January 1, 2010

November, 2009 — Part 11 in a 12-part blog series.

1. "It's all too 'My Very First Beard - from Kenner!' It's not helping. I'm sorry! Baseball is just not sexy enough."

2. First quarterversary!

3. "This should not have happened, and the sphere of responsibility extends beyond the murderer. This is not an expression of sympathy for Hasan. It is a desire for an effective military."

4. "Surrealistic Willow."

5. "What word frequently found in profusion in Obama's speeches is entirely absent from his Fort Hood speech?"

6. "It's a style choice not to explain everything. It's beyond a style choice. It's a demonstration of faith in the capacity of readers. That faith is the spirit that keeps me going here. I want to be the writer that has that faith. But there are times when I have a crisis of faith. There are times when I look at how readers respond and I want to say: I'm kind of surprised you even read the Althouse blog. What's the point?"

7. We stumble into a forest fire.

8. "I love how Ann doesn't get exercised over politics, but does over literature!"

9. Tree-planting time at Meadhouse. More pics.

10. "But that's not to say that the Wall Street Journal didn't lay a trap for Madison liberals. Maybe they knew they were putting in just enough resonance with racism to bait university types into crying racism. And if they do, as noted, those professors will sound silly, because there is nothing racial in the entire text of the editorial."

11. "Johnson and Sanchez were each concerned with bugs, they bugged each other, and they bugged out."

12. "The atrocity that is Empire State Plaza."

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Jason (the commenter) said...

This is ridiculous. Clearly this could only have been done intelligently with 52 weekly reviews (at a minimum). Please don't cut corners next year Althouse.