January 24, 2010

"Best Male Actress in a Supporting Role in a Film Not Released Direct-to-Video went to the Nazi."

Male actress... I love this response to the SAG Awards "Male Actor"/"Female Actor" terminology... among other silliness.


rhhardin said...

We have male stewardesses.

I don't know if the British call them trolley dollies though.

Jim Hanson said...

That was some high quality snark aimed at some entirely deserving targets. I am incapable of watching awards shows or even most of the awful movies and actresses they give the awards to. I will though keep an eye on Ms./Mr? Morehead for the abuse dished out.


Uncle J

Marcia said...

If there aren't actors and actresses, then why so they give two awards? If they're all actors, then Kate winslet should compet with George Cloony (or whoever).

Joe said...

That this is repeated, I suspect an error with search and replace.

For the record, having worked in the film industry, many actresses I know dislike the feminized word and prefer simply being called female actors.

Linguistically, actor is the generic term, so male/female actor is correct. Female actress, however, is redundant and Male actress is a contradiction.

BlogDog said...

The National Health Service created that category to prevent it from being ridiculed by the other categories.

Trooper York said...

I hope George Clooney wins best Actress because he is the biggest pussy in Hollywood.