January 20, 2010

I'm #3.

As a lawprof blogger. Same rank as last time. It's one thing to get ahead of Hewitt. But to best Volokh... I mean — what? — are there 18 lawprofs over there! How can one lady lawprof beat 18 lawprof guys? (Yes, there are 18, all male.) But #1 is, as ever, Instapundit. One guy. It's not 18 against one there. It's one. And, actually, I think one is the best number of writers on a blog. And one cannot even dream of getting to #1 as long as Instapundit is in the game.


Fred4Pres said...

Hugh gave up comments, dropped 47%!

If Insti went with comments--he might just get that wish on going to space with the boost he would get.

Fred4Pres said...

No Professor Bainbridge?

Are we expected to rely on wine picks from Glenn Reynolds: "Hey that concord tastes like grape jelly!"

SMGalbraith said...

And one cannot even dream of getting to #1 as long as Instapundit is in the game.

That can be arranged.

This is the internet:

Appropriately titled as well.

27183 said...

You could become a breastlaw blogger

Ann Althouse said...

Bainbridge doesn't display a Site Meter, so he doesn't get ranked.

Julius Ray Hoffman said...


Among my pornographer friends, it's either you or Glenn Reynolds. Volokh is waaaaay over their heads. They generally like Randazza's trope too (many are clients, in fact) but he doesn't teach anymore so I guess he doesn't qualify for the list.

I have to say, though, if it were a heads-up between you and Glenn among the porno-mongers, it unfortunately wouldn't go your way. For some reason the porn-pushers are drawn to whatever Glenn says. Must be his brevity. Not much attention span for reading details when there are so many nudie pictures around.

edutcher said...

You work hard, Ann, so you should take justifiable pride. I think a lot of people will agree with me in noting that your personal story over the past year won you many friends.

Bob said...

And one cannot even dream of getting to #1 as long as Instapundit is in the game.

Meade: Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

But isn't that the plot of Body Heat?

LonewackoDotCom said...

1. The fact that Althouse has an impact is, frankly, an indictment of our political system considering that most of what she discusses is trivial. Analyzing pictures is great, but policy and activism would be better. OTOH, maybe it's a good thing that she concentrates on the trivial.

2. Regarding volokh.com, they used to have open comments but since they switched systems apparently their little inner censors came out to play. They frequently delete comments. Dave Kopel is an absolute idiot, but of greater impart Orin Kerr is an absolute idiot. Rather than trying to mount an actual opposition to SoniaS - someone who was a member of a far-left, illegal activity-supporting group that gave an award to someone who'd proposed genocide - Orin Kerr just took part in a charade, coming up with weak questions for Cornyn. It probably helped his career, but it didn't help the U.S. Not only that, but volokh.com offered little opposition to Harold Koh and only did that in the same, approved way that others were doing it. Kerr posted some cheap, sub-Jay Leno pun about Koh (a misprint in a newspaper or something) and, when I provided a link to my coverage of him, Kerr deleted it as off-topic. Once again: that was on some trivial BS post about Koh. I suspect they don't want to take anyone on for careerist reasons, but they could just be idiots.

3. Regarding Glenn Reynolds, see the link for my coverage of him, such as the post where he supported swarming politicians and the post where he supported making gestures behind their back. Only one of those posts has him suggesting something that would raise the level of debate in the U.S.

Big Mike said...

Well done! You made the medal podium.

Fred4Pres said...

I tease Glenn about his Sommelier abilities. I bet when it comes to the best pairing of wine for post shooting events, Glenn has the nose for the grape that complements spent gunpowder.

Rose said...

Y'er #1 in my book.

Lem said...

"I'm #3."

Althouse is number 3 because Insta and Volock count page views the way Obama counts Stimulus Jobs ;)

..instead of counting only created and saved jobs, it will count any person who works on a project funded with stimulus money—even if that person was never in danger of losing his or her job.

If you go to Insta 2 or 3 times a day, ALL the members of your household get counted 2 or 3 times.

Lem said...

BTW - OB is on Nightline right now.

Ron said...

You'll move up when Instapundit moves on to nanotechnology kitchen gadget blogging...in space!

traditionalguy said...

You will forever be #1 in the hearts and minds of the cruelly neutral lovers of wolf minds in sheep's clothing. Those other Law Blog guys have only sheep minds in wolf's clothing.

Prosecutorial Indiscretion said...

It's hard to argue with the top 3 - those have been my go-to blogs for ages. Big props to Sentencing Law & Policy as well. But you can't beat Brian Leiter for comic relief:

"A Republican has been elected to the Senate in the most Democratic state in the nation, Massachussetts, to fill the seat of one of the most liberal Senators, the late Ted Kennedy. This scathing commentary before the victory (but with the catastrophe in sight) sums things up pretty well. (Mr. Stewart fails to recognize, however, that the Democratic contingent in the Senate consists of lots of de facto Republicans.) This bodes ill not just for the pathetic version of health care reform in the offing, but for the future of the country. The Republican Party, having waged one brazen war of criminal aggression and destroyed the economy (with help, of course, from Bill Clinton, Larry Summers and the representatives of the allegedly prudent wing of the ruling class party), is, less than two years out of office, poised to make a political comeback. It is true that one can never underestimate the stupidity of the American people, but really, this is hard even for me to believe. To describe this sequence of events as a complete and total failure of leadership by President Obama would be the polite way to put it. "

(I'd plug in a link but it's late and I don't feel like messing about with the tags)

LonewackoDotCom said...

1. Regarding Bainbridge, he deleted comments from me and someone else who pointed out that the data he was using to try to prove a point was a decade out of date. He also supported a Bush scheme that was one of the most anti- and un-American things I've ever heard proposed by a major politician.

2. Regarding another one of volokh.com's prize contributors, see the comment I left here. I rushed that off as quickly as possible; see the link and my other coverage for more on that topic. Note that he teaches at a university that's part of the "Kochtopus" (search it if you aren't familiar with the term).

3. On a lighter note, make up your own joke about the list and this.

Jennifer said...

How can one lady lawprof beat 18 lawprof guys?

Because you attract people like me who have zero interest in any of the other blogs on the list. The rest of the list is pretty much working off the same audience.

Titus said...

Can we get a fabulous picture of you, like Cindy Mccain, with tuct tape over your mouth, supporting gay marriage?

If so, that would be amazing.

Bruce Hayden said...

Volokh, Instapundit, and Althouse are all so different.

I really don't know how they count page views for Glenn. Like Drudge, his site automatically refreshes on a periodic basis.

But he does have a very wide audience. I watched his PJ TV interview today of his interview of Michael Barone concerning the impact of the MA election. And Barone more than once told Glenn that he starts his day every day with Instapundit.

The reason that some of us hit it a lot during the day is because Glenn pretty constantly adds entries. Much more constantly than either Ann or Volokh do. And, I like to see the latest there.

Most of the conspirators at Volokh.com do not normally turn off comments, but some do. I frankly don't read most of the ones without comments enabled, since for me they are the best part of the blog. There are a lot of very bright people there, mostly lawyers, pre-lawyers, and law professors. And like here, and unlike many of the other legal blogs, there is a good mix politically.

I love the arguments there in the comment sections. They really push me to keep up. But, as a result, I have learned a lot of pretty weird law as a result. For example, I expect that the discussion about FISA and the TSP there was more extensive and comprehensive than almost anywhere else in the country outside of the White House and Langley. And this fall I learned a lot there about global warming.

I suspect though that one reason that Ann does so well here is the mix of people here. You don't have to be a lawyer or lawyer-wannabe to participate, and, indeed, most of the posters are probably not lawyers. This livens things up a lot.

Besides Ann has a warmth that these other blogs do not have, and maybe even a little frivolity.

What is impressive about Althouse is that her page views seem to have essentially doubled over last year.

Keep up the great work.

wv: hoses - what had better be put up at my house tonight, or will be destroyed by the storms we are having this week.

andrew said...

Bruce Hayden: Unique IP addresses work better.

So much for the left waking up:

This seems to be the sentiment of most of the left, and I find it quite funny.

Almost Ali said...

Like Drudge, Glenn is a link master, but much more eclectic. And when he writes, he gets to the point.

His links drive a lot of traffic here, there, and everywhere - sort of like an Internet cartographer. Which is what drove many of us here to Althouse... in the "1st" place.

Althouse, a woman for all seasons; smart, artistic, and mysterious (highly unusual for a Mid-Westerner).

Chase said...

Lionel Twain: "I'm the greatest, I'm number one!"

Sam Diamond: "To me, you look like number two, know what I mean?"

- - - - - Murder by Death (1979)

DaveW said...

Its kind of hard for me to think of this blog as a lawprof blog. I think of this blog as more artistic, current events, esoteric...I'd really have trouble typing this blog.

I read Volokh for hard core law blogging. I read Reynolds for current events, links to just about everything. I read Althouse for a more personal touch with usually fun debate in the comments.

This is a good place to ask a question I've had for a while. You know how Instapundit refreshes every few minutes? Does anyone know if he gets a "hit" for every refresh? IE, if I open a window with his site up and walk away from the computer for a few hours, does he get 30 hits from me?

And BTW, that refresh thing his blog does is without doubt the most annoying thing about Instapundit. It makes it very hard to review posts after a day or weekend of not reading the blog, constantly refreshing and repositioning the page.

Joseph said...

"And, actually, I think one is the best number of writers on a blog"

I agree. I actually really like the style and substance of a few Volokh contributors--namely Orin and Eugene--but others are so obnoxious that I rarely go over there anymore.

Mick said...

And not one of you talk about one of the greatest Constitutional Travesties ever seen-- A Usurper POTUS-- Not a Natural Born Citizen (father was never a citizen, Obama 2 owed allegiance to a foreign power at birth). You should all be ashamed.

LonewackoDotCom said...

Bruce Hayden opines: There are a lot of very bright people [at volokh.com], mostly lawyers, pre-lawyers, and law professors.

Oh yeah. In comments there I asked lawyers to weigh in on a specific political issue, and you could hear the crickets for miles. (I can find the exact comment if absolutely necessary, but it shouldn't have been difficult to find one person to weigh in, yet it was.)