January 26, 2010

"Tiger wants to go back to being a golf star with major endorsements."

"He wants his clients, who have kids of their own, to think he is a good family man. He had hoped all along that his wife's initial furor would die down so they could discuss the situation and behave rationally."

In short: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

A non-religious reason for celibacy chastity.


Usage pointer:
Believe it or not, you can be celibate without being chaste, and chaste without being celibate. A celibate person is merely unmarried, usually (but not always) because of a vow of celibacy. The traditional assumption is that such a person is not having sex with anyone, which leads many to confuse the word with “chaste,” denoting someone who does not have illicit sex. A woman could have wild sex twice a day with her lawful husband and technically still be chaste, though the word is more often used to imply a general abstemiousness from sex and sexuality.


Jacob said...

If a word is consistently used to mean something, doesn't that make its used meaning its actual meaning?

The Drill SGT said...

One thing Tiger is gonna need to learn is that "wanting" something doesn't mean it's ognna happen.

I was struck by this para:

If Nordegren does decides to continue the marriage, she would likely put on a happy face, take care of children and continue taking courses at Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla., while Woods would go back to playing golf and fulfilling his endorsement contracts, according to the insider

I'd think she'll spend the next few years on the PGA circuit. after all, the kids aren;t in school yet. call it confidence building exercises.

ricpic said...

There is a photo of Elin Nordegren in today's NY Post that shows what an astonishingly beautiful woman she is. That there are men who don't appreciate what they've got when what they've got is to die for never fails to puzzle me. And if that sounds naive...so be it.

traditionalguy said...

But has Buddah forgiven Mr Wood and restored him as a righteous man, just as if he had never sinned? Sex addiction powers are reported to be strong powers that can only be broken by an even stronger power. Psychologists would say that unless his inner frustrations are dealt with, the Tiger is not likely to remain chaste. Elin may have to give him a handicap so that he starts with minus 6 scores a year off of his attempt to play an even par marital sex score.

rhhardin said...

technically still be chaste, though the word is more often used to imply a general abstemiousness from sex and sexuality.

They meant abstinence, speaking of usage notes.

chuck b. said...

"A woman could have wild sex twice a day with her lawful husband and technically still be chaste..."

Okay, define "wild sex".

knox said...

Even if Tiger can claim "Sex Addiction" to excuse his cheating, how does he explain all the nasty things he said about Elin to his mistresses?

He wants a lot for being such a complete and total failure as a husband and role model.

jag said...

Celibacy is too closely identified with chastity; the usage pointer is no longer operative. Language is not static, alas.

Nora said...

Oh, so it's his wife who is not being rational?

Tiger Woods comes out as a pretty nasty piece of work.

Paul said...

I always understood "chaste" to mean a virgin before marriage and then faithful afterward.
Chastity is connected with traditional concepts of honor.

Honor defines the traits by which your peers accord you their respect. A man's honor was defined chiefly by his courage, his willingness to fight anyone who threatened or insulted him. A man who is considered courageous is respected by other men. However, a man who is considered chaste was not respected by other men in that bygone era, so chastity was not a part of a man's honor.

A woman's honor came to her through her husband. She could not accrue honor of her own; however, she could cost her husband his honor by cheating on him. When a man had an affair with the wife of another man, it showed he didn't respect him, or more precisely, didn't fear him. Similarly, when a young man trifled with a man's unmarried daughter, he was implicitly showing his disrespect for the father. These sorts of insults often ended in spilled blood. Therefore, chastity in a woman was considered a very desirable trait. It maintained the honor of the household.

This is all very retrograde, I understand. But even today no man likes to be considered a wimp and no woman likes to be considered a slut.

Lance said...

Okay, define "wild sex".

Clinton tried that argument, didn't work too well.

AllenS said...

What company would choose Woods to advertise their product? Trojan? Viagra?

k*thy said...

Well, first, I'm suspicious of the knowledge behind the quote and secondly, if there's a grain of truth to it - Tiger's best bet is to concentrate on his own recovery (whatever that means for a sex addiction, I don't know). If he's got plans beyond that, well (ha!), good luck with that...

newscaper said...

re: a 'chaste' woman having wild sex with her lawful husband... yes.

Regarding "A celibate person is merely unmarried, usually (but not always) because of a vow of celibacy."

BS on a faux intellectual definition -- it is is 'merely unmarried' precisely in the religious context of only sex within a marriage being legit.

Paddy O. said...

From my Webster's dictionary:

5L caelibatus < caelebs, unmarried (< IE base *kaiwelo-, alone) + *lib(h)s-, living (> LIVE2)6
1 an unmarried person, esp. one under a vow to remain unmarried
2 one who abstains from sexual intercourse

Newscaper is right. Beginning in the early church there was a tradition of even married couples living chastely together. So, there was a distinction made concerned with specifying no sex within marriage. The cultural changes mean words are needed in other directions.

Chaste tends to imply virginal. Celibate now implies not pursuing sexual activity in the present, notwithstanding any prior sexual activity in the past.