February 27, 2010

At the Sweetness Café...


... don't you love it?


former law student said...

If it ain't chocolate it ain't candy.

Ann Althouse said...

Mmmm. Gummi worms!

former law student said...

To each her own.

On further reflection, we make exceptions for toffee and licorice.

Fred4Pres said...

gummi worms are better than gummi bears

AllenS said...

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to buy us candy. What kind? Candy Corn. I had a crummy childhood.

rdkraus said...

That stuff makes my crowns pop off.

Then I have to wear other people's dentures.

WV: Eerily similar to my password.

AprilApple said...

I love fruity chewy gummy candy. I stay away from it, though.
Gummi-vitamins are the worst. I can't stop eating them. Vitamin Over-dose!

lyssalovelyredhead said...

GOP Primary debate for TN's 3rd Congressional District today. I'll be live-tweeting @LyssaLR.

This is a solidly conservative district, so the primary really is the election. (They're to replace Zach Wamp, who is stepping down to run for governor, and there's a lot of talk he'll aim for the white house soon enough).

In 2008, the most common figure in political ads was George Bush. Everyone, R & D ran against him. I predict that this race will be entirely running against Obama and healthcare.


c3 said...

I want to package my own gummi worms. If today I feel like I want 3 lbs of gummi worms I want the joy of filling up my own bag.

Ann Althouse said...

gummi worms are manufactured in molds made of cornstarch. The cornstarch — a powder — is then blown away and the worms are oiled to make them shiny and not powdery. I saw that on TV.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Aren't the powdery gummi worms pictured sour?

Scott said...

No gummi fish?

The Haribo gummy thingies use a pork-derived gelatin. But you can find Kosher gummis on the web if you search a bit.

Peter V. Bella said...

Gummy worms are perfect for catching gummy sea kittens.

Paddy O. said...

Speaking of kosher, who has Purim plans this weekend?

It's a mitzvah to get drunk, dance, and make lots of noise this weekend!

pm317 said...

Ann, what do you say to this? It will certainly get majority of your readers' goat. I am three for three, liberal (not the kind that would align with Obama who I think is an incompetent nincompoop), atheist, vegetarian, hehe..

No, thank you to gummi worms.

John Burgess said...

gummi anything are excrescences. They've a texture that would choke a mule.

Eat gummi-things and you end up my WV: crultrat

Elliott A said...

Only chocolate please. Please keep eating the gummy stuff, it really helps your favorite dentist keep busy! I get at least one patient visit per day from that type of candy. Sadly, popcorn, which is relatively healthy is the worst culprit.

@Paddy O- Certainly one of the easiest Mitzvahs to perform

Lem said...

Might the Sweetness Cafe portent that a pregnancy is in the offing?

Doctors discuss..

victoria said...

my favorites, good n plenty and M & M's.
Loved NECCO's too.

Vicki from pasadena

traditionalguy said...

I have heard that Ahmadinejad is building devices for his own planned Purim events.

traditionalguy said...

When the Nanny State sell out to regulate vitamins and herbs as drugs under the FDA's power, then what will happen to gummy worms? They are not proven effective in carb loading...or they are too dangerous as carb loaders to let children have access to outside of licensed supervision. Take your pick as to the pro-regulators argument since both are used.

Titus said...

Fellow republicans I have big news.

If you haven't heard I am moving to Bangalore India and then Lodi, Wisconsin.

I am turning 40 this year and my need to be fabulous and be seen and into the scene are offically over.

I am getting the fab loft ready to be sold. The market here is red hot, must be one of the few places in the country. The broker, who also lives in my building anticipates a bidding war-how vicious-can't wait. I hope there are tears. My unit is 1500 square feet which is huge in this part of the country and has parking is a penthouse unit and has a view of Harvard Square. Buyers are dieing to get into the building.

My company is giving me a very generous severance package, I said package.

I will then cash the profits from my loft, cash out my stock and 401k-if needed and move to Bangalore with my husband who has to leave the US because his H-1B visa expires. My husband has 5 homes in India-isn't that fab? And he is only 35.

Next I will be relocating to Lodi Wisconsin and renovating the barn on the property my father owns. The farm has approximately 200 acres and much flora, fauna and wildlife. It was the farm my mother grew up in and has been in the family over 150 years. I will spend my time around the farm being one with nature. I will also connect with the family and help my mother with my father who has Alzheimers. Aren't I a good daughter?

I will travel to India every few months. Do you know Bangalore has doubled in size in the past 5 years? How amazing is that growth. It had like 2 million people 5 years ago and now has 5 million. Infrastructure is a major issue confronting this strong growth. Bangalore is called "electronic city", it is the Silicon Valley of India.

My husband will need to be in India for a year. His company headquarters are in Bangalore and his father is there and he needs to take care of him. Do you know if I was a woman, which I kind of am, and we were married he could stay here, but he can't because I have a hog.

After his year is up we will determine where to live in the US. He has very specific quality testing skills and his experience is in demand so we could go anywhere.

While on the farm in Lodi, Wisconsin I will decide my next career option. Organic farmer? Rare clumber breeder and shower? Part-time Jazzman sales specialist? Poet? Artist? Who knows the world is my oyster.

Now I need to leave my fab loft because the Vietnamese contractors put something called purethane (sp?) on my floors and the rare clumbers and I are getting a headache.

I have three groups of contractors in for various reasons. One contractor is two Brazillians, one of which wants to do me. Brazillians are pretty bisexual. The other is a couple of Vietnamese and the other is a couple of Peruvians. I will miss the variety but fuck it. Back to a place with all whiteys.

kentuckyliz said...

Aren't you in Massachusetts? I thought you could get married there.

Titus said...

We are married but the federal law states that H-1B people can't stay unless they marry someone from the opposite sex.

Seperate but not equal, waaaahhhh!!!!

I was riding in my car today and looking at fellow car drivers thinking about how many I would do, if I wasn't married-natch, and there were a lot. So many colors and varieties. I am not going to see that in Dairyland. Am I going to have regrets? It's only a year, if I am totally miserable I will leave. I haven't cheated on my husband though. Have no interest and don't even think about it. That is completely HUGE for me. And when in Wisconsin there are not any options unless I see an attractive white tailed deer.

And I don't need to do them, or need to go out anymore. It is just comforting to know they are around me. Does that make sense?

My husband was concerned about moving to Madison after the year is up but I told him when I was there for christmas, sorry Althouse, I saw many Indians in Banana Republic at West Towne. He said there are always lots of Indians at Banana Republic. Why is that?

Do you know Indians don't leave home, generally, until they are married? Many of their most famous and very beautiful actresses who are in their 20's and 30's still live with their parents. It is expected and an obligation for them to live with their parents.

Similar to the Italians out here. Oh that reminds me, the Italians, I will really miss them. They are so hot. Oh and the accent, totally miss it. The driving, not so much. They are total assholes on the road.

edutcher said...

I have to agree with fls (we're up to once a week - scary), chocolate is candy. Yeah, there's fruit-flavored hard candy, but you want candy, you're talking chocolate. 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Hershey bars, M&Ms.

victoria said...

my favorites, good n plenty and M & M's.
Loved NECCO's too.

Vicki from pasadena

Were you living in CA as a kid? I thought Good 'n' Plenty was a Philadelphia, East Coast thing.

MamaM said...

PM317...Interesting set of behavior patterns. I liked the term "intellectual firepower" used by the article by James Bailey (a commenting professor who was not part of the study). All firepower contains the potential for negative or positive application, depending on motive and outcome.

Bailey wondered if the preferences mentioned might "stem from a desire to show superiority or elitism, which also has to do with IQ. In fact, aligning oneself with 'unconventional' philosophies such as liberalism or atheism may be 'ways to communicate to everyone that you're pretty smart,' he said."

Titus said...

A couple of other issues I am grabbling with:

Where am I going to get my hair and nails done?

Where will I practice my religion?

Where will I find my skin care products or will I not care and go all Serpico living all anonymous?

Paul Zrimsek said...

From the heathcare summit, an example of the superior brilliance of liberals.

Lem said...

The blog seems to be going through some changes.

Methadras said...

Gummi worms, gummi bears, Now n' Laters, Skittles, Starburst, Mounds, Almond Joy, and especially Kit Kats. All of these are my favorite.

MamaM said...

I have yet to determine if Titus is the construct of someone's imagination, or a self-aggrandizing representation of a real person's idea of himself.

I find his disarmingly clever stories and up-to-the-line revelations of gay preference and outlook running uncomfortably close to mockery and caricature.

I continue to be surprised by the cheerfully superficial way I hear him presenting his predatory, obsessive, and self centered/non-relational behavior as a positive, natural and healthy expression of his sexual desire and orientation.

However, his comments serve to entertain, enlighten and provoke thought in me. Whatever his motive, I consider him to be a raconteur of the first degree.

Lem said...

Is anybody live blogging the tsunami?

Penny said...

Althouse has left the salty behind for now. Pity. Oh well, maybe later this evening we can pop open a bag of chips. You know you can't eat just one.

pm317 said...

MamaM, I don't care for what the study says. Psychology which has failed to produce a Newton (to physics) like figure is a whole of gobbledygook to me.

I also think Titus is an overly imaginative commenter. Since I know Bangalore like the back of my hand, may be I will quiz him about things that only a person physically being there knows.

Lem said...

Scientists say gauges confirm tsunami has reached Hawaii; damage uncertain..

Lem said...

I also think Titus is an overly imaginative commenter.

I think titus is a romantic..

Leave his job, sell all his belongings to chase with a man half way around the world?
Its the stuff of Jane Austen.

I didn't think people did that anymore.

knox said...

My favorite is marshmallow eggs. A lot of people seem to be grossed out by that. Whatever. I gotta be meeeeeeeeeeee

victoria said...

Ed, I was originally from the East coast, Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan and Connecticut. Moved to California for the first time in 64 and for the second time in 69 to go to college. Stayed ever since. The best. Used to love the Tasty Cakes too.

Vicki from Pasadena

Lem said...

feminism (309)
Sarah Palin (308)

We are so close.. we are only a hand note away ladies and gents.

lyssalovelyredhead said...

"The best. Used to love the Tasty Cakes too."

Damn it, Vicki, now you've got me craving a butterscotch krimpet, something quite unavailable in Tennessee.

Sigh, the only thing I miss about Philly/New Jersey is the food.

- Lyssa

rhhardin said...

Chinese music candy to me.

In Chinese with Chinese subtitles.

Just discovered.

Youngblood said...

NewHam is Florida, or at least an astonishingly Florida-like moby.

In case anybody was wondering.

Carry on.

Youngblood said...

lyssalovelyredhead wrote:

"Sigh, the only thing I miss about Philly/New Jersey is the food."

Philly has plenty of other charms, but the food is definitely a big deal. When I went into the Army and ended up down South, I was like, "I asked for American cheese and you gave me processed yellow cheese?!?!"

When I moved to NYC after getting out, I was surprised by how unimpressive and limited the culinary choices generally were up there.

kentuckyliz said...

Jesus (160)
Rush Limbaugh (159)

another close one!

Alex said...

That'll stuff will rot your teeth!

Penny said...

"I thought Good 'n' Plenty was a Philadelphia, East Coast thing."

This was my favorite movie candy. Most likely because it was a two-fer candy. You got to eat the outside sugary coating, and then that licorice filling. Didn't realize until you said it, edutcher, that it was originally an east coast candy. Heck, me and Choo Choo Charlie grew up together!