December 30, 2009

The New Year's Eve blue moon.

Tomorrow night. What will it look like? Like any other full moon. It's just the second full moon in a month. But all full moons are terribly beautiful, and a full moon on New Year's Eve — New Decade's Eve — seems propitious. May the new moon lift up your heart and inspire you to contribute what you can to whatever can be good about the next year and the 9 that follow.


Musical accompaniment.


miller said...

It's no more wonderful than a pregnant woman coming back to life after her death and immediate c-section to save her child.

veni vidi vici said...

After the turdblossom of a year that 2009 turned out to be, I'm ready for any sort of lift!

Here's to a phenomenal '10, y'all!

wv: "mellusul" -- a mellow soul, in some Latin American dialect.

Cedarford said...

Kind of a pity a blue moon officially doesn't mean an actual blue moon.
A real full blue moon is rare, and it is beautiful. I've seen a couple when I was North. I think they were when there were ice crystals in the air. One I am sure of...the most memorable blue moon was a full moon, blue as cornflower or light sapphire..and surrounded by a vivid white halo with red on the inside, blue on the outside. It was all the effect of light diffracting through high and low ice crystal...I learned that only ice crystals make a halo effect while a blue moon can also come from water vapor.

Same thing with harvest moon. Officially it is just a full moon that rises closer than normal to sunset.

But such harvest moons appear big low in the horizon, and be a russet, orangish color because the light is diffused out through longer distance travel in atomospheric dust.

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Wince said...

Death Panels.

Rich Cling to Life to Beat Tax Man

Starting Jan. 1, the estate tax -- which can erase nearly half of a wealthy person's estate -- goes away for a year. For families facing end-of-life decisions in the immediate future, the change is making one of life's most trying episodes only more complex.

"I have two clients on life support, and the families are struggling with whether to continue heroic measures for a few more days," says Joshua Rubenstein, a lawyer with Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP in New York. "Do they want to live for the rest of their lives having made serious medical decisions based on estate-tax law?"

...To make it easier on their heirs, some clients are putting provisions into their health-care proxies allowing whoever makes end-of-life medical decisions to consider changes in estate-tax law. "We have done this at least a dozen times, and have gotten more calls recently," says Andrew Katzenstein, a lawyer with Proskauer Rose LLP in Los Angeles.

Of course, plenty of taxpayers themselves are eager to live to see the new year. One wealthy, terminally ill real-estate entrepreneur has told his doctors he is determined to live until the law changes.

"Whenever he wakes up," says his lawyer, "He says: 'What day is it? Is it Jan. 1 yet?'"

The looming lapse of the estate tax is presenting some families with unprecedented ethical quandaries.

"I've been practicing for more than 30 years, and never has the timing of death made such a financial difference," says Dennis Belcher, president of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel. "People have a hard enough time talking about death and addressing estate planning without this."

...The situation is causing at least one person to add the prospect of euthanasia to his estate-planning mix, according to Mr. Katzenstein of Proskauer Rose. An elderly, infirm client of his recently asked whether undergoing euthanasia next year in Holland, where it's legal, might allow his estate to dodge the tax.

His answer: Yes

BJM said...


I've seen a blue moon too and it's unbelieveably beautiful. Ours was on a very humid summer night and the color was more of a bright aqua with a darker aqua ring & white halo, perhaps ice crystals produce the deeper colors you describe.

Jimmy said...

A full moon on New Year's Eve only means more amateurs will be out.

Anonymous said...

It's almost as good as rush limbaugh not dying from a heart attack

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