November 29, 2009

At the Stairwell Café...


... you can get down and dirty.


Freeman Hunt said...

NaNoWriMo is almost over.

XWL said...

Like the subject of this music video, you are a Nikon Girl, is Meade a Canon Boy, too?

(warning: white boy rapping at link, apologies, but in his defense, he's a remarkable photographer)

Ann Althouse said...

@XWL Meade and I both use Sony cameras for our everyday little cameras to carry around, though he's more likely to use his iPhone, so he can email/text picture to people. I have a Nikon for special occasions. Years ago, when I used film, I had (still have) a Canon.

Big Mike said...

Looks like the sort of stairwell that smells of urine and sweat.

BTW, glad you and Meade had a safe return.

ricpic said...

Thoroughly Hitchcockian

Passerbys can hardly guess
That up the stairs lies a mess
On the floor behind the door.
Why should they, what for,
Why add to the sum of their distress?

The photo immediately brought Hitchcock's Frenzy to mind: the last scene where London pedestrians pass a doorway oblivious to the ghastly murder taking place just above their heads.

Elliott A said...

Those are the very stairs that the AGW crowd push the skeptics down!

Elliott A said...

I like the Sonys, but the memory stick is significantly more expensive than an sd card. so I just bought a new Canon.

Chip Ahoy said...

I love my Nikon with a love that is pure. But I have to admit, those Canons sure do take good pictures. And there are other cameras that are great too.

Today I baked some bread that was started last week. Denver sourdough bread, developed from a culture captured from the wind passing through Denver and cultivated the same way as another culture developed from organisms present on the surface of wheat grain. But that's another separate story.

Lou said...

As I was cleaning the house and watching X-Men episodes in the background, I noted a though experiment. In the episode Charles Xavier communicates from 20 years in the future to present day to warn them of how awful the future is. He tries to guide them to changing it.

Would you choose to ask someone 20 years in the past to change something major (assassination, etc) to alter our present if there's a even chance of making the present Better or Worse? Is the Now bad enough that it's worth risking it?

Which then got me thinking about the political parties. I have my opinion on the dogmatic answer from both sides.