half the size of the other candidate and expect to win.

And believe me, that's how it will look once the MSM gets done with the Photoshops.

Mini-McCain-Me just doesn't cut it.

Bad optics.

Earth Girl said...

I found out last summer that he has a dry sense of humor when he visited my workplace for a dedication. I can't share the specifics, but the twinkle in his eye was visible when he asked about an odd job title.

A lot of Hoosiers in northern Indiana were very upset with outsourcing the toll road, until they realized the financial benefit to the state. He has been bold in cutting expenses also.

NewHam said...

* "He gave Indiana a budget surplus ..."

Here's my question: Why didn't he return that money to its rightful owners? Didn't Bill Clinton create a surplus too? Who wants a mini-Clinton?

* "He privatized the Indiana Toll Road ..."

Yeah? Hey, why didn't he remove the tollbooths altogether? Tolls = tax and big government. The road has been paid off for years and years.

* "He led the state to enact the largest tax cut in its history."

That's damn close to false advertising. He pulled a bait and switch is what he did.

Wikipedia: To offset the loss in revenues the state raised the sales tax from 6% to 7% effective April 1, 2008."

This isn't cutting taxes ... it's exchanging one tax for a different more progressive tax.

Daniels isn't a conservative. He's a Bush Progressive (ergo, he's a Democrat).

I smell RINO in the room.

Time to hunt.

NewHam said...

"... until they realized the financial benefit to the state."

That's the problem: the state benefits financially.

Big government.

He could have taken down the toll booths. Now that would be reducing the size and influence of big government.

Republicans like Daniels seem to be just Democrats who want to do the tax collecting more efficiently.

We need some Republicans who don't want to collect taxes period.

NewHam said...

Daniels is also a big fan of Barack Obama's federal stimulus waste.

He has gladly accepted from his buddy Barack:

* $1.4 billion for Medicaid
* $1.3 billion for the teachers unions
* $650 million for the road construction trade unions
* $400 million for welfare food stamps
* $100 million toward weatherization bullshit
* $100 million toward water quality
* $100 million for welfare housing
* $80 million for public transit unions
* $70 million for energy
* $70 million for employment services
* $40 million for child care

Millions for public housing and day care? Should the federal government be providing day care to Mitch Daniels?

Sound like a fiscal conservative to you?

$1.3 billion to toss at the teachers' union? Really? Mitch Daniels is tossing the teachers union $1.3 billion large and he wants my conservative vote while he's working hand-in-hand with Barack Obama to strengthen the union thugs?

I'll Pass.

Joan said...

NewHam, did Daniels ask for the fed money? It was allocated to his state, was he supposed to say no?

Get real.

Rialby said...

Who is NewHam?

Is it Jeremy?

LonewackoDotCom said...

Any way, back to someone who knows what they're talking about and is willing to do some research, Mitch Daniels' immigration position doesn't look good.

P.S. The deal with the toll road isn't so much the concept of tolls, but who owned it. You just can't trust fiscal conservatives; they answer to a lower power and put their version of the market ahead of American interests.

NewHam said...

"It was allocated to his state, was he supposed to say no?"

Yes, that's precisely what he was supposed to do. Some smart governors did. But old Mitch, he's a dyed in the wool Progressive in sheep's clothing.

Lookit, Mitch Daniels can't pal around with Barack Obama handing out his billions to his many union thug friends on Tuesday and then tell me he's a fiscal conservative on Friday.

Nobody is buying that story any more sweetheart. We have the internet and no gatekeepers to massage the spin any longer.


If you want to walk hand-in-hand with Barack Obama, you've removed yourself from serious contention for a leadership position in the United States as a Republican. So, you have a choice ... return the funds or you've outed yourself as a fellow traveler.

If you're working with Barack Obama to funnel billions in federal tax dollars to the unions, then piss off. You aren't getting my vote and you aren't getting my money.

We'll go Tea Party and you can all enjoy your communism together.

So don't offer up these Democrat Lite candidates. They'll only sink you.

peter hoh said...

Pawlenty's got to be saying, "No Fair! I've already own the uncharasmatic thing."

As for the Ivy League thing, at least Daniels didn't go to Harvard or Yale.

I've long favored a constitutional amendment to limit the frequency with which grads of those two schools (undergrad or grad school) could serve as president.

former law student said...

* He privatized the Indiana Toll Road, the largest privatization of public infrastructure in U.S. history.

I wondered why it sucked so bad, the last time I used it, between 94 and the Skyway.

Traffic at the toll booths was backed up unprecedently. Only one booth took coins, and instead of having a basket to throw them in, I had to carefully insert them into a vending machine slot.

peter hoh said...

So NewHam thinks that ripping out the toll booths will reduce the size of government.

Has it occurred to NewHam that the toll road needs ongoing maintenance?

The toll road is a way to extract money from the out-of-staters who drive from Ohio to Illinois.

My guess is that Indiana voters like their toll road. Without it, they'd have to pay more in taxes.

former law student said...

But I am looking forward to having our first Arab-American President.

NewHam said...

"The toll road is a way to extract money from the out-of-staters who drive from Ohio to Illinois."

Really? Is that Mitch Daniels' pitch?

Is he the type of Republican wants to fuck the people in the states around him to "extract" for paid-for roads inside Indiana? I guess he really is learning something from Obama and the Chicago Way about how to extract money from people just trying to get to work and back.

We have a federal gas tax that paid for that road and pays for its maintenance. So don't tell me Mitch Daniels is my friend while he's got his hand in my pocket.

If you want to convince me that he's a fiscal conservative, then tell me he stopped collecting tax. A tax not collected is money in the people's pocket.

Mitch wants to make the tolltakers more efficient at collecting taxes from all Americans who have already long ago paid for those roads and who pay 18.4 cents per gallon federal gas tax for their maintenance.

That won't sell.

He's a Democrat Lite.

peter hoh said...

No, NewHam, that's not Daniels' pitch. It's my take on my experience driving back and forth from Minnesota to the east coast.

NewHam said...

"My guess is that Indiana voters like their toll road. Without it, they'd have to pay more in taxes."

Not with me as governor they wouldn't.

With me as governor, I'd rip out the toll booths.

Then, I'd take that $1.3 billion that Barack Obama tried to bribe the teachers union with and I'd divert it to fixing the goddamn road if need be.

If you Democrat Lites can't figure out how to cut taxes and make government smaller then you're just not going to have power.

You don't deserve it.

Enjoy your communism.

NewHam said...

"It's my take on my experience driving back and forth from Minnesota to the east coast."

Well I should hope Daniels isn't pitching that method of tax collection.

The interstate highway system was paid for a long time ago. And federal gas taxes are more than sufficient to maintain it quite nicely.

However, those funds have been diverted to the teachers' union ... which now sees teachers earning 200% of the median salary in the country now. Cops in Boston are making $200,000 a year.

Did you know there are now over 2,000 people in the federal Transportation Department making over $170,000 a year?

And so on, ad infinitum.

People are sick of it, goddamit.

Republicans cannot be the party that says "we'll extract the tax from Ohioans."

Republicans have to be the party that says "This tax is ended." Otherwise, there's no difference between Republicans and Democrats.

That's what is creating the third party in this country and Republicans will bear the brunt of that massive failure if they do not wise up.

Keep Mitch in Indiana. They deserve him.

Joan said...

Just occurred to me that "NewHam" is very close to a synonym for spam.

Synova said...

Put the bottle down.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

His name was all the buzz among the volunteer lawyer pollwatchers (for Scott Brown) in Boston last month. He's plain-spoken and likeable despite his charisma deficit.

I read the Politico article and he seems to have the credentials in spades.

Mark Daniels said...

And here I always thought that I was the one with the best chance of becoming the first President Daniels.

Alex said...

How do conservatives reconcile living in society without paying taxes for common services? The reason Republicans have a bad reputation is their "just say no" to all taxes which is irresponsible.

Julius Ray Hoffman said...

No! No! No! We don't need a policy wonk! In fact, that's the last quality we want to have in a President!

Reading "balding, blunt, unprepossessing, listed-at-5-foot-7" makes me think of one name... Stephen Tobolowsky!

Stephen might be a tad too tall, but you always have to make some compromises when casting.

Besides, character actors make the best Presidents. Reagen was a character actor. So was Clinton. And with W.'s administration we got not only him, but also the character actor that played Darth Cheney – much better that way than to have the darkness in the leading role and end up with a Nixon.

Julius Ray Hoffman said...

apologies for misspelling "Reagan"... I didn't intend to screw up the credits!

traditionalguy said...

Synova...Executive leadership skills are everywhere...Pawlenty, Perry, Jeb Bush, and another governor from way up north.The sine qua non is electability against the Obama attractiveness among independents. That means a hard ideological battle for the independents who want to connect with their favorite candidate. Palin is the executive with that extra attarctiveness and connection needed to win. Just honoring men's credentials gives you a Bill Nelson from Florida. He is a Democrat and he has all the credentials of a Daniels. Neither one has the guts to win on the vision thing. They win only on their carefully constructed narrative, and vote only for their friend's interests. Sarah Palin is a hardcore Jacksonian willing to drive the thieves out of the temples of our Federal cash. Why put her into a credentials contest with candidates that cannot punch their way out of a wet paper bag in a personal popularity factor needed to win National elections? The 2012 opponent is not the stiff AlGore or the Heinz/Kerry doofus. We have to out shine the loving smile of a sincere black man.

mikeb302000 said...

I was an unabashed Obama supporter for about one year. That changed a couple months ago after so many disappointments and broken promises. So, what I'm thinking now is Hillary should run against him in the primary. This way we'll have the first woman president and continue to keep you dangerous Republicans out of office.

traditionalguy said...

Mike302000...No doubt in my mind that Hillary will run for the nomination. She is the only hope the Dems have to beat Palin...unless the Obama Media arranges for other opposition from a non charismatic white guy that appeals to the Bush wing of the GOP, in which case Obama gets the nomination. It will be fun to see Bill go after Barak. Division is a sure way for the Dems to lose it all. Have you noticed some less than flattering stories pop up out of nowhere about Sweet Old Bill lately?

madfolly said...

NewHam, could you provide a link showing that the eduction funds are going to the teachers unions?

NewHam said...

@Alex, who wrote: "How do conservatives reconcile living in society without paying taxes for common services?"

Are you serious, buddy?

Indianians are paying 18.4 cents per gallon of gasoline to pay for the maintenance of the Indiana Turnpike.

Where'd that money go?

Indianians are also paying 50.1 cents per gallon in state gasoline taxes to pay for the maintenance of roads built 50 years ago.

And Mitch Daniels wants to collect tolls on top of that ... extracting money from people just trying to get back and forth to work?

What you are you kidding me?

So don't start with this crap about how conservatives don't want to pay taxes. We want to pay plenty of taxes and we're proud to do it.

We're just not going to do it to fund the lifestyles of Democrats any longer. And I think that's what really has you bunch of Washington DC image consultants like Peone suddenly commenting on this board in the pay of Mitch Daniels.

Mitch Daniels is nothing more than a Democrat who collects efficient taxes in the Republican Party of Indiana.

He's no different than Mitt Romney running Massachusetts and imposing ObamaCare on the taxpayers here before he scooted out of the state never to be seen again.

Conservatives are done with these sorts of alleged Republicans and are rooting them back our of our Party so they can go join their fellow travelers in the Democrat Party where they belong.


NewHam said...

"NewHam, could you provide a link showing that the eduction funds are going to the teachers unions?"

You know, I'd really love to do that, but Indiana is one of the states that deliberately hides its state budget information from the people who pay the bill.

Indiana currently has no statewide, official spending database online. Although Indiana House Bill 1280 would have placed spending information online, the bill died during the 2009 regular session under Governor Mitch Daniels' liberal leadership.

But you can rest assured that when Democrats say they're spending money on "education" what they mean is that they're spending money on teacher salaries. It's a code word that the liberals know, but that conservatives like yourself are apparently unfamiliar with.

Those teachers are all members of government employee unions (primarily the NEA); and that money primarily goes to pay their salaries.

And these government employees in the United States have done very well with their union, to the degree that they currently make 200% of the median salary as compared non-government employees in the private sector.

It's time to reign in the public employee unions. They're bankrupting the country and Mitch Daniels is right there alongside Barack Obama helping them do it.

He won't get my vote, and I'll work to ensure he's not elected should he be put forth as the candidate for the Republican Party.

Conservatives demand a Ronald Reagen type candidate who is going to take back our government from the leach unions.

Or else enjoy your communism, folks and watch Democrats take over industry after industry after industry.

Your choice.

Roger J. said...

Seems to me its far too early for this navel gazing--the first step in the process would be if there is a democrat challenger to Mr Obama--a distinct possibility in my mind if Mr Obama's numbers continue to go south.

Personally I am a big fan of Gov Haley Barbour, but I dont think the country would elect a republican with a Mississipi drawl

Far too much can happen before campaign seaason 2011.

Pogo said...

I doubt Daniels will enjoy his only task as President in 2013: announcing the US default on debt.

Meanwhile, Democrats are pondering the confiscation of 401k's.

Peano said...

Hey, why didn't he remove the tollbooths altogether?

For the same reason Walmart hasn't removed its cash registers. There's no such thing as a free highway.

TRundgren said...

The only original idea any candidate needs is to start cutting (really cutting budgets) and to start confronting the public employee unions and their pension funds that are sucking the taxpayers dry.

Hucbald said...

He might be Ivy League - and worse, a lawyer - but he was busted for pot once too. Also, he's Syrian and a member for the Arab-American league.

I'm betting all that is too hard to digest for most voters: An Arab-American Ivy League Pothead Lawyer.


NewHam said...

@Peone, who write: "Hey, why didn't he remove the tollbooths altogether? For the same reason Walmart hasn't removed its cash registers. There's no such thing as a free highway."

And the Washington, D.C. image consultant (check his profile) pops back up to erect a strawman.

Look here Peone, nobody wants a free lunch. And nobody is advocating for a free lunch.

Indianians are already paying 68 cents a gallon of gasoline in gas taxes and they're happy to pay it but your liberal buddy Mitch "Extract" Daniels wants more and more.

So he sold state property, our property, to the Australians? Waht the fuck, dude? He's selling pieces of our country to foreigners?

And he's handing $1.3 billion to the teachers union? And spending federal tax dollars on day care?

Should my federal income taxes be shipped to Indiaiana to pay for your day care expenses?


Mitch Daniels is part of the problem; always searching for someone else to pay his bills.

The guy is working hand-in-hand with Barack Obama to bankrupt the country while enriching the union thugs.

And it's time to put politicians like Mitch Daniels into the unemployment line where they belong.

NewHam said...

"The only original idea any candidate needs is to start cutting (really cutting budgets) and to start confronting the public employee unions and their pension funds that are sucking the taxpayers dry."

It's much worse than you think.

Mitch Daniels hasn't cut the budget in Indiana. He's grown it - at a huge pace: From a budget of $31.2 billion in 2000, Mitch Daniels has almost doubled the state budget in just under nine years to $50.5 billion.

He's a classic tax-and-spend Fellow Traveller of Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats.

And Mitch isn't done with you yet. He's working hand-in-hand with Barack Obama to ensure that Indiaian's union chiefs keep getting fat on the hog.

* $1.3 billion in stimulus for the teachers union honchos
* $650 million for the trade unions
* Wasting $100 million on "weatherization" is nothing more than a payoff to the carpenter unions.
* $80 million for the Public Employees Transit Union

Now, take a look at this list of State of Indiana employees making over $170,000 a year:


There are over 1,000 people working for the taxpayers of the State of Indiana making $170,000 a year in salary. The internet database showing you this cannot even return more than 1,000 entries in response to this query.

So there's actually a lot more they're not even showing us.

It's fucking obscene how these liberal Democrats-In-Republican-Sheeps-Clothing have taken over and are enriching themselves at taxpayer expense.

And Mitch Daniels right alongside Barack Obama helping them rape us.

Fire. His. Ass.

bagoh20 said...

I need to know what he will NOT do. That is my most important qualifier now.

NewHam said...

"I need to know what he will NOT do."

He will not cut taxes to stimulate jobs (we know because he's grown the state budget in Indiana by almost 100% in just 9 short years costing Indiana voters billions out of their pockets.

He will not cut business taxes on Indiana small businessmen ... leading to 9.9% unemployment in his state. That's a dreadful track record.

He will not take on the public employee unions (because he's taking stimulus money to give to his union buddies hand over fist).

He will not protect our borders (he hasn't signed up Indiana State Police to the federal program allowing them to arrest illegal aliens bursting our state budgets).

He will not reign in public employee salaries and pensions (thousands in Indiana are making over $100,000 a year on the public teat). Is Mitch giving you $100,000 large a year? I didn't think so. But if you're in one of his favored unions, it's a pretty good bet you're getting greased.

The Christian Science Monitor lists Indiana as the 8th worst state in terms of unfunded pension obligations to public employee union thugs.


This guy is Barack W. Daniels, Jr.

Emphasis on the junior.

bagoh20 said...

Does anyone doubt that the average successful business person would be better than any Pol out there. The country's problems are a result of such stupidity and corruption that it does not take much to make great improvements. It only takes courage, honesty and the ability to communicate well to the American people.

There will be no populist heroes. The country is so divided that 50% would openly hate Zeus himself, if he won. Make that Jupiter - the Greeks have lost their souls.

c3 said...

he’s the un-Obama.

What's the opposite of cowbell?

Jeffrey said...

NewHam makes me really, really want to vote for Mitch Daniels. Just to piss him off.

bagoh20 said...

Barack Obama could have gone down in history as possibly the greatest President in modern history. He arrived at the perfect time and had the perfect optics. All he needed was to be a conservative and a reformer.

The enormous improvement in the lives of blacks and everyone else would have been incredible seeing someone who looks like him telling the country to get a spine and take care of yourselves. To go out and build and risk and hire and fight and build your own life and your country through hard work and freedom.

Instead he was ruined from childhood by good intentions and codling.

The next President must have a history of success through effort, risk and struggle. This kind of person used to be a common American in politics, but now they are as rare as a successful socialist state.

NewHam said...

"NewHam makes me really, really want to vote for Mitch Daniels. Just to piss him off."

Andy ... is it you?

Is it you Andy Stern?

Because I want you to vote for your friend Mitch Daniels.

What you guys don't realize is that some regular Joe American like myself can, in the space of about two hours, dig up everything I need to know to tell me that Mitch Daniels is working with Democrats and is part of the problem.

It doesn't take much effort to get around the gatekeepers and the spinmeisters to figure out that Mitch and Barack are cut from the same cloth.

How is Mitch Daniels going to stand up to the scrutiny of Rush Limbaugh if he's nominated?

McCain certainly couldn't. McCain was Democrat Lite And look what happened. We ended up with Barack Obama taking over our companies and bankrupting the country.

Republican's cannot nominate up a pale imitation of Barack Obama and expect to win.

It just. won't. happen.

Jim said...

Despite the garbage that NewHam is throwing up, Mitch Daniels would make an excellent addition to the Republican 2012 ticket.

But not at the top of the ticket: as Vice President.

I say this only because, like it or not, we live in a media age that simply is unlikely to vote for a non-telegenic top-of-the-ticket.

But his governance credentials are impeccable and he would certainly bring a seriousness to policy that is nowhere to be seen in the current White House.

I've liked him for a long time, so I'm glad to see he's starting to garner some serious attention as we look toward 2012.

Kelly said...

I know this is might be small and petty to some of you, but Indiana was one of the few states that did not have day light savings time and by God we were happy. Daniels dragged hoosiers kicking and screaming onto eastern day light savings time, and amazingly business went UP because of this. It makes it easier for east coasters to do business with us.

The old timers are still in shock and whining about it though.

Kensington said...

Boy, you said it bagoh20. I truly grieve that the first black POTUS wasn't a conservative, because the failure of Obama will likely make it much harder for the next black POTUS to be elected, however unfair that might be.

On the other hand, it probably guarantees that the next black POTUS will be a conservative.

Garrett said...

Hoosiers. We're called Hoosiers. It sounds stupid until you say Indianians a few times. The state legislature does dumb things. Mitch makes them take a bunch of it back. Sometimes I like his ideas, sometimes I don't. I'd be happy to vote for Daniels.

NewHam said...

"I say this only because, like it or not, we live in a media age that simply is unlikely to vote for a non-telegenic top-of-the-ticket."

At 5'-7" is Little Mitch even tall enough to see the teleprompter?

How is he going to address the nation if he can't see over the dias?

When Mitch steps in front of the podium to shake Obama's hand after the debate, is he going to be able to jump up and grab Obama's hand without doing a face-plant into the Presidential Cock?

Going to be pretty awkward seeing a midget go up against the 6'-1" Obama.

Should keep Leno in jokes for a few more years.

former law student said...

the failure of Obama will likely make it much harder for the next black POTUS to be elected

Finally an explanation that makes sense: After the failure of W. it became much harder for a white candidate to be elected.

hartig said...

I live in Indiana. And My Man Mitch is the genuine article. Every state should be so lucky as to have a governor like him.

Can he win the presidency? Dunno. But I certainly hope he runs...because he's pretty much exactly what I think the country needs.

traditionalguy said...

The Daniel's appeal is to the upper middle class white man loving heart of America, and that will get him 48% of the vote. Sarah Palin's appeal draws in the next 3 % of the indies and also More Importantly raises her supporters turnout by 10%. Daniels cannot match that, which is why he refused to run until some one in the GOP lured him in with a promise of the support like W got. He is not going to win, because his purpose is to lose so that Jeb can be the savior in 2016. The country cannot wait for that Bush parlay to work itself out. So do not hate the man Daniels , but do develop a strong dislike for what he is in the race to do...to lose it. His Alan Ladd height and restrained manner will not inspire the band wagon push that is needed to overcome the Acorn effect in a close race.

c3 said...

McCain certainly couldn't. McCain was Democrat Lite And look what happened. We ended up with Barack Obama taking over our companies and bankrupting the country.

I thought the party decided against a purity test?

NewHam said...

"I thought the party decided against a purity test?"

You thought wrong, buddy.

If you're a liberal Democrat, that kind of precludes your nomination on our fucking ticket.

Go run with Obama and his gang.

damikesc said...

OT: Anybody else shocked that the Dems reauthorized the same PATRIOT Act they couldn't condemn often enough the last few years?

NewHam said...

"Anybody else shocked that the Dems reauthorized the same PATRIOT Act they couldn't condemn often enough the last few years?"

I'm not particularly surprised.

The Democrat and Republican political party's are virtually the same nowadays, as regards specific policies initiatives.

Obama, for example, has decided to also leave open Gitmo and has expanded the out-and-out assassinations of alleged enemy combatants.

I say alleged because there's thusfar no real proof they're actually enemy combatants since they don't get trials or any sort of due process. Obama merely orders their assassinations and an unmanned drone is dispatched and flown into Pakistan and missiles are launched, whether there are innocent civilians nearby or not.

I mean, once you start ordering murders like this, there's not really much that should surprise Americans about what Democrats are capable of, is there?

cokaygne said...

The Republicans usually nominate the next person in line. So their nominee will be either Romney or Palin.

If Dems lose one or both houses in 2010, Obama will win reelection just as Clinton did in 1996 by passing popular bipartisan stuff and staying above the fray when the Congresspeople act stupidly, as they always do. If Dems retain control of Congress Obama's polls could keep going south as people tire of the leftist agenda.

Some other Dem migh challenge him. That would be Hillary. If Obama wins primaries he will lead a divided party in the general and could lose. If Hillary upsets Obama, Blacks will be pissed and stay home. She is almost certain to lose.

The only hope for either Obama or Hillary, unless Obama's dive is reversed by something like a foreign crisis, is that the Republicans might nominate Palin. The media will be in her face every minute and dumping gobs of shit on her family. She will crack under the pressure.

Romney's chances are tied to health reform. If health reform fails, he has a shot at winning because no one will bring it up in 2012. If health care reform is passed and people hate it, which they will, the media and the Democrats will remind people that it is just like Romney's Massachusetts plan, which it is.

Alex said...

No matter how Obama fails in policy, he'll win reelection because the media is that powerful.

knox said...

I keep looking for Hoosier Daddy's comments on this thread ...

NewHam said...

"Romney's chances are tied to health reform."

Romney can't be elected President.

He can't win without conservative votes and he's not going to get them because he's a liberal.

Look ... here's the difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama: Romney is effective. And that's bad for Republicans.

Here's what I mean: Romney is able to reach across the aisle and work in a bi-partisan way to enact the Democrats legislation.


That's what he did in Massachusetts. He worked diligently with Democrats to pass ObamaCare in Massachusetts. Then he scooted on down the road and left us to pay for it. And now it's bankrupting the state of Massachusetts.

Obama, on the other hand, is unable to enact Democrat legislation. He's a moron. Even with 60 votes in the Senate, Obama couldn't get health care mandates passed.

But Romney could. And Romney would ... just like he did in Massachusetts.

So why would conservatives want Romney as President? It would be retarded for us to vote for the guy who can actually enact the Democrats' legislation for them.

So if Romney is the nominee ... I'll be voting for Barack Obama's re-election, because Barack Obama is incompetent.

And I'd rather have an incompetent Democrat like Obama than a competent one like Romney.

veni vidi vici said...

"NewHam, did Daniels ask for the fed money? It was allocated to his state, was he supposed to say no?"

Actually, it's not difficult to predict that any GOP nominee who's been a governor during the 09-12 frame and who runs against Obama's spending and deficits will face a retort in the form of, "Well, Governor, how much stimulus money did YOU take for your state, huh?" At which point, that nominee's candidacy is toast.

In that sense, Palin got out of her governorship while the getting was good as far as plausible deniability of responsibility for accepting the gargantuan amount of Obama stimulus money Alaska was slated to receive goes.

wv: "mickscin" -- A form of rash endemic to Irishmen.

NewHam said...

"Well, Governor, how much stimulus money did YOU take for your state, huh?" At which point, that nominee's candidacy is toast."

That's what these Republi-crats don't understand. The electorate has wised up to what they're up to when we're not looking.

Databases are now online so we can get handy lists of the thousands of state workers making $100,000-$200,000 a year. All of them members of government unions that negotiate raises with themselves.

It's now possible to really understand just how Republicans have been working hand-in-hand with Democrats to spend our kids into oblivion and shackle us as citizen-slaves to the coming tax increases.

If you're a bi-partisan Republican governor who is producing a surplus in your state (i.e., not returning to the taxpayers money that's not yours) get the fuck out of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party isn't for Democrats like Bill Clinton who want to produce a surplus. Or Mitch Daniels, who did it in Indiana.

We want our goddamn money back. Because state workers and federal workers are essentially stealing it from us.

And the Mitch Daniel's are helping them do it by taking this stimulus money and bankrupting and enslaving our children to pay off the debt.

Has he no shame?

kentuckyliz said...

Mr. Jefferson and Weezie would have made better POTUS/FLOTUS. At least they were business people.

O. hates business. Whole lotta Galting goin' on.

peter hoh said...

Yeah, NewHam, those surgeons who teach at top medical schools should be happy with salaries in the high 5 figures.

NewHam said...

"... those surgeons who teach at top medical schools should be happy with salaries in the high 5 figures."

If Mitch Daniel's can't come up with a way to cut government salaries then he needs to just join the Democrat Party and let a real conservative accomplish the task.

These millionaires should be teaching privately.

If their services are in such demand, then people will pay for them privately. There is absolutely no reason why other citizens of Indiana should be supporting these extravagant salaries and the million-dollar pension and benefit packages that go with them.

I mean really, is this the kind of defeatism that a President Mitch Daniels administration would bring to the task of cutting bloated government salaries? You're not a very good advertisement for Republican leadership. Or Daniels.

Taxpayers cannot afford to keep these millionaires in their Lexi and McMansions. Let them market their services in the private sector if their is a demand for them.

NewHam said...

Daniels has also raised taxes significantly for Indianians in his effort to produce a surplus for the state

Relative to other states, he's overtaxing Indianians severely, as revealed by the Tax Foundation, here:


Mitch Daniels, the record reveals, is a garden-variety tax-and-spend liberal. Hardly the kind of candidate the Republican Party would or should nominate.

He'd make an excellent Vice-President for Obama though, should anything happen to Biden.

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