December 11, 2009

The 8th Annual Right Wing News Conservative Blog Awards.



Scott said...

Question: Who cares?

knox said...

It's not a conservative blog, so this is off-topic... But I think the Daily Beast is the best designed news site I've seen. The layout is, for me, perfect for browsing and poking around for something of interest. And it manages to be pretty good-looking at the same time.

Big Government deserves to win for reporting on the ACORN scandal. And I hate hot air's design.

Scott said...

Okay Knox, if you're going OT then I can go OT too. :)

I love the Althouse blog, but I think the design is way too bland. We should have a contest to design a new template for her. It ought to be simple enough to administer:

1. Create a new blogspot blog. (It's free.)

2. Create the template and apply it to your new blog.

3. Post the link.

4. Ann picks the one she likes the best.

lyssalovelyredhead said...

I like Althouse's "plain" blog.

No nonsense, is what I would call it. Just focus on the ideas. I hate cluttered blogs.

Scott said...

@lyssalovelyredhead: Well yea, but it can also be clean and uncluttered but not look sort of like every other default template blog on blogspot.

It's a non-cliche blog so it should have a non-cliche look.

TMink said...

It is a non-cliche blog, but I think the non-cliche comment crew is enough.


LarsPorsena said...

Please leave AA as it is, in all of it's splendid vanilla-ness.

Donna B. said...

I was surprised at how few of those sites I regularly read.

Meade said...

Apparently no category for dirty libtard pirate whore "conservatives."

Ah well. Can't win 'em all.

lyssalovelyredhead said...

"It's a non-cliche blog so it should have a non-cliche look."

Maybe part of the non-cliche is that it doesn't try to look non-cliche.

That Althouse, she'll surprise ya.

- Lyssa

vbspurs said...

Most annoying Left-wing blogger -- Charles Johnson with 25 votes.


Synova said...

Unless I'm very confused about who he is, Charles Johnson actually won *two* categories.

mariner said...

Charles Johnson is confused about who Charles Johnson is.

James said...

It's funny to look at the past awards re: Charles Johnson. 2002-2007 - essentially all right-wing posts and very little banning/deletion of the crazy types = Consistently in the top 3 blogs.

2008 - Still mostly right wing posts, but with evolution posts and a few anti-right wing craziness posts i.e. Birthers and "secret Muslim" conspiracies. Really starts banning and deleting the crazies. Result - Ranked #8.

2009 - Disassociates himself from the crazies (i.e. Pam Gellar, Spencer, Hot Air), focuses much of his attention on pointing out how crazy they are, admits his left-leaning views in some areas, and doesn't consider Barack Obama to be Satan. Result = most annoying left-of-center blogger.

Then again, not surprising when you consider the voters include the likes of Ace of Spades, Gellar, and Spencer.

LonewackoDotCom said...

What a funny list, both of the winners and of the judges. It's like a slightly more grown-up version of 14-year-old Youtube vloggers.

Meanwhile, from the independent, non-blog side of things, here are my top tags. Each one links to a listing of the posts that involve that topic, with the larger letters indicating those with more posts. While not everything is a gem, taken together there's a whole lot of background information there. Yet, instead of linking to those pages, all those listed at RWN would rather link to blog battles and the like.

hdhouse said...

and the "thumb up his ass" award goes to anthrax annie coulter.


that's a woman?

thumb up her ass then. or are we not excluding sarah.