December 20, 2009

''2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine.''

''My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany's family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon."

Ashton Kutcher tweets the death of Brittany Murphy, his erstwhile girlfriend. The actress, who was terrific in "Clueless" and "8 Mile," was only 32.


EDH said...

Okay, I can see the benefit of the abbreviation C4C to designate Cash for Clunkers, for example.

But is it really easier to reach up on a keypad to type the number "2" than the extra keystroke needed to type "to" instead?

Is anyone in that much of a fucking hurry, especially when announcing 2 the world the death of someone close and 2 convey sympathy?

At that point, it's pure vanity.

God rest her soul. I hope her demise had nothing to do with an opossum dewormer.

Lawgiver said...

I really liked her singing and performance in Paul Okenfold's video, Faster Kill Pussycat.

AJ Lynch said...

That is very sad to hear. I thought she was talented and very pretty too.

Lem said...

According to some people here EDH the only thing that matters is that you are understood.

Sad really.

Ralph L said...

EDH, I'm sure he was too upset to type an extra letter.

Alex said...

Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse!

blake said...

She was just wonderful on "King of the Hill".

32? Jeez.

Will said...

In fairness to Ashton Kutcher, I tested his post on twitter. As written, it comes out to exactly 140 characters, which is the limit. Had he typed out "today" and "to," it would have had to be split in to two posts.
Whether or not it's appropriate to eulogize on twitter is a valid point of discussion, however.

RIP, Brittany. I liked her work on King of the Hill.

LonewackoDotCom said...

I agree with blake and Will.

John Burgess said...

'King of the Hill'?

I thought she was great in 'Sin City'.

Nichevo said...

? What happened to Demi Moore?

TW: criables

Lem said...

A day w/o Tiger is a day w/o sunshine ;)

Ralph L said...

Good point, Will, but he could easily have typed "to" instead of "go out 2" and saved several letters.

Her first name is misspelt in the tag.

WV - sponsers - speaking of misplaced "e".

Freeman Hunt said...

Sad. A loss for art.

EDH said...

I don't Twitter, and I forgot about the character limit.

I thought Kutcher was just being lazy and trendy. While I still find it tacky, there was a purpose.

I stand corrected.

Robert Cook said...

This is so sad. I thought she was so talented and appealing, but I always perceived--mistakenly?--a sort of hysterical edge to her when I saw her on talk shows. I wondered whether under her ebullient facade she was troubled in any way, or insecure as too many Hollywood actresses seem to be.

She was great as Luanne on KING OF THE HILL.

I hope her life was happy.

careen said...

I write a tweet - it's almost always over the limit - and I spend the rest of my time shaving it down. Yes, a "2" can make the difference between an email/post, and a tweet.

(It kills me that Prince was right, btw. As a kid, I found the spelling of "I would die 4 U" putridly infantile, but there you go. It was actually (choke) visionary. )

dbp said...

I enjoyed her work, especially Clueless, Sin City and King of the hill

32 is way too young to die.

Jason said...

A beautiful and talented woman, taken from us too young.

Life is short, fragile and fleeting. A friend of mine, now battling cancer, once asked me 'who's your 'best dead friend?''


"Your best dead friend. Everyone should have one."


"Because if you find yourself procrastinating, or putting off important things like playing music or spending time with your family, you can imagine talking about it with 'your best dead friend.' What would he or she tell you to do?"

Age 32. How awful.

I hope no life insurance agent appealed to her fear and sold that family a policy though, eh, fls?


Drew W said...

When I was a Linguistics major, we had to use the IPA, the International Phonetic Alphabet. Later, when I was a rock critic, I used to joke that when people used "2" for "to" or "u" for "you" or "4" for "for," they were also using the IPA (the International Prince Alphabet).

Little did I know that one day the International Prince Alphabet would become an actual style of communication.

When I read Kutcher's texter-speak message about his tragically deceased friend, I thought it was well-intended but awful. Who cares how many characters he's allowed to use? The guy no doubt has lots of ways to express himself online. He acted like just another idiot with a gadget in his hand.

former law student said...

I hope no life insurance agent appealed to her fear and sold that family a policy though

Unless you need a tax dodge, you buy life insurance to replace your income if you die while your children are dependent on you -- or if your spouse is incapable of earning a living. Ms. Murphy had no children dependent on her inoome, and presumably her screenwriter husband can make his own way in the world without her.

Insurance does not replace a loved one, only provides a cash cushion in case they die.

JohnAnnArbor said...

Simple rule of life insurance: never make yourself worth more dead than alive.

As for Ms. Murphy, there are reports the husband opposes an autopsy. That's pretty odd for an unexpected death of a young person. They better do one.

Jason said...

What, read that out of a Suze Orman book at K-mart, you ignorant cretin? Because that's as deep as your knowledge runs. Except you don't even understand that. You really couldn't find your own ass with both hands if mommy held the flashlight for you, could you?

You think it might be common for two incomes to be on a mortgage? You think just MAYBE our dear widower doesn't feel like losing his house as well as his wife at the same time?

How many families have YOU sat down with and worked out a plan for, pimple-face?

Don't even try to bring up "tax-dodge." You don't even know what you're saying when you bring that up, or how it might apply in this situation.

William said...

Spears, now Murphy. Britney is not a name that augurs well. Perhaps now parents will think twice before bestowing that ill starred name on their child and go with the better omened name of Tiffany or Ashley instead.

JohnAnnArbor said...

As long as they avoid Madison. Why did that suddenly become a popular name?

I mean, no one calls their kid Lansing. I hope.

Nichevo said...

Ah, erstwhile, I see. I was thinking of "putative."

Oops, vocab FAIL

TW: butsizsl.

vbspurs said...

OMG! She died?? Of natural causes at 32, incredible. I really liked her in Clueless but I can't say I followed her career that much.

She now joins Heath Ledger and the actor who played the scamp Casper in "Kids" as recent actors who died way way too young.

JAL said...

Pogo check in with us.

Define "natural causes."

As in -- not suicide, not murder, not accdiental drug overdose?

How about complications of anorexia? A POA stroke? An undiagnosed heart condition setting up a fatal arrhythmia?

I am a rusty RN, but 32 year old women do not die of "natural causes" -- unless that includes [unforseen?] physiological malfunctions.

PatCA said...

Whenever the death is unusual at all, they do an autopsy. I don't think you have a choice. It seems gruesome to a loved one who is left to make the decision, so I'm not surprised he said no. They say she was diabetic, so maybe that was part of it.

Flexo said...

As for Ms. Murphy, there are reports the husband opposes an autopsy. That's pretty odd for an unexpected death of a young person.

It is not at all odd that a husband would not want his wife gutted and all her organs removed, weighed, sliced, and sent off to the lab, including having the top of her head sawed open in order to remove the brain.

They may say that they can do a "respectful" autopsy, but their ain't no such thing. It might be legally necessary at times, but it is a mutiliation of the body.

Flexo said...

They say she was diabetic, so maybe that was part of it.

After he hadn't been seen in a couple of days and had a phone call, I went into my 34-year-old roommate's bedroom to see if he was there. He was. He was also room temperature and stiff as a rock, as well as exuding a distinctive odor.

Apparently he had died a couple days earlier due to the state of full rigor mortis. The cops came and found syringes and bottles of insulin in his drawer. He never told any of us that he was diabetic. If he had, we might have kept a look out for him.

Anyway, they called the doctor listed on the insulin and determined then and there that the cause of death was diabetes-related. Probably an insulin-shock induced heart attack.

No autopsy.

Methadras said...

Bummer. My wife and I suspect that her waifishness may have played a roll in her death. She has been very very thin as of late. Very sad.

Fred4Pres said...

It is very sad.

People should take these events as warnings.

Revenant said...

That's terrible news. I liked her a lot.

Leland said...

I hope her demise had nothing to do with an opossum dewormer.

That's what my wife, with her RN experience working an ER, wondered as well. But then, she wasn't aware of the diabetic condition.

Fen said...

It too bad this country pays more attention to its celeb deaths than its boys fighting overseas.

Anyone know the names of any soldiers who have died in the last 8 years, Iraq and AfPak?

Can you name any without looking them up?

former law student said...

Pat Tillman, who died a heroic death from friendly fire.

Fen said...

Ya, I knew you'd bite on that.

But he was celeb before he went overseas - the media story of a football player who gave up a promising career to serve.

Anyone else?

Or are you going to come back with Jessica Lynch The Movie?

G Joubert said...

Shades of Karen Carpenter

Salamandyr said...

Spears, now Murphy. Britney is not a name that augurs well. Perhaps now parents will think twice before bestowing that ill starred name on their child and go with the better omened name of Tiffany or Ashley instead.

Did something happen to Britney Spears I'm unaware of?

Toto said...

Will this be yet another cautionary tale that future actors/actresses ignore? Either way, it's very sad news ... and it's hard to say anything definitively until the full results are released.

Jason said...

FLS - You really think the circumstances of Pat Tillman's death were any less heroic for having been due to friendly fire?

Where did you get your CIB?

You were better off showing your ignorance about insurance.

SarcastiCarrie said...

I can name one: Shawn Blue. Hometown here. I live a couple of blocks over from his family. Their Christmas lights are up, there is a tree in the window, and there's a gold star hanging in the window in front of the tree. Behind the wreath on the door is red, white, and blue bunting.

SarcastiCarrie said...

Since the challenge was not to look up the name, I spelled it wrong.

It's Shaun M. Blue. A 25-year old Marine and former National Merit Scholar.

former law student said...

Pat Tillman's death were any less heroic

no less heroic, though the Army's lies and coverup made it doubly tragic.

Anyone else?

Ken Ballard, who touched many lives here before he was killed in Iraq. I had to look up his name, though -- he died in 2003

Jason said...

no less heroic, though the Army's lies and coverup made it doubly tragic.

No, they didn't.

MadisonMan said...

fen, I know one also: Bill Cahir.

JAL said...

Michael Mansoor (may have it a little wrong). I think he threw himself on a grenade in a small space to save the lives of his brothers.

I have a faint recall of the LT Murphy(?) in Afghanistan who went out in the open to radio for help for his pinned down group, but I may have the name wrong.

I remember the name of the guy who led the charge across a bridge to save a woman trapped between the fire -- Chris Carter. He lived and came home.

You make a very good point point, Fen. I don't remember many.

And I just read a list of some of them on a Christmas letter from the CSM Mellinger which Michael Yon has on his Facebook page (and I think website), Michael Yon Online.

kentuckyliz said...

i don't necessarily remember names--chemobrain donchcaknow.

But I pay close attention every time they run the list on the sunday morning news show, listing name, age, hometown. There is dramatic, sad music. And I read that list carefully and think about these generous strangers.

No greater love than this--that a man lay down his life for a friend.

I didn't know who this girl was before the death announcement, and all I would know of her work is Luanne on King of the Hill.

Any young person dying is sad, even if there is a medical reason, because we all have an internal sense that everyone should live long enough to pack life with rich experiences.

Start your bucket lists, ppl.

blake said...

This strikes me as tautological.

We recognize the deaths of celebrities but not non-celebrities.

Well, yeah, that's what celebrity is.

Forget the soldier side for a moment: is it likely that a sweeter, prettier and even more talented 32 year old died yesterday? Yeah, I'd say the odds are good.

But by definition we don't know about her. She's not famous. If we knew about her, we'd mourn her—but then, she'd also be famous, wouldn't she?

In a big way, you pay your respects to the fallen soldier but respecting the surviving ones.

Jeremy said...

Jason said..."FLS - You really think the circumstances of Pat Tillman's death were any less heroic for having been due to friendly fire?"

It's certainly sad that Tillman died in combat, and I can't imagine any American not being thankful for his service, but as to whether he was "heroic" is another thing entirely.

Since the military has stonewalled and lied from the very start, how would anyone know the true circumstances? (Although it's apparent the military certainly hasn't been "heroic" or truthful in any sense of the words.)

How do YOU know...?

Jeremy said...

Jason - Can we all assume you're an insurance sales person?

Good lord...relax.

Jason said...


Assume what you like. I've stated flat out in the comment section to this blog that I'm an insurance agent more than once, and have never held it to be a secret. Much as you have established yourself to be an idiot.

More importantly, though, I take it upon myself to point out idiotic liberalism and hold it up to ridicule at every turn. Hence the recent exchanges with FLS.

I'm tired of suffering fools gladly, and when I see stupidity in action, I'm going to confront it.

Especially when ignorance and wishful thinking about the nature and mechanics of insurance and risk transferrence is leading my country to pass such an atrocious, destructive bill.

You libtards have no idea what damage you're causing.

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