January 11, 2010

At the Town Lake Inn...


... shimmer.


Lem said...

Dont recall the details but..

I think they put that green chemical in the water to keep something from growing and sucking the oxygen out of the water.

Rialby said...

There's a story someone once told me about Berk Breathead. Apparently, he started a rumor that he had dumped alligators in Town Lake (where they might very well survive) when he worked for the Daily Texan.. The cops pulled him in and interrogated him. He had to do some convincing before they finally let him go.

Freeman Hunt said...

I cleaned out a cabinet today and found a bunch of old pictures, including an album with photos from high school. Among them, this one.

I can't remember why that was taken.

Some of you know what I think of Huckabee as a Presidential candidate. So, heh.

(Who knows? Maybe he'll have an anti-statist turn of heart, embrace Club for Growth, and I'll eat my one time words.)

vbspurs said...

LOL and *clap* at the photo of Freeman with Huck!

...I thought he was as fat as a tub of lard when he was Gov? When did he lose the blubber?

Freeman Hunt said...

That picture must have been taken about 13 or 14 years ago, so pre-Huckabee weight loss. He doesn't look that big though. Before he gained? I don't know.

vbspurs said...

Never mind. You look very cute. Very.

Freeman Hunt said...

Thanks, Victoria.

Here, I'll say something controversial now:

That's how you pose with a politician without "wielding your breasts."


vbspurs said...

I like your Mary Tyler Moore double-BREASTED jacket.

AlphaLiberal said...

Intriguing arguments that the filibuster is unConstitutional.

Maybe some law professor somewhere will blog about it.

chuck b. said...

Miep Gies died. http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2010/01/11/world/AP-EU-Netherlands-Obit-Miep-Gies.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=miep%20gies&st=cse

EDH said...

The final US Senate debate was tonight at the site of the planned Kennedy Institute. Hosted by David Gergen, who had difficulty concealing his bias and at one point actually called it "Ted Kenndy's seat," which Brown corrected as "the people's seat" to his advantage.

Overall, I'd give Brown a B on the debate. I think he could have made some of the distinctions with Coakley clearer.

Still, I grow more optimistic every day from what I see and hear, at Brown HQ and just out and about. Brown raised over $1 million today.

Coakley's response: a high-priced out-of-state fundraiser in DC for lobbyists tomorrow and... a pair of limp "Jazz Hands."

chuck b. said...

George Bush Sr. heckled in a Houston restaurant. How pathetic and tacky. http://bit.ly/5NMvMX

Chris said...

Wasn't Town Lake renamed Lady Bird Lake?

EDH said...


Don't you know: everything is "unconstitutional" the moment it doesn't cut the Democrat's way.

By all means, get rid of the filibuster, just in time for a Republican majority -- that's the ticket.

EDH said...

Instapundit just posted the video.

"It's the people's seat."

edutcher said...

Love the copper and gold on the shimmering green.

And some people think winter is just gray and brown.

EDH said...

Instapundit just posted the video.

"It's the people's seat."

About damned time. Somebody in the People's Republic should have said that about 60 years ago. If they had, we might not be in some of the mess we are today - to channel Trent Lott (and I never thought I'd ever do that!).

EDH said...

Even worse, Gergan called it "Teddy Kennedy's seat."

Brown to Gergan: Thanks for the opening I could drive my truck through, you Kennedy School of Government at Harvard meathead.

wv-"scarya" = ouch, that's gonna leave mark

Fred4Pres said...

Thanks for sharing Freeman. Huckabee looks pretty much the same as always.

Ann, not that this is your best work, but you are a very good photographer. I like your eye.

vbspurs said...

George Bush Sr. heckled in a Houston restaurant. How pathetic and tacky.

"Murdering, New World Order Zionist POS".

Ah yes. A card carrying progressive speaking truth to power. Even retired power.

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kentuckyliz said...

I rowed on Town Lake. Spring break crew training.