January 10, 2010

Koi in motion.


vbspurs said...

Where are your toes??

Synova said...

A really *big* koi pond is on my get-it-someday list.

I have a lot of fun koi "window" shopping on the internet.

Google Blackwater Koi. Lots of *very* pretty pictures and video.

Danielle Pouliot said...

This is a lovely video! When I was younger, my father and I kept Koi in a pond in our backyard. The largest was about two feet long, and he used to eat out of my hand and let me pet him.

Lem said...

No caveman allowed!

Julius Ray Hoffman said...

Those are very calming fish. Nothing controversial about those fish. Sarah Palin is not fighting David Brooks in single combat to the death in that fish video.

Moose said...

Man, thats some sleepy Koi. When the temp is up, they're fairly lively. Those are clearly slowing down due to the "unseasonable" winter weather.


Moose said...

Living up in Michigan, I've killed something like $700 of mature Koi due to our harsh winters and my less than stellar fish pond construction skills.

Mutant goldfish is what I've finally settled on and boy, they can survive ANYTHING...

edutcher said...

Moose said...


Mutant goldfish is what I've finally settled on and boy, they can survive ANYTHING...

Mutant goldfish? Has anyone from Homeland Security been around to see you? Maybe a guy who likes his martinis shaken, not stirred?

Sounds like a plot to take over the world to me.

WV "exastab" Texas spelled sideways

Penny said...

Priceless material here.

Fish playing bumpercars, because why not? Nothing else to do.

Revenant said...

"Koi" is also a Japanese word for "love". Japanese has a lot of homonyms. :)

Theo Boehm said...

Here's the obvious background music.

YouTube has several videos of this, all irritating in one way or another.

We've already got the fish, so no need for a total fish video.

You don't want to watch a boring video of nothing but an orchestra, showing all those little people with their brown fiddles and dented horns.

How about this one, with shots of the flute babe, and the 103-year-old Roger Moore stumbling through the embarrassing introductory poem?  Only a few fish, and the flute babe.

Saint-Saens was afraid of this. 

Theo Boehm said...

There's also the piano babe and the violin babe.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of dreary men in the picture.

Classical musicians should all be good-looking women.

Theo Boehm said...

If you're interested in what the fish think of music, here is a report.

The thing to keep in mind is Saint-Saens was the New Age of his day.

vbspurs said...

OT: Hope Ann blogs about this later -- Tucker Carlson's and Neil Patel's new "independent" website is live. The Daily Caller.

WaPo helps out with an article about the site, and the ex-bow tie wearing pseudo-conservative.


Theo Boehm said...

Frankly, I think fish are a lot more interesting than Tucker Carlson.

Joaquin said...

Synova - Koi ponds are great, but be careful if there are hawks, cats, and or raccoons around. If there are, you'll find yourself with a Koi smorgasbord.

Fred4Pres said...

Mutant goldfish is what I've finally settled on and boy, they can survive ANYTHING...

Except hungry raccoons.

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