December 31, 2009

January, 2009 — Part 1 in a 12-part blog series.

1. 6 reasons why we didn't talk about the way Caroline Kennedy looks.

2. Going out without a hat does not make you as cold as going out without pants.

3. I kind of liked Twitter.

4. Random thoughts about "Gran Torino" lead to an important development.

5. "Naturally, I was interested. Interested in eeelection, which I took to be a way of e-voting for electric eels. Also screwing civility sounded hot, though I deplore the close proximity of screwing and electric eels."

6. You can't tell from the post, but this is all there is on the blog recounting the first date in a relationship that led, by August, to marriage.

7. "Wouldn't it be funny, Barack, if, after all of this, you wake up one morning, and you think: I hate my job?"

8. Ah! See what's on the iPhone? Meade sent that.

ADDED: This was important. Make that #9.


Big Mike said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised if #7 was one of the first things that went through Obama's mind when he found his vacation interrupted because of a crazy Nigerian who tried to blow up an aircraft on Christmas day.

edutcher said...

You had a crush on Jimmy Carter?

You showed good sense going with Meade, instead.

WV "hiesisco" What Pancho said first thing in the morning.

Craig said...

The nipple picture makes another appearance! Thank goodness you are so breast obsessed!!

Tom Mannis said...

I just found your blog, Ann, and I love it. (From a Madison WI expat living in Chicago.)

former law student said...

"Wouldn't it be funny, Barack, if, after all of this, you wake up one morning, and you think: I hate my job?"

Had Althouse only substituted "Sarah Palin" for Barack, she'd be really prescient.

amba said...

Revisited the post and comments about Gran Torino, because I finally saw it -- and absolutely loved it. (My only wince was when he falls at the end in a crucifixion posture. Not being a Christian, I'm embarrassed by what seems to me the vanity of equating a movie character with Christ -- Willem Dafoe in Platoon comes to mind. But perhaps if you're a Christian, the idea of imitatio Christi, aspiring to reenact Christ's sacrifice in your own small way, is perfectly legit.)

Unknown said...

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