November 17, 2009

Why was Greg Craig thrown under such a slow-moving bus?

It's possible that Marc Ambinder answers that question.


traditionalguy said...

We will probably never know the truth here. The spin of illusions painted that something happened here because Gitmo is still open against Obama/s wishes is surface cover. The need to reward another operative with his job is most likely.

rhhardin said...

For a White House that prizes itself on militating the effects of internal drama, the Craig resignation is a real failure.

One eggcorn and one malapropism.

Fred4Pres said...

Well the Rahm Emanuel whisper campaign is the most likely explanation.

Ultimately, is sounds like Craig was outplayed by other factions in the White House. As much as Rahm Emanuel is a pain in the ass, at least he is pragmatic. Frankly "idealists" like Craig we can do without. They are the worse sort of tyrants, the ones that know better for you.

Jim said...

When it comes to Armbinder, he just repeats what the White House tells him to say.

If you're a regular reader of Mickey Kaus, you'll know that he regularly mocks Armbinder for mindlessly regurgitating the latest spin attempts no matter how ludicrous they are. He's a stenographer, not an opinion writer.

The real story is that:

a) Craig was the most expendable person they could throw at the KosKids to cover for their Gitmo incompetence;

b) He was only hired in the first place because he was one of the first high-profile Clintonites to "cross the aisle" to support Obama and was most likely promised the position in exchange for that support.

c) Obama wanted his long-time personal lawyer Bauer in the job all along, and he figured he had waited long enough to make the move.

EDH said...

Emanuel worried about the political repercussions of a first-term young Democratic president who would appear to be thumbing the eyes of the national security establishment. Craig won the round.

So it's the perception of Obama that counts, rather than the reality that the president is "thumbing the eyes of the national security establishment"?

Are these people governing or fan boys writing themselves into an Aaron Sorkin sequel?

Robert Cook said...

EDH: are you suggesting it is a bad thing for the President to "thumb the eyes of the national security establishment?"

Fred4Pres said...

Dan Riehl lets us know how he feels:

The Un-American Elitist Moron In The White House
Before I head out, it's gotten so bad that even blind NY Governor Patterson has to admit he can see it, even as other Democrats continue to carry water for the waterboy in the WH destined to run their party into the ground.

AllenS said...

The next person or people to get thrown under the bus, are those from the government website that tracks stimulus money.

WI has 8 congressional districts, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Money went to districts 55, 14, 9, 00, 10, 39. These districts don't exist.

kentuckyliz said...

slow moving bus = dithering

WV sukkznpa - this WV brought to you by the Clinton Administration!