November 23, 2009

"Hi, I like this article but... Can someone tell me about Barack Obama?"

"I know that he is a serious candidate for '08, but I would like to know where he stands on the issues. I checked his site but nowhere can I find the info. i am looking for. so please tell me..."

Comment, left on a post last night. It's spam, and I've deleted it, but not before laughing.


miller said...

Yeah, I saw that too. It was pretty funny.

I don't know what drives people to post spam.

Do others really click the links?

You had Mukesh and Deepak here a few weeks ago. Anyone click their online gambling links?

Besides me, of course?

Bissage said...

Spam? I'd assume it was art.

Michael Hasenstab said...

Hi Ann Althouse. I like your blog. It is very interesting. I read it first thing, every day.

I hope you don't think that this is too personal, but can you tell me if you are single? And what is your line of work?

miller said...

Can I Have Your Number? (Mad TV)

Kirby Olson said...

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin were in a car that was being driven through Death Valley, when the car suddenly broke down.

Barack Obama said, "All we need to do is have empathy, and the car will go again."

When the car wouldn't go again, he said, "Racist car!" And spat out the window.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, opened the car's hood, and replaced the serpentine belt, and off they went.

"The desert is so much like Alaska!" She told reporters.

MadisonMan said...

Who carries a spare serpentine with them?

Kirby Olson said...

It hadn't broken, but had slipped off. She just put it back on, knowing how it went on from all the times she's had to put them back on in 50 below weather in ALASKA.

Pogo said...

She pro'ly made the sepentine belt herself, outta duct tape.

traditionalguy said...

That's nothing. Hormel foods shipped over 100 million pounds of Spam to our troops during World War Two.

MadisonMan said...

Does Sarah Palin live in Alaska? I didn't realize that. How come that kind of thing isn't reported by the press?

I figured she was from Minnesota.

Bonus question: Why do all the trees in Iowa lean north?

AllenS said...

Because Minnesota sucks. Or, Al Franken sucks, I forget which.

traditionalguy said...

Spam is made in Minnesota.

SMGalbraith said...

Palin claimed the belt slipped off but it actually came loose.

Hah, lie #34.

Remember: she's delusional.

Yeah, she might be but she's not leading that pack.

More seriously: How can Barack Obama promote realism in foreign policy - i.e., prioritizing our national interest and security over others - and then expect other countries not to reciprocate? Realism is okay for us but he expects other nations to set aside their own interests for that of some "global community."

As Bush I said, "Wouldn't be prudent."

EDH said...

That reminds me.

It was probably 2007 when I first heard of an uplifting young black Senator named Barack Obama running for president who had interesting "third way" ideas.

Curious and hopeful, I went to his web site to read his platform positions.

After oh, say, three or four page views of increasing brevity, I remember saying to myself, "this guy's a fucking socialist."

MadisonMan said...

One of the earlier Obama anecdotes I recall -- I was familiar enough with him, and his plans to run for the Presidency -- I think was in 2007? Anyway, Pelosi (I think) was wearing an Obama button at a meeting with Bush, and Bush hadn't heard of him, and reacted to the button as if it read Osama.

Scott M said...

She pro'ly made the sepentine belt herself, outta duct tape.

Chuck Norris showed up and gave her one.

AJ Lynch said...

Mad Man:

That is a funny story!

AJ Lynch said...

I figured out Obama was a socialist based on his background and lack of real work experience.

When people started bragging that Obama was a community organizer, that just solidified my belief.

c3 said...

It hadn't broken, but had slipped off. She just put it back on

And then she wrote a book about putting a slipped belt back on (and other great achievements for mankind). And that's the kinda gal she is! (nice gams too!)

AllenS said...

Sarah Palin made a new serpentine belt out of Trigg's umbilical cord, proving finally, that she's the mother.

miller said...

Ok, AllanS wins the thread.

but eew!

ObamaNation said...

Pogo said: "She pro'ly made the sepentine belt herself, outta duct tape."

You ignorant anti-scientific Rethuglicans!!! Duct tape would be a horrible material for an automotive belt. Only an unprepared fool who forgot to bring with her the necessary replacement parts would have to resort to such a hillbilly quick-fix.


ObamaNation said...

And don't try to tell me that duct tape would work for an automotive belt. I don't care whether you braid it, or roll it into a tube, it's not going to have the strength.

And how are you going to join the ends to close the loop? Huh, wingnuts??!

And don't even get me started about the ambient temperature of the engine compartment exceeding the rated service temperature of most duct tape. Like she'd have special high-temperature duct tape with her on this trip, but not the right serpentine belt!!

And even if she had high-temperature duct tape with her, what about the issue of compatibility of the duct tape's adhesive with all the oils and solvents and gasses present in that engine compartment? Huh, Althouse hillbillies?


And what if it's a cogged belt, like a timing belt? What then, Chimpy McHitlerburton worshippers? Are you honestly implying that she would go to the trouble of sculpting little internal teeth in this belt, from duct tape?

I honestly don't know why I waste my time trying to educate you illiterate in-bred Appalachians.

Scott M said...


At which point did you miss the part where Chuck Norris showed up and fixed it for them, you commie puke?

AllenS said...

And how are you going to join the ends to close the loop? Huh, wingnuts??!

You answered your own question. Use a wingnut.


ken in sc said...

You can use panty hose to replace a broken or missing fan belt. You can leave off the accessories as long as you connect the water pump, alternator, and crankshaft pulley. Just tie them together and drive slowly to civilization. Palin wins.

blake said...

Jesus came by on a dinosaur and towed them to safety.

I'm not even sure what that means but it sounds like something Jeremy would say (minus the "duh" and the obscenities).