December 21, 2009

Must be Santa!


Ron said...

Yow! "Tangled up in Polka!"

Ron said...

It's comforting to feel that Thom Yorke and Coldplay will be doing this in 40 years....

Anonymous said...

Goes well with Wild Turkey and... oh FUCK IT LET'S LIGHT UP WITH SOME CHRISTMAS GANJA!

Is tokin' allowed here at Che Althouse?. If not, perhaps you can make an exception because it is really necessary to completely absorb the utter genius of that there videooooo...

Irene said...

It looks and sounds like a Lithuanian wedding.

And the little elf coming down the stairs in the black hot pants is adorable.

vbspurs said...

OMG! It's the Lithuanian Klezmer version of the musical "Cabaret" as sung by Johnny Depp.


KCFleming said...

I made it about 72 seconds.

In my experience, such sounds are soon followed by vomiting, thrown punches, and a massive headache.

Of course, that happens without the music too, so, hard to tell.

KCFleming said...

Tried again; made it almost all the way through.

Sure enough, I punched someone.
Now my head hurts.

Must be Santa, the bastard.

chickelit said...

Yow! "Tangled up in Polka!"

Folka Music!

Ron said...

Folka Music!

So, the real question is...when will Dylan go hasidic?

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Dylan had a sense of humor.

This is much funnier.

sakredkow said...

That's the coolest thing! Too freaking funny! Notice he starts singing the reindeer names and then it's the names of all the recent Presidents of US?
And the wig is back!! WTF is up with that wig LOL!?
He is too much. Sounds great too. God love him. He always makes my day. Smartest most creative man in the room and all that.

Penny said...

I SO predicted that chandelier swing. The window jump was a surprise. Homage to the current vampire phase perhaps. If so, then that would make it the Transylvania Polka.

Palladian said...

If you don't appreciate the genius of Bob after watching this, nothing will convince you.

Wince said...

The accordianist in the video looks like a bearded Roman Polanski.

It is, after all, a polka.

Keep him away from the kids.

traditionalguy said...

Will this become the Nutcracker of our day?

Methadras said...

I'm sorry, but what the fuck?

Known Unknown said...

I've always preferred the Mitch Miller version.

Amexpat said...

A fun video. For me, it made sense of this song.

Chase said...


And palladian is right again.

Wince said...

It looks like they pretty much kept women over 50 out of that party.

The men, not so much.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Big Joe Polka does Ganja.

Hey!!! Isn't THIS somewhere near Madison.

How long before these poor children commit suicide or climb into a bell tower somewhere and commit mayhem.

Who can blame them.

Seriously. Watch the video

Dylan may be onto something. Other than Ghangja......It could also be a serious flashback. That could explain a lot.

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