December 24, 2009

"I won’t marry because I am too afraid of taking him for granted or him taking me for granted..."

"... maybe it will be a good excuse for a party when I am 80."

Said Susan Sarandon a while back. Sarandon is nowhere near 80. She's 63. The man she pictured herself growing old with, Tim Robbins, is 51. They'd been together for 23 years. No more.

Does it make it any easier not being married? Yes, I always knew this was temporary? You know the old hippie poster:
You do your thing, I'll do mine.
You go your way, I'll go mine.
And if we end up together...
It's beautiful.


vbspurs said...

You do your thing, I'll do mine.
You go your way, I'll go mine.
And if we end up together...
It's beautiful.

Or as the generation which followed the hippies say, "It don't mean a thing, if you ain't got that ring".


Rialby said...

That and he was probably cheating on her with someone 1/3 of her age. Like any good "progressive" man. See: Sean Penn

vbspurs said...

Incidentally, I remember Tim and Susan (like I know them) co-presenting at the Oscars, and launching forth in one of their political rants about President Clinton's treatment of Haitian refugees.

In fact, since that moment, I can remember very few political statements by presenters at Oscars ceremonies. That's almost 15 years of Hollywood types not yapping about their political gripe du jour. Huzzah.

Big Mike said...

What do you expect from the female lead of "Rocky Horror Picture Show"?

Greg Hlatky said...

Disagreement over the health care bill?

Fred4Pres said...

There is nothing to gloat about. I do not care for their politics, but they have made a few good movies, a couple of kids, and have been together a long time. I am sorry things did not work out for them. I wish them both the best.

tim maguire said...

Too bad. Sure, politically they're typical liberal idiots with all the usual simplistic ideas and bottomless font of arrogance, but as a couple it's hard to deny that they were something special.

They turned the "older man/younger woman" cliche on its head and lasted 23 years in an industry where 23 months is an accomplishment.

AprilApple said...

I want left-wing celebrities to pay higher taxes.

It's only fair. Congress should add an amendment to the stimulus sham or the health care disaster and make it so. The time for talk is over. It is time for our patriotic celebrities to pay their fair share and help save America.

vbspurs said...

They turned the "older man/younger woman" cliche on its head and lasted 23 years in an industry where 23 months is an accomplishment.

They were amongst the first Hollywood couples to give their kids unusual first names, such as "Hopper Jack". Although Wikipedia does say it's just "Jack Henry".

Me, I'm still getting over Rumer Willis.

Paul said...

I recall that in 2004 Susan Sarandon said she would move to Canada if Bush were re-elected. Maybe she's just getting around to it now.

chuck b. said...

I was sorry to see this first thing in the morning. (Not that I am like that. I am not about me constantly monitoring the news... oh, whatever.)

23 years is a long time and I feel sorry for them. When people break up after a long time I always think it's a big mistake--a mistake not to realize they should have done so sooner, or a mistake breaking up at all.

I live by the creed of Tim Gunn: Make It Work.

And did they have to break up at Christmas? Sheesh.

WV: dingly. I love your dingly earrings!

Xmas said...

Her daughter, Eva Amurri, is the Stripper Girl on Californication! I knew those boobs looked familiar!

(So I've seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show too many times.)

EDH said...

Or the last embraces and pillow talk before coffee and oatmeal seem more exciting.

Althouse made that comment under her post on the health care bill passing the senate?

Geoff Matthews said...

If this were a divorce, the splitting of assets would be an issue. After 23 years, it would probably be 50/50. Since both are very successful, this will involve a lot of money. And both will be okay (financially).

But think about what this would be like if they were poor/middle class. Splitting a home (if they have one) more often means that the home will be sold, leaving neither with a house. Savings (if there are any) will be depleted. Women are typically worse off, much more so when kids are involved. Being married indicates that the woman has ownership of 1/2 of the assets (unless there is a pre-nup).

Money is a great insulator for bad choices. The poor, more than anyone, need to make good choices.

J said...

You left out the "I am not in the world to live up to your expectations" and the rest of that huge load of steaming hippie crap.

The whole thing can be found here:

Kevin said...

Damn, the internets don't have my favorite version of that poster, which instead of pairing that drivel with a couple embracing in a sunlit meadow, instead had a picture of Adolph Hitler.

class-factotum said...

She probably didn't marry him because she wanted to protect her assets. Would a prenup be valid after 23 years? Wouldn't it now be considered a common-law marriage?

class-factotum said...

And no. Common-law marriage is not recognized in the state of California.

William said...

Xmas morning the kids will open up the pre-common law agreement and find out where they spend the rest of the holidays. Geoff Matthews has it right: "Money is a great insulator for bad choices." This isn't such a sad story. Like Tiger Woods, they will no longer have a perfect life, just a very, very good life.

JohnAnnArbor said...

They can divide their giant cloud of smug into two, smaller, individually-sized clouds of smug.

edutcher said...

For Robbins' sake, I hope it's nothing he started. Were it not for the linking of his name with his ex, one of the few Hollyweird Lefties to actually have a college degree (most apparently were lucky to have escaped high school), he has no career.

vbspurs said...

They were amongst the first Hollywood couples to give their kids unusual first names, such as "Hopper Jack". Although Wikipedia does say it's just "Jack Henry".

Me, I'm still getting over Rumer Willis.

Rumer, apparently, is an old Welsh name. My Aunt Mary was a fan of mystery novelist, Rumer Godden.

Thought a good British subject such as yourself might know about the origin of the name. Merry Christmas, anyway.

WV "batair" When the Caped Crusader has overdone the cauliflower.

Borepatch said...

The old Grit Laskin song hits center mass:

He said, "Hey man, it's heavy,
I'm not into what's going down.
The taxi meter's running,
and I'm turned off this town.
But you'll still be my ol' lady
If you're ever near San Francisco
After all, babe, you're a Pisces,
And I'm a Scorpio.

Sadly, I can't find a video, but the lyrics are here.;ttPLESDELT.html

jeff said...

Didn't they name one kid after Jack Henry Abbott? That says something about both of them.

ricpic said...

Sarandon always struck me as a my way or the highway type gal. Ya know, what's called a "strong" woman. As long as it was her way the twosome worked. At some point this Robbins dude decided that he wanted to wear the pants. At least some of the time. That was it. Relationship kaput.

Donald Douglas said...

Ann: Wrote on this last night. It's Sarandon's daughter who dropped the f-bomb in the MTV no sex if you don't support ObamaCare ad. See, 'The Tim Robbins-Susan Sarandon Split - Er, Kinda Like the Sino-Soviet Split?'.

Republican said...

Infidelity caused their breakup.

The Crack Emcee said...

They're two ultra-liberals, from Hollywood, who supported John Edwards in the last election:

No surprise here.

And, BTW, the first time I saw her daughter in that Rock The Vote video, I thought, "Who's the chick with Downs Syndrome, thinking her withholding of sex is a threat?"

I wouldn't consider having sex with her out of the fear, if she got pregnant, our kids would look like that. *shiver*

Pogo said...

They weren't married, and they split up?

Does that mean anything at all?

PatCA said...

"It's Sarandon's daughter who dropped the f-bomb in the MTV no sex if you don't support ObamaCare ad."

In Hwood that's called "brave" but these days, it's a cliche. How about wishing someone a Merry Christmas? Now, that's brave.

vnjagvet said...

Like a tree falling in the forest with no one around, or the bear taking a dump in the woods, POGO

XWL said...

In Eva Amurri's defense (Sarandon's daughter), she recently topped a very prestigious entertainment list.

blake said...

I think it's a shame. I like them both, no matter how crazy their politics.

Robbins went out of his way to make sure that his removal from some Baseball Hall of Fame ceremonies (for political reasons) didn't deter anyone from going to see the Hall of Fame.

Also, there's no common law marriage in California, but there is Palimony. It's interesting: We don't call it marriage, but gay or straight, it carries many of the same responsibilities.

David said...

She's leaving him because he is too old for her. She's is still gorgeous at 63. He looks older than she does.

They both act pretty well. I just ignore the politics.

Sam U. said...

So their non-marriage lasted far far longer than your first marriage, eh? Maybe you should keep that in mind.

Synova said...

I don't get this notion of not getting married because marriage *makes* you take your spouse for granted. Not with the ability to divorce! Not even 20 years ago. Not even 30 years ago. Not any time shorter than 40 years ago.

And besides... "taking for granted" is another way of saying you trust the other person's commitment. You KNOW they aren't going to cheat or leave you when life hits a rough spot. That has NOTHING to do with your suddenly deciding that you can treat your partner like crap. Blame that on being married? Really?

Being decent to each other is an independent choice. It's got nothing to do with a piece of paper.

Chase said...

Uh oh . . .

What does this forbode for Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn?

blogging cockroach said...

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amba said...

Menopause. Such a stumbling block, even in Hollywood. (Oh, sure, that was ten years ago. Does Robbins get points for hanging in for ten more years?)

My husband is 18 years older than me. A nasty little saying I have in my mind is, "Hey girls! Marry an older man! He'll be too old to dump you at menopause, and in return, you'll still be young enough to care for him in decrepitude!"

Yes, this is ageist as all hell. It's also biological. We are the animal that can rise above biology, but often doesn't.

For the record, though, it seems (speaking from experience) to be only upper-middle-class white guys (like Robbins?) -- and not all of those -- who cease to see a woman as a woman past a certain age.

Of course, I have no idea whether this was even the problem.

vw: afties

Cedarford said...

"blake said...
I think it's a shame. I like them both, no matter how crazy their politics."

Me too!

I dislike their politics but admire their sincerity and commitment. There is also a slew of Brit actors and actresses of a Leftist bent that are about the same, but escape the "nutty Lefty label."

As for their movies, both have superb ones. Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorites, and earlier this year I "discovered" Sarandon in an entrancing role in The Tempest..with John Cassavetes.

And, like Jane Fonda, Susannah York, Vanessa Redgrave - Lefty - but with a killer bod in her prime.

And the men? Matt Damon grew up neighbors with Howard Zinn and likes to quote him. But I like Damon's flicks. Paul Newman? Nixon's Enemy List. (actually Nixon had nothing to do with making it or adding people to it.)

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Joseph said...

Funny, that hippie attitude seems similar to the attitude "tolerant" conservatives have toward gay couples: you do your thing and if you end up staying together good for you but our government should NOT recognize that relationship.

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amba said...

Wow, I have something in common with Cedarford: liking The Shawshank Redemption. Which allegedly lost out on an Oscar in part because of its title. My favorite moment is when Morgan Freeman says "Zihuatanejo." It's like a magical incantation, like "abracadabra" or something.

joewxman said...

f.y.i maybe its the fact that their's was an open relationship. I have a friend (cop) who Susan threw herself at. He gently refused which made his wife very happy. Ms Sarandon explained her relationship with Robbins as an open one where each took on other partners from time to time.

Maybe they just grew tired of it all. Who knows..who cares.

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