December 12, 2009

Aw, come on Joe, what if a blind person saw it?

The designer of a Braille dreidel — the Braidel — doesn't appreciate a blogger's appreciation of it.


rhhardin said...

The dreidel probably converted more kids to Christianity than anything.

Christian kids get great toys, not some crummy top.

The blind kids aren't going to know that, and are probably the remaining dreidel market.

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

Hey, shin'nuff, gimel one or I'll have nun.

I was a shabbat goy and hung around with a lot of Jewish guys at school. The worst trouble we ever got into was one Hannukah in the very early '60s: we were spinning the dreidel for quarters at the back of the cafeteria.

It was all on the QT, except when the pot got past 25 bucks -- nearly two Benjis in today's money -- things got pretty exciting and we showed it.


The principal tried to let me off because I was a goy and therefore couldn't really have been involved ... except I fessed up enthusiastically, and took my week's detention along with all the Jewish kids.

So we all turned it into an ongoing suufganiot party -- suufganiot are special Hannukah doughnuts -- and spun the dreidel for little pieces of blue paper, that just happened to be notional quarters ... accounts were settled after Hannukah was over.

A great miracle happened here.

Now, into the dining room for latkas. If Hannukah was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me.

May G-D indeed bring lasting light into your life.

john said...

When my wife told our daughter it wasn't polite to stare at the blind person, she asked "why?".

vbspurs said...

I forgot to wish the Althouse commenters who celebrate it, a very Happy Hanukkah!


garage mahal said...

Braille Blues Daddy

I can reeeeeeallly cop a feel!

Bissage said...

Cartoon by Sam Gross: A man is standing on a city street corner with a cup of pencils and a big sign hanging from around his neck.

"Please Help. I Am Blind and I Think I Might be Black."

Jennifer said...

Am I blind? Am I missing another response from the author or is the blogger describing the following as a "blistering response" and "hostility"?

Would you mind removing...blah blah blah...happy hannukah...


Dumb, sure. But, blistering and hostile? Yeesh. Simmer down, Joe. It's hannukah.

former law student said...

Joe's violating her copyright by hosting her image on his page. If she doesn't go after Joe, any other copiers have an estoppel argument against her. What she should do to preserve her rights is give him a royalty-free license.

anglofilia said...

C'mon, Althouse -- in this season of lights, shed some on this. Even this BookOfJoe fan thinks Jennifer's right that he went overboard on this one: What's so "blistering" about Braidel-artist's request to respect her ownership? Is former-law-student right about the royalty-free license (and what if Braidel doesn't want to grant one)?
As a non-lawyer blogger, and a writer who wants to protect her own property rights, I wonder about this stuff all the time: If Joe just reprinted your posts or my photos on his site, how would that be "fair use" or reporting?

Kylos said...

A while ago, I asked the creator of longtail video to remove my flickr pictures when he was using them to display the functionality of his Adobe Flash image rotator application. After a polite discussion, he decided to only use flickr images that had a fully free use copyright. Joe may think the request is outrageous, but he appears to be quite the boor for mocking someone when he should rather be politely expressing his perspective on why his use does not damage the artist.