November 4, 2009

How many years in prison for sex with a horse?

3 years... plus a lifetime of humiliation.
''I've been through hell for the last year and it's caused a lot of hardship,'' [Rodell] Kenley told the newspaper. ''There's a lot of ridicule and jokes going around about this thing. And a person can only take so much.''
ADDED: Maguro said:
It's Barbara Kenley - the owner of the horse - speaking, not Rodell Vereen the horse rapist.
You're right. Sorry. I guess there are a lot of victims here.


Maguro said...

It's Barbara Kenley - the owner of the horse - speaking, not Rodell Vereen the horse rapist.

David said...

Stick to donkeys. Not as inclined to jealousy.

David said...

Damn. The guy's from South Carolina. So is the poor horse.

First Sanford.
Then Joe Wilson.
Now this.

ricpic said...

I spent a week on Edisto Island and had a scary encounter with a flying cockroach the size of a small horse.

blake said...

I'm not sure one should serve time for horsefu*king?

I mean, unless it rises to the level of assault. In which case: dude!

Irene said...

In Wisconsin, deer season is just around the corner.

LonewackoDotCom said...

If there's one thing we liberals/libertarians can agree on, things like this should not be a crime at all. We liberals/libertarians can tell when a horse is giving consent; in fact, at our meetings one of our favorite phrases is "If it doesn't kick, you can use your [...]".

Really, don't all right-thinking people agree with we liberals and libertarians?

Bruce Hayden said...

That reminds me of an article I read recently about the unmanned aerial vehicles we have flying around Afghanistan, in particular. They are mostly flown from around Las Vegas (once airborne) and some of what the operators see can be quite funny. One thing they see is a fair amount of bestiality, in particular with sheep and goats. The guys there just figure that since it is dark outside, no one can see them. Little do they know that half way around the world, people can, and do.

Bruce Hayden said...

I know that it is illegal, but I just can't get worked up about it. Far better that he molested a horse, than a kid the same age.

And, really, how different is that than how they often impregnate cows by hand? Much easier and faster than actually having a bull cover the cows.

EDH said...

Mr. Ed was unavailable for comment?

Mark O said...

How to hump a cow.

You can look it up.

shoutingthomas said...

That stallion was hung like a horse.

How can you blame the guy?

former law student said...

Wouldn't libertarians focus on the misuse of other people's property?

Also, wouldn't Vereen have to be hung like a h-- I mean really well-endowed, for bestiality to work?

Clyde said...

Well, at least everyone involved was over 18, which makes him a step up from Roman Polanski.


Brings to mind a politically incorrect joke:

A missionary lady is on an Indian reservation. She notices a dearth of young women, so when a handsome brave comes over and flirts with her, she asks him about his love life.

"You see cow?" he asks, pointing. She nods. "Me make love to cow."

The missionary lady's jaw drops. The brave continues: "You see horse?" he says, pointing. Again she nods. "Me make love to horse."

The missionary lady gasps and says, "Oh, dear!"

To which the brave replies, "No, no make love to deer, deer run too fast."


EDH said...

No major motion picture before or since has hastened the decline of western civilization quite like Freddie Got Fingered.

Clip not for the sensitive.

wv-"sprecart" = a shopping cart for a shopping spree

OnMyWay67 said...


Bob said...

He was just horsing around.

The main problem as I see it is that he was violating someone else's horse. If he had his own horse and was screwing the damned thing in the privacy of his own barn, I could really care less.

JAL said...

Did he pay have to pay her vet bills for the infections he caused?

No big whoop to you non-horse owners, but he apparently infected the horse and that cost $$ to diagnose and treat.

Just a dose of reality here.

Penny said...

An early clue ..."dirt piled up around the horse's stall.".

The least he could have done was remove the mound of evidence.

Fred4Pres said...

The sad part is this creep could have bought his own horse and buggered it to his heart's content.

But isn't it always the case these creeps have to go out and bugger someone else's horse.

Did the defense attorney try to argue that Sugar really wanted it because she did not kick him?

Of course, it could have been worse for this guy. A case of horse buggery gone very very bad. Hint: It is not very safe to be on the receiving end of a stallion.

Tibore said...

Didn't Woody Allen already warn us about the dangers of human-animal love?.


Number 6 said...

I got confused, I f*cked a horse, I can't help the way I feel.

peter hoh said...

plus a lifetime of humiliation.

This comes while my daughter and I are making our way through The Scarlet Letter.

Fred4Pres said...

So where does Horse Fucker fall in the hierarchy of prison? My guess not very high at all.

blake said...

So, peter, in the retelling, will it be a Scarlet H?

peter hoh said...

The Scarlet B.

Gotta work our way through the alphabet.

Slow Joe said...

Wow, Ann didn't really help this lady out, did she? The consequence of working too quickly.

Fred4pres's link makes me feel very sorry for the detective in Washington, who are ordered to determine if the animals being screwed were too weak and small. Yes, Washington state, some people will fuck animals if you let them. It is rape and it is wrong in many ways, and it should be outlawed. Laughing that it seems unlikely to occur is simply the wrong approach.

It doesn't need to be a felony, but it is morally outrageous to normal people.

el polacko said...

if the horse had a problem with it, one swift kick would have put an end to it. seems there was an implied consent from the horse.
the horse's owner says she noticed that the animal was 'acting strangely'...smiling and humming softly to itself ?

Pogo said...

Horses need burkas. Really, walking around in the nude like that. What do you expect?

If she had not left the meat uncovered, the cat wouldn't have snatched it.*

Jason said...


traditionalguy said...

IMO there are boundaries for safe living among people that are set by the taboos that exclude a sex life with (fill in the blank).This is a spiritual reality boundary that cannot be broken by uncontrolled sex lives of those in a family and those in a community. These events should not just be wished away or called outdated as Religious Beliefs.

Pogo said...

Rousseau + Foucault = Anything goes!

"If saying your prayers you like,
If green pears you like
If old chairs you like,
If back stairs you like,
If love affairs you like
With young bears you like,
Why nobody will oppose!


Scott said...

From Wikipedia:

"In a 2001 review of Midas Dekker's Dearest Pet: On Bestiality, [philosopher Peter] Singer argues that sexual activities between humans and animals that result in harm to the animal should remain illegal, but that 'sex with animals does not always involve cruelty' and that 'mutually satisfying activities' of a sexual nature may sometimes occur between humans and animals..."

I understand that Ingrid Newkirk is a fan of Singer's. This perhaps explains why publicity-hungry PETA is conspicuously silent on this issue.

Scott said...

@clyde: Have some shame. Racism is not cool.

Making fun of the Catholic Church is much better:

At a convent, Mother Superior was talking to the young Novitiates about her experiences as a missionary in deepest, darkest Africa:

"And there we were, sitting and enjoying the cool evening breeze, when all of a sudden, a gorilla comes running out of the bush! He grabbed me! I was screaming with terror! And then he took me to his lair ... and he had his way with me!"

"My goodness!" cried one of the young girls. "That must have been horrible!"

"Yes," Mother Superior said. "And he never writes, never calls, never sends flowers..."

Deana said...

Ummm, maybe I lack imagination but wouldn't what he did be a bit . . . well, awkward?

I mean, you have to sort of "line things up," you know?

The whole thing makes my skin crawl. The poor horse!

traditionalguy said...

Deana... Underage ponys are more popular with Parisian Movie directors. They have so much shorter legs.

Bissage said...

I don’t think a man should have sex with a horse unless he intends to mare-ee her.

former law student said...

you have to sort of "line things up," you know?

The presence of stools and mounds of dirt behind the horse were significant clues to the horse owner.

class-factotum said...

Isn't this a longer sentence than Mary Winkler got for shooting her sleeping husband in the back in self defense, yanking the phone cord out of the wall, throwing the kids into the van and driving to Alabama?

But he made her wear ugly shoes, so I can see why she shouldn't be in prison. He was asking for it.

traditionalguy said...

Bissage...Please tell me that you didn't just bring up the issue of Civil Unions and horse lovers. First they redo our version of Mickey Mouse, and next they are coming for our version of Roy Rogers and Trigger.

William said...

He gets more time than Michael Vicks did for torturing dogs to death.

veni vidi vici said...

New film version:

"The Horsefucker Proxy"

wv: "pefer" -- That Horsefucker guy, for instance.

Tammy Hicks said...

I agree with William on this particular story. It is really sad that someone would do such a disgusting crime as raping a horse; however, they most disturbing information about this story is the fact that Rodell Vereen gets sentenced to three years in prison. This just shows how crazy our judicial system can be, especially to the people with money. Michael Vick served, I think, almost two years or less and now has another six figure job again. I like to see what kind of job Vereen could get after he finishes serving his sentence. I bet it will not be a job where he makes at least 100,000 dollars a year. He will be lucky to receive a job paying 30,000 dollars a year. Yet, Vick, a person who was deliberately killing and starving helpless dogs just so he could make a little money on the weekend for fighting dogs. If a man can get three years behind bars for having sex with a horse, why does the man who killed numerous amounts of dogs not still sitting in prison. And on top of all that, can anyone see Vereen being a spokesman for animal abuse interest groups?

Roger J. said...

I guess I too old and too conservative to see one bit of humor in this sad commentary. When we can make bad jokes about bestiality, we have genuinely lost our moral compass. I mean really--think hard about it. There are really some sick bastards out there.

traditionalguy said...

Sorry Roger...Discussing unspeakable subjects requires humor or silence. We picked humor.

Roger J. said...

trad guy--I do enjoy your posts and understand your point with one caveat: they are unspeakable so why do we speak about them

traditionalguy said...

Roger J... You are correct. Crossing the "vulgar" line is one thing, but crossing this unspeakable line is beyond creepy.

Rob said...

Dan Savage, on the topic.

The video is funny, but not particularly safe for work.

"The guy who married his horse"

Z.Sorenson said...

Wow! Seriously though, if it had been a woman who had done this, would we see her get 3 years and all the humiliation?

Think about it.

Dave S. said...

"If there's one thing we liberals/libertarians can agree on, things like this should not be a crime at all."

And if there's one thing we conservatives can agree on, it's that decriminalizing bestiality will inevitably lead to acceptance of even greater crimes against nature, like gay marriage.

Michael Crosby said...

When we can make bad jokes about bestiality, we have genuinely lost our moral compass. I mean really--think hard about it. There are really some sick bastards out there.

Funny you should say that. I was looking for my compass, but I thought I heard my horse, "Mr Ed" say, "Hump my ass".

softballump said...

It could be worse, he could be dead like Kenneth Pinyan. Kenneth suffered a perforated colon and later died from the injuiries after having receptive anal sex with an adult male horse.


Fat Man said...

Kenneth Pinyan met his end in Enumclaw, WA. Read the story here:

Be forewarned, it is a stomach flipper.

jully said...

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