December 15, 2009

Why didn't you vote in the "Who is the Hottest Tiger Woods Babe?" Poll?

The poll is here, on the Vanity Fair website.

Why didn't you vote?
I think it's absolutely disgusting to make light of adultery.
They all look awful to me now.
I did vote. For the wife of course. She should win.
I did vote, for the nonwife I really thought was the best. free polls


Peter Hoh said...

bad link.

Can Of Cheese for Hunter said...

Ann - your link isn't working.

I'd add to the Vanity Fair poll, a publication I can't stand, this option>>>

o *Ugh* yet another celebrity boinking spectacle.

Beldar said...

Here's a working link.

However, Prof. A, in coming up with that link I violated my general rule that also would have been my answer to your poll, had it been among the choices: I generally try to avoid giving traffic to the Vanity Fair website because I don't view it as an ethical, honest, or useful publication.

Beldar said...

I should also mention that they've taken the poll down and replaced it with this statement:

Well, this poll doesn’t seem to have accomplished its goal of providing a little light-hearted entertainment for one and all. A few hundred people were evidently content to cast their vote for one or another of the women in Tiger Woods’s complicated personal life, but several others felt compelled to tell us in no uncertain terms that such tacky polls are beneath us. Thanks for the compliment—we think. In any case, the moralists among you may be gratified to know that Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren, was the clear winner, with 48 percent of the vote. Thanks for playing!

former law student said...

Some unattractive women in that group. Uchitel looks like Michael Jackson with long hair. Elin more than holds her own.

vw: washie

What your face should have before a brushie and then beddie.

Expat(ish) said...

Being a happily married man I'd have said "his wife."

Apparently I am smarter than Tiger. (Maybe I've been hit by fewer drivers?)

T-15 days for my 15th anniversary - can't wait. Looks like work won't interrupt this year for a change.


Wince said...

Can't get to the VF link.

Coincidentally, have to admit I was paging through one of the other Tiger's mistresses photo galleries last night, and I tried to pick one with the idea I'd post my nomination here at Althouse.

But it was off point... at least for a few hours anyway.

But if his wife is in the pool too, no doubt, it's Elin.

Fred4Pres said...

When I was both happy and sad to find that Tiger did not have Meghan McCain, I just didn't feel like commenting any more.

Joe said...

Damn, I wanted to vote for Elin (though measured against other beautiful women, I find her rather average.)

Big Mike said...

Did Meade vote? Is he in trouble for how he voted?

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote because the link is broken.

The hotlink ... the key technology that makes the internet valuable!

Some loose shit on this blog.

Anonymous said...

None of these whores hold a candle to his beautiful wife Elin and his children.

I tell you, some people just can't be happy. You give them the natural talent of a God, not seen ever in the history of golf.

You give him a job that is a game ... I mean his job is to go outdoors in beautiful weather in the world's most beautiful places and play fucking golf for Chrissakes ... this is how he makes a living.

You give him untold millions of dollars for just showing up to most places. Or holding your product. Or being in pictures on airport billboards. He's allegedly the first "billion-dollar" sports star.

You give him four or five homes. The best cars, furniture, pools ... whatever a man can dream of.

Then you throw on top of that this beautiful Nordic woman who apparently has some values.

Bless that man with two incredible healthy children.

And what does that man do?

Whoredog with these fucking skanks I've seen on display?

What. The. Fuck?

The lesson here is that you can't buy class. And you can't fake class.

Tiger Woods is a no-class player.

Unknown said...

Have to agree with fls and Flo. Bad news broads, all of them.

Besides, who reads Vanity Fair?

WV "pectiou" What someone said before you say, "Pectiou, too"

Rich B said...

Clearly, Tiger is no good at cost/benefit analysis.

That's why Accenture dumped him, right?

Kev said...

(the other kev)

I would just like all these ladies now that my vote can be bought. E-mail me.

Kev said...

(the other kev)

OK, let's try this again:

I would just like all these ladies know that my vote can be bought. E-mail me.

B.S. philosopher said...

Having looked at the list, it's obvious Tiger suffers from the classic subliminal "She's too good for me" syndrome. Or maybe he's just an idiot.

Seriously. His wife is a SWEDISH SWIMSUIT MODEL. The skeezy chicks he's cheating with look like your typical Jersey shore/Palm Beach chicks with bolted on frankenstein boobs and orange-tinted fake tan skin.

Then again regarding Elin; there is a reason the saying,
"It doesn't matter how good she looks, somewhere, someone is tired of her crap." exists.

wv: supoenu

Tiger's chicks are fixing to get served with "supoenus"

Anonymous said...

"I would just like all these ladies know that my vote can be bought."

And these skanks would like you to know that their pussies can be bought. It will only cost you your great job, your wife, your kids, your sponsors, your houses and your self-respect.

Enjoy your herpes.

Anonymous said...

"Having looked at the list, it's obvious Tiger suffers from the classic subliminal 'She's too good for me' syndrome."

Tiger suffers from the "low-life scumbag from the wrong side of the tracks" syndrome.

You can lead a horse to a country club, but you cannot make it drink from the crystal stemware.

save_the_rustbelt said...

VF is dissing its own poll because of reader complaints. So much for humor.

In other news, VF has been doing some of the best reporting on the financial crisis, Madoff, etc. (some of it by reportette of Enron fame).

Ignore the rest of the mag and read the financial materials.

Sigivald said...

You left out "because I don't care".

bearbee said...

The media should shut up for a while to let Woods and his wife sort it out.

He needs to go Ray Charles

Charlie Martin said...

O Who cares?

ricpic said...

Did anyone catch the pictures of Elin gassing up her SUV in Florida? No wedding ring and looking happy as a lark.

Revenant said...

His wife is the best-looking, I think. Presumably he had other reasons than looks for sleeping around.

paul a'barge said...

LOL. Link still broken. By now, I guess it's obviously intentional.

Anonymous said...

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