February 1, 2010

"Acid-washed is an 'ironic' fashion, never meant to flatter."

"... I am guessing that your boyfriend is one of the many people in the world who believes that irony is an attitude that is best expressed orally, not sartorially."


Ralph L said...

I don't buy clothes that have to be ironied. The irony board I had was so rusty, I threw it away last year.

The Crack Emcee said...

Acid washed is A useless quack device which cannot perform any other function than separating naive persons from their money. It’s a fake, a scam, a swindle, and a blatant fraud. Prove me wrong and take the million dollars.

Synova said...

Yeah, we bought torn jeans for full price in the 80. And we got laughed at for it, too.

I can't make myself spend money on the worn out jeans for the kids now, and I'm not sure what "acid washed" is... but a lot of them have a yellowish tinge.

Now, I hate to point this out to the fashion industry, but that yellowish tinge is what remains when you wash the cow manure out of your barn clothes.

Just saying.

Trooper York said...

Actually the "wash" of a jean it the biggest problem in manufacturing them. We are investigating doing some stuff in denim and the swatchs we are seeing just don't cut it. It has to be treated or "washed" to give a feel that will sell. It adds immensely to the cost and makes it almost impossible to manufacture small lots at a resonable price here in the USA. Thus it all comes from overseas.

Trooper York said...

The two elements that go into a garment are of course the color and the texture. What they call the "hand", how it feels when you touch it. If it gives good hand than you are halfway home to selling it.

Trooper York said...

This Vintage Five Pocket Jean has a great "hand" and seems to be very popular in plus.

Although the Jeggings have sold out. Every girl that tried on a pair bought them because they have about a 28% stretch factor.

(By the way,I only use customers as models since I want people to see themselves in the clothing. Not some hourglass figured plus size model that most other people use)

EDH said...

I know a guy who used to work at a Bugle Boy jeans mall shop in the late 1980s.

He said the jeans were shipped directly from Viet Nam, and when they opened the boxes the jeans "stunk like shit."

No wonder she keeps on driving.