January 3, 2010

Inappropriate beer commercial.

An oldie from YouTube. Count the inappropriatenesses... on your fingers if you can still see them:


Opus One Media said...

Drink responsibly...specially before 10am on Sunday mornings.

Meade said...

"...if you can still see them."


Windbag said...

I honestly saw nothing inappropriate.

MnMark said...

Yeah, I saw nothing inappropriate either...could someone spell it out for me? I don't get it.

Skyler said...

Um, maybe making fun of people who are too vain to wear glasses? Otherwise, pretty tame stuff.

bearbee said...


animation (kid appeal)
exclusive focus on beer (mention of beer name dozens of times)
length of commercial
pouring of beer with sound effect
violent image
lack of racial diversity

Favorite beer commercials:

Hank the Clydesdale, The Budweiser Clydesdales Superbowl Ad

Budweiser - Clydesdale Circus Super Bowl XLIII Commercial 2009

Of course, I guess Bud is no longer considered the American Lager.

Roger J. said...

clearly a young crew of commenters who dont remember the schaffer is the one beer to have when you are having more than one

and the virile dudes draining whole schooners of beer in 20 seconds

God, I wish the political correctness thing had never happened

those were the golden days--drinking beer and pissing foam

EDH said...

Count the inappropriatenesses:

Sliding into first base?

rhhardin said...

Bert and Harry Piel must be somewhere on YouTube, aka Bob and Ray.

The Crack Emcee said...

Me either, I don't get it. It's Mr. Magoo.

What's supposed to be wrong with it?

Finn Kristiansen said...

I'm guessing the commercial is ageist. You could also see it as mocking the blind. It seems like the ball players are ready to chug one down right there on the field mid-game. Magoo is wearing shorts (not that there is anything wrong with that for MOST people). He clearly drinks too much beer. He steals a beer from neighbors who he may or may not know, so that could be trespassing as well. The repair man snags some beer, which would be drinking on the job, and theft.

That's about it.

traditionalguy said...

,Everybody was friendly and loving. Now that is not Politically Correct in todays morality play where men/women, old/young, rich/poor and beer drinkers/non-drinkers have to hate each other. These divide and conquer roles we have been assigned by the PC crowd are nonsense. We just need the old pledge of alleigance to one country under God. and then let everybody be themselves.

BT said...

The moosehead on the wall, the fish in the aquarium? I'm sure PETA would not be pleased.

AJ Lynch said...

Jeez - are there any TV repairmen who make house calls anymore? Heck, are there TV repairmen at all?

John said...

For a really inappropriate ad, see this one for cold cream.

To test it, they put radioactive dirt on the model's face and then showed how much radioactivity a geiger counter detected.

Then the cold cream and radioactivity mostly (not completely) gone.


John Henry

Ann Althouse said...

"Bert and Harry Piel must be somewhere on YouTube, aka Bob and Ray."

I found this video as a consequence of looking for Bert and Harry, actually. I watched this one.

Gerald E. said...

Correct answer: Mr. Magoo looks a little too much like Meade.

Gerald E. said...

Correct answer: Mr. Magoo looks a little too much like Meade.

Chase said...

The far more interesting commercial that you can see at the end of the Mr Magoo one is a Racist Jello Commercial from the 1960's with a mother "blinging jello" to the "her Chinese baby".

Among the flavors: glape

Penny said...

"Inappropriate beer commercial"?

Oh, heck. I don't know?

I will say this, though. That supposedly "little" Irish devil, McGoo, at least made it to first base.

Perhaps with a little help from the French?

From Inwood said...

I, being a nearsighted kid with big glasses, hated Jerry Lewis & Mr McGoo.

But Jerry was a certified French auteur, so I was licked.

Dave said...

He's funny because he doesn't realize that he can't see. He's also likeable for this reason: his handicap doesn't impede his efforts.

I finally get what the hell wv is.

Mine is condism, which I have.