January 1, 2010

July, 2009 — Part 7 in a 12-part blog series.

1. What a scoop it would have been if that hand would have scooped David Brooks's scrotal sac!

2. "Y'all got 2 computers?!... How'd you get that?"

3. "If we persevere in our quixotic quest for a fetishized medical equality we will sacrifice personal freedom as its price. We will become the voluntary slaves of a 'compassionate' government that will provide the same low quality health care to everyone."

4. "Don't all the nominees lie that way? Sotomayor is laying it on particularly thick. And at some point, we do need to acknowledge the disgust ... or at least — this would be more my speed — laugh and roll your eyes."

5. "Boys conquer Craggy Pinnacle."

6. Meade composes "How Obama lost me" for me.

7. Under the influence of Satan, we fail to make a pilgrimage to a dishonored President's place of honor.

8. The larger meaning of Henry Louis Gates's Larger Meaning Doctrine.

9. "I will be victorious. Always be victorious. All rising!"


traditionalguy said...

Resting from hauling Christmas back up into the attic, I am awaiting part 8 to revive me. This is like an old Saturday Evening Post serial story. When will the Rogue make her entrance stage right?

bearbee said...

Since you mentioned David Brookes, in his latest he appears to be partially channeling Koestler.

The God That Fails

AJ Lynch said...

Heh.Meade clocked Obama with just a few short jabs!