January 3, 2010

"Trust a pro."

Keith Richards really is a pro as becomes clear over the course of what seems to be only a humorously inept attempt to record a promo for MTV

This was back in the early days when we were being enlisted to demand that the cable companies give us MTV:

(And thanks to the reader who sent me a link to that first video after reading the post yesterday in which Keith made a cameo appearance.)


Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

For an insufferably arrogant person who pulls guns and knives on underlings because he knows they won't strike back and that he's safely guarded by security men, he's irresistible and at times even wise. Fans are directed to read the book, "What Would Keith Richards Do?"

wv: anticalo: "opposed to immature people such as rock stars"

Kinsey Holley said...

And he's always been devoted to his kids and family in a way that Mick Jagger never was. Just read an article the other day about Jagger's despair over his ne'er do well oldest son. Seems James Jagger had a brief fling with one of Keith's daughters but she disapproved of his louch lifestyle. Keith's kids never get in trouble.

Why do I know this crap? Why am I not ashamed to mention it?

p.t. fogger said...

I love Keith because he's the living proof that all those dead 60's rockers were doing it all wrong. The surviving part, I mean.