November 14, 2009

"No. 21 Wisconsin beats Michigan 45-24."

"Scott Tolzien tied a career high with four touchdown passes and scored on a sneak, and No. 21 Wisconsin made Michigan's miserable Big Ten season even worse with a 45-24 victory Saturday."


David said...

Michigan (a/k/a Little Sisters of the Poor)

blake said...

This...may be the most uncharacteristic post I've ever seen on this blog.

Althouse, are you watching sports?

Or are you fetching beers for your man, as he reclines in a La-Z-Boy all weekend?


section9 said...

I propose we change the name of the Wisconsin Badgers to the Wisconsin Libtard Pirate Whores in honor of the Perfessor.

I'm sure Sarah would approve. I'm not sure about Titus, though.

We are talking about Madison, after all.

MadisonMan said...

Do people who sell parking spaces on their lawns declare the money as income?

traditionalguy said...

The Horned Frogs go for the big time in college football tonight.My son flew to DFW at 6:00 AM to enjoy a day at Amon-Carter Stadium.Delta was ready when he was.

Emil said...

'Ucking fey!

chickenlittle said...

I never cared much for Badger football.

Badger hockey?- that's a different story.


section9 said...

Actually, the Big Ten is dead to me until the let the University of Chicago back in.


There's actually a codicil in the Big Ten bylaws that allows the U of C back in. UC was one of the Founding Colleges, but went out back in the Thirties whey they had better things to do, like build the Atomic Bomb.

Now, it's time to bring back the Fighting Maroons!


edutcher said...

Be true to your school!

Brian, Dennis, Carl, Mike, Al, and Bruce would be proud of you.

WV "plesses" More than one pless.

Flexo said...

As a long time Michigan fan --


They need to get their asses whupped each and every week that they play a real college team. Rich Rod is the biggest bum to have ever coached in the entire Big Ten. He is totally lacking in class or honor. Until he slinks away, Michigan needs to get pounded in the dust.

PWS said...

Other than posts about her nephew pro golfer, is this the first sports post on Althouse????

Penny said...

"Do people who sell parking spaces on their lawns declare the money as income?"

Only if some damage is done by one of the parkers, I assume. Pay the taxes BEFORE you sue somebody.

David said...

MadisonMan said...
"Do people who sell parking spaces on their lawns declare the money as income?"

Now just what do you think, Mad Man. Of course they do not. All you have to do is keep your eyes open in this country to see that there are many billions of dollars of undeclared cash income. And that's for otherwise legal activities. Add the income from crime, especially drugs, and you could close the deficit by a meaningful amount.

Few of these cheats are fat cat type cheats, by the way. They are mostly ordinary Joes who see an opportunity to reduce their effective rates.

Daniel Fielding said...

Guys, remember, Ann is a Michigan alum,and an Ann Arbor native.

LutherM said...

Two very good academic institutions that also play good football. Camp Randall Stadium - when the band plays VARSITY - it's as good as Ann Arbor with the playing of "Hail to the Victors valiant..."
I attended college a long time ago - my children more recently - and I still have the illusion that at some schools the athletes are also students. So, when the Badgers, or the Wolverines, or, on those rare occasions, the WAHOOS win, I think of the teams as students, not underpaid professionals (the University of Memphis Basketball team comes to mind).

Titus said...

Even though I am an elite Ivy League grad I still love me some big 10 football.

Watched MSU beat Purdue in a close one today.

Next up, OSU clinched the Rose Bowl with an OT victory over Iowa.

Glad to hear about the Badgers and my personal fav Big 10 team Northwestern beat The Fighting Illini.

I love Northwestern in the Big 10. Smaller, more fab, but still able to compete with the much larger schools-sometimes.

My least fav Big 10 school is Iowa and I am not sure why.

Titus said...

Favorite Big 10 stadium-Michigan, natch.

I am not feeling great about Penn State being in the Big 10 though.

The Big 10 is Midwest.

I am going out for Fava Beans and Couscous with the British/Indian husband at Baraka Cafe-yes that is the name-help-as a result I am eating a cheeseburger right now.

Baraka Cafe is totally Cambridge, totally fab and very tradional. Yes, I will be drinking lemonade with ross pedals.

Also, the MIT Phd next door who writes for Newsweek on Japan shit bugs the shit out of me. check out his website Observing Japan. He is hot but I hate him.

Anthony said...

Hail to those motherf*ckers
Hail to those big c*cksuckers
Hail, Hail to Michigan
The cesspool of the west!

Go Badgers!

Titus said...

Titus referring you to my neighbor is really me pointing out how fab I am.

In my loft building are Harvard Docs, Lawyers, Biotech executives and some fucking students who's mommies and daddies paid for their 700,000 units.

Thank you so much fellow republicans.

Oh and George Bush's assitant lives in my building too. So fuck you. His family has a home in Kenneckbuckport as well, natch.

I am the most fabulous poster here so nanann nanana na nanan na.

Paddy O. said...

In local news, USC lost to Stanford today.

Did I say lose? I meant were crushed. 55-21

The most points ever scored against USC.

WV: bless. It's not just a word verification, it's a word exhortation. I will!

Daniel Fielding said...

Stanford's Coach is Jim Harbaugh, who was a Michigan QB about 20yrs back,ad played HS football at Pioneer high in Ann Arbor.

save_the_rustbelt said...

Speaking as a fan of MSU and OSU - Go Badgers!!!

Ignorance is Bliss said...

Roll Tide!

AllenS said...

In other news:

The Minnesota Gophers beat South Dakota State Jackrabbits 16-13. The Gophers are now bowl qualified, with their winning season.


Issob Morocco said...

Two Favorite teams, Michigan State and whomever is playing Michigan!

Go State!
Go Badgers!

kentuckyliz said...

I'm an Iowa alum...not a sports follower, although I'm in an NFL pool. Boo hoo for Iowa.

Annie, football, really?

And you, a law professor!

(Somebody had to say it)

kentuckyliz said...

I propose we change the name of the Wisconsin Badgers to the Wisconsin Libtard Pirate Whores in honor of the Perfessor.

Great cheerleader outfits!

Eric said...

I moved to Ann Arbor from Philadelphia in June of last year only to watch a once-great team collapse. I've been trying not to take it personally, so I appreciate the neutral tone and I thank you for not gloating when the opportunity clearly presented itself!

k*thy said...

Titus, I actually fear Northwestern, next week. Badger fans are all high on this win over a bad Michigan team (though still fun, but not as fun as beating Bo), but I digress. A loss to NWstern will kick this season into the gutter pretty quick...

Original Mike said...

I've always thought it was "Jail to the victors".

pura vida said...

No worries. Rich Rod is building a dynasty. Have your fun now, little Badgers, because it won't last long.

JohnAnnArbor said...

pura, keep thinkin' that. I'm sticking with "wait and see."