November 2, 2009

Sorry, Pasqual's.

Eating in Madison A to Z has posted the review of the Hilldale branch of Pasqual's — which is the place I was talking about and photographing in the September 28th post that was titled "Disorienting dinner."

JM and Nichole give Meade niceness points:
Meade's choice of chicken mole enchiladas was a good bet, with a very dark, chocolatey mole sauce over flavorful chicken. He and Ann ended up trading plates to even out their luck, which was awfully nice of him.
And awfully _________  of Ann.

ADDED: Elsewhere, Bart demolished a mountain of fajitas.


traditionalguy said...

The tag on the Blog Head says something about serving a Diva's needs. Meade is a gentleman.

Michael Hasenstab said...


Because it was, was it not?

Ann Althouse said...

I didn't ask for the plate trade. It was offered. But I was not going to eat those appalling shrimp... which were the most expensive thing on the menu.

Original Mike said...

We ordered take out there soon after they opened. When we got home, they had screwed up the order so bad (and we had been explicit when we ordered that we didn't want sour cream, etc., etc., etc.), we haven't been back.

I suppose we could give them another chance (and someday we might), but there are so many options to choose from around here, we're not very motivated to go back.

dac said...

What has happened to my home.

Shootings over in Midvale Heights, the Parthenon food gets dissed (by Eating Madison) and now Pasquals is down the tubes too?

Say it aint so?

MadisonMan said...

I've been to the Hilldale incarnation once, and it was okay. When the Monroe St. version is just blocks away, it's hard to drive to the Hilldale Pasqual's, especially the drive it takes us past Tex Tubb's. :)

Original Mike said...

especially the drive it takes us past Tex Tubb's. :)

That's where our business went.

Chip Ahoy said...

‹pedantry alert›

"mole sauce" is a redundancy.

‹/pedantry alert›

MadisonMan said...

I (heart) Tex Tubb's Fish Tacos.

Usually, though, if we go out to eat, it's Lombardino's.

Michael Hasenstab said...

Chip's comment reminded me of a triple redundancy once uttered by a client while ordering lunch.

He asked the waitress "What is today's soup d'jour of the day".

She answered "Chicken, chicken and chicken."

Meade said...

Meadhouse has a standard for dining out:

Either it's as good as Chipotle... or it isn't.

And if it isn't... well, there's always cereal and milk or crackers and cheese back home.

mona said...

We prefer the Pasqual's on Monroe Street.

Original Mike said...

Usually, though, if we go out to eat, it's Lombardino's.

I miss the old Lombardino's. Their Chicken Marsala was to die for.

Triangle Man said...

I find Pasqual's food under-seasoned (both locations). Tex Tubb's does a better job for my money.

veni vidi vici said...

Who wants enchiladas stuffed with moles scraped off of chickens? Sounds horrifying.

And as for shrimp, the idea of what are essentially underwater cockroaches being listed as "most expensive" thing on the menu says a lot.

Cafe Pasqual in Santa Fe, that joint definitely isn't!

wv: "scitie" -- the mathematics of shoelaces.

Largo said...

Meade's choice of chicken mole enchiladas was a good bet

Tasty, and a cancer antagonist to boot!