January 29, 2010

At the Tabletop Nightclub...


... you can write your manifesto.


peter hoh said...

Or you could reflect.

MamaM said...

It's refraction in our night sky tonight with a beautiful moon ring showing.

peter hoh said...

This photos suggests the possibility of ghost writers.

JAL said...

It's a wintery mix at our place. 6-8" down with snow, with a dash or two of sleet and a glaze of freezing fog (!) (perhaps) later today, Saturday. Oh yeah, and maybe another 6 inches of snow.

A good time to stay inside. We'll get the sleds out after it stops. Sunday.

JAL said...

Peter. Go to bed. (Or are you in CA?)

wv dormisti
(Why do they look better inthe squiggly colored fonts?)

ethan said...

I love how we get a tour de force of debating ability and policy chops from Obama and Ann "Tits" Althouse, prolific blogger and white racist, suddenly finds other things to do besides blog.


Hey, what's Dick Cheney up to these days, Ann?

You fuckin' moron.

ethan said...

Where are Ann's lamentations about how much she misses George W. Bush?

Bush couldn't come close to what Obama did with a decade of study, a brain transplant, and a gram of crystal meth.

Watching Ann under the influence of her Meade is like watching Britney under the influence of Kevin Federline: must-watch rubbernecking, a little sad, and a lot amusing.

Lem said...

@ ethan

I love how we get..

You don't know anything about love.

please don't sully the word next to the hatefull shodow of your odorific fingertips... God only knows where they been.

the rest of your comment is too far down the sewer for me to bother.

ethan said...

Kill yourself, enabler.

Lem said...

Kill yourself, enabler.

I'm waiting for your savior Obama to talk me out of it.

Lem said...

For a savior (Obama) to be so preoccupied with the Devil (Bush) makes one wonder as to his saving qualifications.

Are you sure Obama is not with the baddies

info said...

No magic mouse/mice ?!?!?

Theo Boehm said...

Too many cords. You need to be less cluttered and aesthetic. You're using Apple computers, after all.

You could try Apple cordless mice, but Bluetooth is unstable and unreliable. Bluetooth STILL crashes OS 10.6 and eats up unnecessary battery power.

Your best choice is a Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX. It uses a very small USB dongle, so you will lose a USB outlet, but you lose that anyway with a corded mouse. And it's infinitely more reliable than anything Bluetooth.

I even use it for SolidWorks CAD on the Windows BootCamp partition on my 17" MacBook Pro, as well as other CAD and graphics on the OS X side. Great little mouse.

I had the predecessor of this mouse and gave it to my wife for her own MacBook Pro when her corded notebook mouse died. She is NOT a hardware freak, but even she now refuses to part with it, having finally gotten the cordless religion.

Ann Althouse said...

"Tits doesn't even belong on the list, you know. It's such a friendly sounding word. It sounds like a nickname. 'Hey, Tits, come here. Tits, meet Toots, Toots, Tits, Tits, Toots.'"

Ann Althouse said...

Re wireless mouse. I have one. Don't like it. Don't trust it. Seems like a troublemaker.

The Crack Emcee said...

I am especially fond of my banner headline today.

Paul Zrimsek said...

I joined the cordless religion for a while but the cordless god demanded such frequent sacrifices of batteries that I went back to the heathen cord.

How could anyone possibly find anything to do but blog at 3:26 in the morning?

Pogo said...

She likes to keep her mouse on a short leash.

I don't blame her. My wireless mouse always tries to commit suicide, suddenly leaping off the table onto the tile kitchen floor, crashing into 5 or 6 pieces. But this king, sans horses, can put it together again.

Still, it plots the next dive. So I, too, mistrust my wireless mouse. Maybe it needs a blue pill.

jayne_cobb said...

Regardless of what one's opinion is regarding politics can we all just agree that now is not the time for the government to be concerned with the BCS

Ignorance is Bliss said...

I don't know why they'd want to mess with the BCS this year, when it clearly resulted in the correct team winning the national championship.

Roll Tide!

Barristers Handshake said...

I like to note the details.

- The Chaptstick, not Burts Bees, but actual Chapstick brand. I wouldn't have guessed that.

- Some manifesto from February 1996(?), The Stretford Manifesto? It begins "So you decided to put your name and address on the Stretford mailing list? This is a move you will doubtlessly regret. Most band newsletters are nothing more than a vehicle for a band to bombard 'its' fans with bombastic, self-congratulatory, vain, pompous, self-serving pack of lies [sic], half-truths and propaganda...."

-I'd like to know what the blue book is, and why is it cover down. Is it ashamed? There's serious competition from the magazine with the woman on her phone (although that mag hasn't moved since morning). Looking back to the earlier photo we learn that the blue book is entitled "Judicial ______." Sounds boring.

- Simplicity in keys, Audi, 2 university issued keys, maybe a home key and one of those supermarket/gym scan things, where do you get scanned? What do they know about you?

- original hardwood floors, and a chandelier with a wrought iron color, perhaps 5 lights, plus the little naked coasters, begging for a coffee cup. What's in the cupboard behind the photographer? The little purple and white cupboad off to the right framed by yellow and green? Stuff, I imagine, the kinda stuff we all keep but we're not sure why (but we can justify it if asked).

- I especially like the magazine flipped open to an article entitled "Back to the Drawing Board." What is it about? Relationship help? Work? Writing? Healthcare? Perhaps home improvement?

JAL said...

I still really want your rug.

Beth said...

At work, I have used a Logitech cordless mouse (see Theo's post) with my iMac for two years. I have had to replace the batteries only once, and it has been completely reliable.

At home, we have a Mac G5 in our A/V setup and we use Apple's wireless keyboard and mouse. Again, no problem, other than an initial delay of a few seconds on start-up for the peripherals to be recognized.

We both have the Air Mouse app on our iPhones and that works pretty well, too.

All in all, I have been pleased with the performance of wireless devices.

Beth said...

JAL - have fun sledding. That's the one thing I miss about up north.

When I was six, a few days before Christmas, we had a big snow that shut down the main road through the family housing area on the base where we were stationed in West Germany. It happened to be on a hill. That evening, my dad announced that our family had a new holiday tradition, and each of us could choose one present to open before Christmas day. I went right for the flat box stretched along the wall behind the tree, and sure enough it was a Western Flyer. Forty-three years later I can still remember that night.

Methadras said...

Needs more iPad.