January 9, 2010

Open air dining and live music on South Congress.




Fred4Pres said...

What's a little cold when it is SUNNY!

Rialby said...

Glad you got the cupcake. Did you get a breakfast taco?

EDH said...

"Where's your cupcake nowwww?"

(In Lower East Side gangster voice.)

Diamondhead said...

I've had a red velvet cupcake there!

Julius Ray Hoffman said...

You better watch out for those cupcakes Ann. One time in downtown San Diego a giant one chased me down the street. I was a little high at the time so I'm not entirely certain it was real. Nonetheless, I vividly recall the fear that it was behind me and coming closer, closer, closer...

Ann Althouse said...

I didn't get a cupcake. If I wanted cake, I'd get regular cake, not cupcake. Cupcakes are for people who really mainly want icing. The cake itself is made worse by having so much "crust."

vbspurs said...

I was commenting to a friend that Miami is overwhelmed by cupcake stores. Everywhere you turn, it seems one is popping up. I just don't get the whole cupcake concept (I agree, it's mostly icing).

And I don't understand how, in these hard economic times, these cupcake stores are doing thriving business. Those boutique cupcakes ain't cheap, either.

Let's recap.

Tiny cakes. Lots of frosting. Expensive. Did I mention they're very small?

Yet these places survive, but the KFCs and sub shops down by me are closing faster than a Rosie O'Donnell Broadway show?


EDH said...

Cupcakes are for people who really mainly want icing. The cake itself is made worse by having so much "crust."

I thought the crusty "Tops" were supposed to be the best part?

Elaine: Oh yeah. It's the best part. It's crunchy, it's explosive, it's where the muffin breaks free of the pan and sort of (makes hand motions) does it's own thing. I'll tell you. That's a million dollor idea right there. Just sell the tops.

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