December 12, 2009

At the Frosted-On-1-Side Nightclub...


... you can tell your side of the story.


Lem said...

The best thing about snow for me is when I'm driving with all the snow on the car.. (when i do have a car - right now i dont)

I wish I could acknowledge other drivers that do the same.. its like a rebellious thing. the higher the better.

I know - if you are getting on the highway you should clean it off.. but other than that why not?

I cant find any decent video .. only this

All year long you are driving the same car - here is a chance to, i dont know, have a little distinction.

Tyrone Slothrop said...

Be careful. I'm pretty sure Two Face is lurking nearby.

peter hoh said...

None with sprinkles?

vbspurs said...

This one isn't speaking to me, Ann.

edutcher said...

vbspurs said...

This one isn't speaking to me, Ann.

It's OK, there are always things that speak only to oneself.

I kinda sorta get the idea - nothing is as pure as the world right after a big storm. Mother Nature's new broom.

I guess, at this time of year, a spare scene like that can bring us down.

Michael Hasenstab said...

I think I'll have frosted mini-wheats for breakfast.

Or maybe a glazed donut. A bagel with cream cheese is also a possibility. But not oatmeal.

Bissage said...

I can still remember what they taught us in Boy Scouts.

If you are ever lost in the woods without a compass, look at the trees.

Snow only grows on the North side.

Knowledge is power.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . B A C O N ! ! !



AllenS said...

Snow only grows on the North side.


The Elder said...

Hmmm. Something tells me Bissage is still working on his Tenderfoot badge.

The Elder said...

After all, when you get to go on your first Snipe hunt you learn the basics truths of nature. It is MOSS that grows on the north side of a tree.

And that you can start a fire by rubbing two icecicles together.

Knowledge IS power!

Meade said...

"And that you can start a fire by rubbing two icecicles together."

Oh. I was afraid you were going to say testicles.


HT said...

Unlike Victoria, this one does speak to me. This might be because I love any and all pictures of trees. I truly cannot get enough of them.

My question is when you print a photo like this out, and i think it's a great one, how is the quality? I grew up with 35 mm standard formats and regular printing, not digital, so I wonder if when it is printed out if it is digital-y and not as nice as a printed out slide photo might be.

I'd love to have a copy.