January 13, 2010

Little dogs, little and big people.

(Blogged from the Memphis airport, en route home.)


Almost Ali said...

Signs of life!


Irene said...

This lovely interlude reminds one of the joy doggies bring to life.


Methadras said...

I love dogs.

Irene said...

. . . a silent little thread, oblivious to the Robertson scuffle above. It's a reminder that "dog" spelled backwards is "god."

The Elder said...

Sheesh. Blogging about dogs from an airport? You must be looking at all those yippy little foo-foo dogs in their carriers.

A dog ought to be big enough to bark, not just yip incessantly. Big enough to BARK. Like a REAL dog. Like a labrador!

The only good thing you say about a yippy little dog is . . . at least it's not a cat!

Maxine Weiss said...

So what went wrong?

Is it that difficult to make it in LA ?

If you aren't ethnically interesting enough, and refuse to get a good spray tan, I predicted there'd be problems.

That said, OC--there could have been something.

The best place for a young fellow is Mom's law school, especially when Mom can get you in easy. --Not that the admissions standards at that place are all that rigid to begin with....

If Mom has connections at a law school, after graduation you can move anywhere you like. At that point you'll have currency in a place like LA....provided you don't make the stupid mistake of putting an earring in your ear.


vbspurs said...

Oh, God. Maxine Waters aka Weiss is back with her pin-prick insinuations about Althouse and Family.

Much better to imagine if that stick-thin mum with a Central Park vibe is a recent transplant. Maybe she lost her job in the city, and had to move down to Austin. Her daughter is already being groomed to be agile with animals, and a visit to the stable for riding lessons are not far behind.