January 7, 2010

"Cat Lovers Against the Bomb."


A calendar, seen at a New Age bookstore here in Austin.


Henry said...

Looks like "Cat Lovers Against Good Typography" to me.

Matt Eckert said...

Damn, a new age book store.

That calls for twenty five posts by the Crack Emcee.

Lincolntf said...

My two cats are both virulently right wing pro-nuclear hawks. At least the little one is. The big guy might be more interested in international commerce than defense issues. I'll ask him after he gets out of his morning briefing.

Pastafarian said...

Lincoln, I've never known a cat that would be anything other than a hardcore conservative. Pro-hunting, meat-eating, individualistic and non-collectivist.

Or is this another ink-blot test, like the Obama-tux photo?

kjbe said...

That's quite the niche market, there.

robinintn said...

"the bomb"? I haven't heard that expression since the '70s.

Old RPM Daddy said...

Not only are cats pro-nuclear, I have it on good authority that they're actively developing a bomb of their own. Something to do with cornering the world supply of canned tuna.

traditionalguy said...

I don't know about the cats real opinion here.In the reality based James Bond movies the super evil nuclear bomber and head villain always was petting his lap cat while planning our destruction in the morning.

Ron said...

Ya gotta wonder if someone has named their cat "Dr. Strangepussy."

Anonymous said...

I blowz up teh world unless you sendz... ONE MILLION mousies! kthxbai

VW: regots. Sorry, I gave all yours to Broadway.

Old RPM Daddy said...

@Traditionalguy: "In the reality based James Bond movies the super evil nuclear bomber and head villain always was petting his lap cat while planning our destruction in the morning."

That's the thing a lot of people miss with those movies. The real villain wasn't Blofeld. It was the cat!

NotWhoIUsedtoBe said...

I don't like cats and I love the bomb.

wv- "catex"

Um, a feline explosive?

Trooper York said...

wv: catex, feline sanitary napkin.

traditionalguy said...

Do we need to start profiling cats now? All Egyptian cats should be on the no purr list.

Meade said...

Yes. Pad them down and do an iris cat scan.

Phil 314 said...

Guys, its not the cats, its the cat lovers who are against the bomb. My first thought was,

Well yeah sure. I would assume cat lovers are against the bomb

but then this image came to mind

BJK said...

You can't hug your kitty with Nuclear Arms...


LordSomber said...

Hope they're not against "flea bombs."

kentuckyliz said...

My cats are violent, murderous, and wouldn't mind if all the other cats outside their pride are nuked into gamma rays.

I think they love me, but it's probably that I am a toasty piece of furniture on a cold day.

kentuckyliz said...

Purr your peace.

Growl your threats of violence.

Kirk Parker said...

Trooper????? Where ya been? :-)

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Unknown said...

Cat LOVERS against the bomb, not cats. Idiotic commentary.