December 30, 2009

At the Electric Café...

Photo 13

... you can take a good look at yourself.


XWL said...

Reflection is for pussies.

And non-vampires.

(also, you may want to shrink the photo a bit, the formatting is off a bit, and it's floating under your premium ad)

Ann Althouse said...



Hope Michelle didn't see it!

Big Mike said...

That cafe isn't in campustown, is it? Because after the Champs Bowl (formerly the Citrus Bowl and before that the Tangerine Bowl) I'd expect it to be hopping.

MadisonMan said...

The Electric Earth on Randall has apparently closed, so I heard at work, at least.

Chase said...

So here's my rant: Starbucks is so fucked.

Last night about 1 am, drove thru an all-night Starbucks. Ordered coffee and an Oatmeal cookie. Pulled up behind a Lexus already at the window. 9 minutes later, get to the window.

Me:"Why did they take so long?"

Barista at the window: Oh, that's one of the doctor's (major hospital nearby). He loaded up on $50 worth of gifts to take back for the ER staff."

Me:"I'm late for work and you guys were laughing and joking and examining things back and forth through the window. Does that seem like a good way to do business?"

Barista, with an attitude" "Yes, I do". She takes my card.

1 and a half minutes later she brings my grande coffee with half and half (nothing else)and hands me back my card and receipt.

Me: "Where's the oatmeal cookie? The one you said you had and confirmed on my order back at the talk box".

Barista: Oh. (Notice, never the word "sorry") That'll be $1.85. Let me have your card again".

I drove around to the front of the store, got out of my car, walked up to the front and unloaded the grande coffee on their front glass door and windows, got back in my car and, while driving away, called the store and when the little bitch-rista answered told her she is a perfect example of why it's not the economy that's causing the decline of Starbucks.

Did you know that a grande cup can completely cover a 10 x 12 foot glass window and door?

This am, went into a different local Starbucks to read the paper for about a half an hour.I'm the 4th person in line. 2 registers going until just before me. Second cashier decides that me and the 6 people now waiting behind me is a good time to restock not-empty napkins out front while keeping a loud conversation going with the girl making all of the drinks across the way. Lady in front of me orders 4 items warmed, and the cashier decides that this means she has to leave the register and warm the items all seperately.

After 8 minutes of being in line with a clueless woman stocking napkins instead of helping customers, I left.

Called and left a message for the regional manager ("Sorry I missed you. Have a happy holiday . . . I will return your call on January 4th")

For want of a nail . . .

Watch out Starbucks. The big ones fall farther.

Chip Ahoy said...

W: "What does uxorious mean?"
H: "Dunno, deweye."
W: "Look it up for me, will you please?"
H: "Yes, Dear."

All conversations are brief at the Electric Café.

Big Mike said...

@Chase, I feel for you man, but you gotta control your temper. We have moved to a service economy but without people who want to serve.


Harry Mellon said...

Thats what happens when you pay three bucks for a cup of joe.

Stick with one of them furriners in the sliver carts that you see all around.

traditionalguy said...

A newly built McDonalds was opened recently, and having 15 minutes to kill at 10:00 AM, I stopped and went inside for a cofee and Bagel. The counter servers were all 60+ ladies and new in the fast food industry. They were unsure of themselves and were extra polite. But being in a go go mood with a schedule to keep it was irritating that they were not the quick teens one usually sees at a McDonalds. But change is happening everywhere around us in the ObamaDepression.

Harry Mellon said...

I get you yuppies rushing me all the time at Top Tomato. You need to slow down boy. The grave will be there when you are ready.

Chase said...

Chase, I feel for you man, but you gotta control your temper


That store got a harmless taste of reaction from someone being charged full price for receiving their completely uncalled-for rudeness. Cleaning that window could quite possibly be the first honest work those bitches have ever performed.

Florida said...

Hey Chase,

So ... after that dealio at the drive-thru, you went back the next morning for more abuse?

I've got news for you kid: they own you.

Harry Mellon said...

Where did they get the picture of Irla Rae's first born?

That boy aint right.

Chase said...

I've got news for you kid: they own you

~~~~ Sigh ~~~~~~~

I fear you are right. Even though I went to a different one in the morning.

I should probably take garage's advice on this one . . .

Meade said...

Even better, Chase. Or maybe just even... but cheaper.

And with all the money you save on the maker, you can afford the really high quality beans.

Pastafarian said...

Chase, I recommend a burr grinder, a simple French press, and some single-source beans from Coffee AM.

But if you're a fan of the dross served at Starbucks, you might want to scorch those beans under a broiler, til black acrid smoke rolls out of your oven, just before grinding.

Michael Hasenstab said...

Chase - Dude, you put a $1.85 cup of coffee and a cookie on a charge card?

You need to read some Dave Ramsey.

Michael Hasenstab said...

Chase, try one of these cold coffee makers.

The coffee tastes remarkable. Make a pot the night before, keep it in the fridge. Pour and nuke a cup in the morning, on your way out the door.

Meade said...

Btw, has anyone come across a milk heater/frother with better value than this? I wonder if it might not be the perfect birthday present for my lovely and highly discriminating spouse.

And shhh... it's a surprise.

Chase said...

Chase - Dude, you put a $1.85 cup of coffee and a cookie on a charge card?

Michael - debit card. Comes right out of the checking account. Same as cash.

Thanks for the thoughtless asshole remark though.

Happy New Year.

Michael Hasenstab said...

Chase, very best wishes to you and your loved ones for a Happy New Year.

I know from your comments that you're stressed out, so no offense taken at the "asshole" comment.

Freeman Hunt said...

I have one of those Keurig machines that garage has. I love it. I'm usually too cheap to use a K-cup and use instant coffee instead. For me, the machine is more of an instant hot water dispenser.

I can appreciate good coffee, but I can drink and enjoy pretty much any coffee.

Carl Bob Mellon said...

Where's the customers? The sun is out and there's no customers. No dirty tables, no bus tubs of coffee cups, no employees, no one.

The floor is clean. All the chairs are pushed in. Someone shows up just to take a photo.

I give the place another six months, tops.

mariner said...

I went to the public library a few days ago. Just inside the door was the display of DVDs.

I couldn't resist browsing the rack, and noticed "Diana Krall: Live in Paris". I'd heard of the lady but never heard the lady, so I checked it out.

I really enjoyed seeing and hearing the performance. Very, very nice.

Chase said...

Oh and no, I feel no sympathy whatsoever for the bitch-ristas that they were not taught basic manners. Before owning my own restaurant in the 80's I managed a unit for a national family chain located in an upscale Southern California community. Most of th busboy/girl and server applications were from the children of doctors and lawyers and other professionals. Several drove Porshes and BMW's to work their bussing jobs. In the first 4 months I was there, I fired almost 75% of the privileged, spoiled brats whose parents wanted them to get a job "to learn character". After the first 6 months sales had almost doubled because of improved word of mouth about the service, and it was easy to find friends of the hard workers who wanted a job. All of the servers and bussers were making far more tips than before.

Two of those spoiled kids came to see me several years later at my own restaurant to thank me for having the guts to fire them. They are both physicians today.

I' not kidding - Starbucks is going to struggle more than they have a clue about.

Freeman Hunt said...

Chase, must be the managers in your area. Around here, they're very nice, and if you have to wait at all, it's free.