November 17, 2009

"Ken Ober, ‘Remote Control’ Host, Is Dead at 52."

"... Mr. Ober was last heard from on Saturday night, when he spoke to a friend and complained of a headache and flu-like symptoms. Mr. Ober told the friend that he was going to take something and would see a doctor as soon as possible."

Oh! Sad! Let's go back to the 1980s:

My sons and I watched that show all the time.


Tibore said...

Remote Control rocked. That was mandatory television for many of us on my floor in my dorm in college. Granted, we mainly watched for Kari Wuhrer, but still, we watched.

Hearing that Ober died is a bit of a shock to me. It's hard to think of him as being 50, and weird to think of him as dead. 50's far from being old enough to just die without reason.

Sad now. Part of my early college experience just passed with this news.

BJK said...

Sad news.

Remote Control was Mtv in its heyday, when the show was surrounded by actual music television. (Contrary to popular belief, they do play music vidoes nowadays....they just only show them between 2-8 am.)

The amazing thing about Remote Control is to go back and look at the pool of talent they had working on the show; Colin Quinn was the one constant alongside Mr. Ober, and they made frequent use of guests like Denis Leary and a very young Adam Sandler.

Given the way that TV game shows are seemingly always recycled, it has amazed me that no one has ever tried to make Remote Control v2.0.

vbspurs said...


Although I never watched him. Now when the 3-2-1 Contact hosts kick the bucket, especially Trini and Lisa, I'll weep.


The Crack Emcee said...

If he had died on the show it would've been worth watching. Alive, not so much.

I swear, I see this stuff and wonder, "Who in the fuck keeps this crap in front of us?"

Now I know.

The Macho Response

Dan from Madison said...

Tibore, I also had RC as mandatory viewing on my dorm floor, and watched it for Kari as well. Of course we created a drinking game over it, the rules of which I cannot remember.

Anonymous said...

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