December 1, 2009

At the Pink Nightclub...


... you can stay until you're the last one here.


john said...

.... you can stay until you're the last one here.

Lem, wake up, you're on.

john said...

My daughter and I have been following the news of the circumnavigation attempt by Jessica Watson, an Australian teenager.

Her boat is called "Ella's Pink Lady".

Christy said...

I finally ripped out the marigolds and petunias today, Dec. 1, and they were still blooming! Nothing in pink, though.

LonewackoDotCom said...

Lem is currently unavailable due to an unfortunate incident involving a tea bag, a KMart Thomas Paine costume, and the soundtrack to The Music Man. The details aren't really important and it would probably be best if we didn't go into it. However, we wish him the best.

Meanwhile, would anyone like to help reduce U.S. unemployment? At the same time, what if you could raise the level of debate in the U.S. above that offered by most of the major blogs, pundits, and MSM sources? Not only that, but at the same time you could help discredit the Obama administration. Sounds too fantastic to be true?

Actually, it isn't. The problem is that those major bloggers and MSM sources have no interest in doing it; they like things the way they are.

If you don't - if you want to have a real impact and help American workers - help promote this plan. You don't even have to do much; you might even just encourage others to form such groups. Based on almost three years' experience trying and failing to get others to help I know this is going to be difficult. But, eventually others will decide to help American workers and at the same time fight back effectively against the corrupt Beltway elite and their little helpers in the MSM and at the major blogs.

David Baker said...

Nice to see you're still noticing the little things, Ann.

And now, this seems appropriate:

XWL said...

Flickr has a "Best Shot" group where you get to submit one photo from this year.

Tough to decide your own best shot, easier to look over someone elses work, I think.

If I were in charge of picking which to submit for Flickr user Ann Althouse, I'd go with this one.

I'm leaning towards one from my 'background' set, for my own submission, just can't decide which one.

peter hoh said...

xwl, I think the pool table is your best shot, with the concrete fence getting an honorable mention.

Donna B. said...

My pink begonias are still blooming full out... I think many of them will survive as perennials.

The impatiens are hanging on, but looking straggly and I'll probably remove them sometime this week. The rest of the plants in my tiny front porch garden are perennials that I've learned thrive best if I let them go to sleep on their own schedule.

I'm worried about my banana plant that is putting out new sprouts... that's not right this time of year!

The peppers are still producing, which is amazing for December 2. I think my last harvest will be in the next day or two.

It amazes me that we got so many peppers this year. The plants never looked healthy. They were straggly, with pale and yellowing leaves... not attractive at all. Yet, my freezer is stocked with enough chopped peppers to last us 2 years now.

Last year, we had luscious and gorgeous pepper plants that didn't produce much.

Why is that? Are appearances deceiving?

Ron said...

Can I be "Designated Lem"?

Ron said...

Celebrate Austerlitz Day, My fellow Althousians!

blake said...


edutcher said...

Nicely evocative image. The promise of rebirth in a bleak scene.

A Christmas message, Ann?

We never see your spiritual side (it's OK, you share so much of your life with us, anyway).

WV "serate" Either what happens when you cut off an ahr or a very liquid Mexican cloak.

Pogo said...

Alone again, naturally.

rhhardin said...

Moon. Where is the dog?

ricpic said...

Little flower,little flower,
Where did you get the power
To crack a rock?
Every living thing
Has power that shocks.

ricpic said...

Tremendous poem, nansealinks.

nansealinks said...

I am sure it must be better in Hungarian, but in simple english it says so much anyway. And I am not one for understanding big words anyway.

One of the most interesting films of the four or five films I have seen in the last three years was Kontroll from Hungary, sorta of the same theme.

And that's all I know about Hungary, except they have a language full of the western phonetical alphabet, but totally strange to my eyes, kinda like Turkish was strange, but so gripping. It is wonderful going to a place like that and not being able to get much out of the rearrangement of our common letters, but understanding the people through their face and hands. Unlike it is going to a place where germanic or latin languages dominate with our mutual alphabet.

Course, maybe between Hungary and Turkey i just like the medium dark actors and poets.i think that is lots of it, too.

Actually what made me post back here is that Ann posted pictures right near where I am now staying, and she did the place unjustice. I have better photos.