January 26, 2010

What's more exciting about tomorrow?

The State of the Union Address or the unveiling, presumably, of the Apple Tablet.

What's more exciting about tomorrow?
State of the Union Address
Apple Tablet
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Anonymous said...

I'll go with choice "C":
Trajan became Roman Emperor in 98 AD.


Lem said...

Dont be cinical .. vote for Apple.

tjl said...

Something that would make the SOTU more exciting: O resigns!

At this point even Krugman wants him gone.

Freeman Hunt said...

To determine which one is more exciting, at least one of them has to register higher than null on a scale of exciting-ness, right?

Freeman Hunt said...

A tablet computer with touch. But thin!


Richard said...

Freeman, it will be huge!

And I am a PC.

I really can't decide which is bigger.

Synova said...

I wonder if Obama will mention Chavez.

Apparently Chavez is torqued at France for stating their disapproval.

Go France! There may be no bite whatsoever behind an "urging" but at least you try.

.CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - Thousands of university students protested against President Hugo Chavez again Tuesday, accusing the socialist leader of forcing an opposition-allied TV channel off cable and satellite as a means of silencing his critics.


For years, Chavez has frequently forced television channels to air his marathon speeches. But the rules had applied only to broadcast TV until last month, when the state-run telecommunications agency expanded them to include local pay-TV stations.

The new regulations have been roundly criticized by Chavez opponents, the Roman Catholic Church and media organizations.

Jose Miguel Vivanco, Americas director of Human Rights Watch, accused the president of cracking down on independent media that don't share his socialist views.

"Chavez has sought to intimidate and punish broadcasters who criticize his government," Vivanco said in a statement. "Now he's also going after those who refuse to promote his own political agenda.

Synova said...

Next will be making it against the law for citizens to turn off their television sets to avoid Chavez speeches.

1775OGG said...

What IRIW said!

Plus, tomorrow night turn off the lights! It'll be Day 1 of the new emperor, who has no clothes!

exhelodrvr1 said...

Is Apple going to blame the inevitable bugs on the previous 8 years?

Anonymous said...

@Peter- He is Optimus after all. You can't beat that.

KCFleming said...

"What's more exciting about tomorrow?"

The mere Wednesdayness of tomorrow exceeds the State of the Union Address in excitement by a factor of 17.5.

Fred4Pres said...

Are you kidding? Wednesday is hump day!

Glenn said...

It is safe to say that Apple will have accomplished more in this past year.

Meade said...

Yeah but I bet the tablet won't be able to do soaring rhetoric.

Well, unless there's a teleprompter app.

Freeman Hunt said...

SOTU is going to be Obama standing up there telling a pack of very obvious lies about how he wants to cut spending and about how well the stimulus worked. And some silly populist claptrap about HC for people he can fool who might be watching but don't know anything about the actual bill. Also, bankers totally evil, not the government that is tanking the economy and handing out money like candy to every well-connected interest, just those pesky, no-good bankers. They're like, so bad. Keep looking over at them. Please. Please?

I'll only regret not watching if I find out later that everyone started chanting "You lie" in unison.

former law student said...

First, "None of the Above" should always be an option.

Second, the Apple Newton release was exciting. Having an Apple tablet come out nine years after MS tablets shipped is not exciting.

Basically the question boils down to "What's more exciting: watching the grass grow or watching paint dry?"

JAL said...

Anyone drunk blogging the SOTU?

How many times will he mention Bush, or refer otherwise to the previous administration, or the mess he inherited after a decade of prolifigate spending, which he HAD to out do by more than duplicating it in 12 months?

I bet when he attacks the awfulness of those Wall Street profits and bonuses he won't mention Franklin, or Jamie, or Jim.

Johnson earned $21,000,000 in just his last year at Fannie Mae. Raines earned $90,000,000 for five years’ work at Fannie Mae. Gorelick got $26,000,000.

And then it all fell apart. (! Surprise!)

That's a lot of mortgage payments that could have made negotiated for people who needed to be bailed out ....

Damned Wall Street bankers.

I'm counting angels on pin heads tomorrow evening.

Ralph L said...

It's Mozart's birthday!

Lem said...

Yeah but I bet the tablet won't be able to do soaring rhetoric.
Well, unless there's a teleprompter app

Meade Wins the tread.

Beth said...


Go the App Store and search for Music Stand. Voila!

wv: appiddi -- appiddi appiddi app

former law student said...


Raines left Fannie Mae six years ago.

Kirk Parker said...

Wow, looks like us NOTA voters have lots of company!


"Basically the question boils down to 'What's more exciting: watching the grass grow or watching paint dry?'"

My preferred method, when painting outdoors at least, is to spill paint on the grass, thus allowing one to watch both at the same time.

Alec Plumb said...

We'll probably actually learn something about the Apple tablet.

Beldar said...

You need a "neither is exciting" option in your poll, Prof. A.

AllenS said...

former law student said...
"What's more exciting: watching the grass grow or watching paint dry?"

Since it's winter in Wisconsin, you only have one option.

Ann Althouse said...

@Beldar How so? The question is which is more exciting? You could find them both terribly dull and still find one more exciting. And speaking of excitingness, a poll with a cop-out answer is boring. I leave that to the professional pollers. I want entertainment. I want excitement!

(And I want an Apple Tablet, whatever it is. It's Apple. It will be cool and wonderful and life-changing. Change... yeah... )

kentuckyliz said...

The math-impaired Obama doesn't realize that when he blames the last 8 years, now it includes one year of HIM.

Hit back twice as hard.

Poor people ain't never done nothin for me.

Banks have.

Eff off O.

Alinsky yourself straight into plunging rock bottom ratings why doncha.

For an allegedly smart man you have no learning curve.

David Baker said...

To vote for Apple is a liberal declaration, a liberal bumper sticker. Therefore, I vote for the SOTU.

Because I want to hear the words, the opening: ...and the state of the union is...

I need to witness it myself, and along with everyone else, behold the national embarrassment.

Tank said...

SOTU could be exciting if the audience (think Joe Wilson) shouts out liar every time Obama lies, distorts, misrepresents, misleads, or uses a strawman or false dichotomy.

I smell a drinking game there.

Ah, prolly being done already.

X said...

he's going to propose a monorail. that's it. this guy is officially out of ideas.

Ralph L said...

Fine, if the monorail is outbound only from D.C.

BlogDog said...

I can't wait for the moment in the State of the Union when Obama says, "Just one more thing...."

Ken said...

If you had asked which is more important, I'd have to go with Obama. But exciting? Apple by a long way. The President has about 1% chance of saying anything that he hasn't endlessly repeated for the last three years.

I'll pay more attention to Jobs. He has a much greater chance of saying something unexpected.

Triangle Man said...

Meade, Awesome!

I was going to make a quip about a teleprompter, but not as funny as yours.

Sofa King said...

Well one thing is certain: both the SOTU and the Apple presentation will both be all about Jobs.

former law student said...

And I want an Apple Tablet, whatever it is. It's Apple. It will be cool and wonderful and life-changing.

You can get 60 Apple Tablets for only $23.00.


Here's how they will change one's life:

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Zombyboy said...

Apple tablet, of course.

But I expect them both to contain roughly the same amount of marketing spin.