November 20, 2009

"After work I would race back home, not even eat or take a shower, and just go back to the computer for fear of losing whatever inspiration I had."

Sweet success for Adam Young.

We're listening to "Fireflies," here.


John Lynch said...

Huh. Song kinda reminds me of Bare Naked Ladies. Definitely catching.

Lem said...

Ivy-Keep Moving

wv - clorons

Lem said...

Til Tuesday - On Sunday .

From Boston.. lots of great things come from there ;)

Lem said...

It Makes Me Wonder by Suzanne Vega

wv - nonse?

it sure has a nice beat.. though I think I'm having a dejavu..

Lem said...

I streamed The Girlfriend Experience on a tip from Althouse i think.. back back .

It was filmed b4 the election and the tip (repeatedly) was to buy gold.

The Smiths - Money Changes Everything

peter hoh said...

Listening to Fireflies for the first time, I'm convinced I've heard it before. It sounds a lot like something from The Postal Service.

Lem said...

Trail Of Broken Hearts

a long and tired past
in the emptiness has gone
i've found this place at last
and here will remain
with only the aim of staying
sure and fast
leaving just a part
down the trail of broken hearts..

Lem said...

Camera Obscura - Lloyd, Im ready to be heartbroken

wv resit - something to do with HD

Popville said...

Ugh, friends don't let friends use Auto Tune.

Lem, the Ivy song is lovely - very Pet Shop. Might I add another? Their cover of Nick Heyward's "Kite"

The Crack Emcee said...

Damn it, Ann, you're trying to do it again. I'm convinced your CD collection is a house of horrors, but this time, I'm prepared to fight back. And I'm a softy. Finding good songs is so easy, I really don't think I'm the one being difficult here,...

I mean, an interesting vocalist ain't too much to ask, is it? Compare.

Standards, Ann, standards.

Please, don't make me take this up with you again. You're supposed to be an artist, not a tool.***

***Fuck this kid's story, or his popularity, his music sucks. Art - especially music - ain't about popularity. If it was, we wouldn't have Jazz.

Lem said...

Sarah Vaughan - Quiet nights and quiet stars

Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams
Quiet walks by quiet streams
And a window that looks out on the mountains,
and the the sea
Oh, how lovely..

The Crack Emcee said...


I'll see your Ivy, and raise you an Everything But The Girl track.

Popville said...

The actual Money Changes Everything by The Brains (Atlanta, GA 1980)

The Crack Emcee said...

Cloud Cult.

Betcha can't figure out how I found them,...

J said...

Dear New York Times,

When I doubleclick and then right click on a word from your site, I don't get "search with Google" in the context menu. Instead, I get a pop up "?" that forces me to

So, it's good you're dying. If you could, please die even faster.


Someone younger than the 1000 year old man

Lem said...

Royksopp - Happy up here

J said...

Heh, I just noticed that our host's link goes to Okay, I'm not just imagining things.

It's not so much archaic as someone from the past's view of the future. Like the furniture in Kubrick's 2001. NYT: tomorrow's obsolete, today, as envisaged yesterday.

Lem said...

Corey Hart - Never Surrender

Go Palin..

Lem said...

Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic

Lem said...

Brazilian Girls - Don't Stop

Lem said...

Single Gun Theory - Fall

It was getting lighter all the time.. and then there was no warning at all.. I began to breathe and then there was a gentle upward thrust under face..

The Crack Emcee said...

Just for fun:

Ghostface Killah doing "Greedy Bitches"

Lem said...

Papoose - Alphabetical Slaughter

Lem said...

Miss Nana Spit 100 Bars

Lem said...

I'll leave you with a version of the McCain Palin Breakup ;)

Who shot Ya? - Notorious B.I.G (Uncensored)

the "response"

Tupac - Hit Em Up(Uncensored)

(dont let Tiper hear this ;) not to be played in polite company

Lem said...

Lets leave on a happier note.. ;)

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground..

J said...

6 Underground, great song.

Wish she'd have stayed with the group for another album.

Lem said...

Willie Nelson - 1997 - Funny How Time Slips Away

wv - prenta - a visual verification

The Crack Emcee said...


I just woke up - and gotta go - but I'll listen tonight.

Good stuff.

Ann Althouse said...

@ Crack I was mainly interested in the way someone working alone can break through now. As for the music itself, I'm not purporting to judge it, but I found it pleasing.